Lakota United Soccer Club - Lynx: Team History

History of Lakota United Premier

Lakota United Premier is a girls U12 select soccer team who will begin their seventh consecutive season in the Premier division of the Cincinnati United Soccer League (CUSL) this Spring.

LUSC Premier originated as the U8 LSO Lynx in the winter of 2003 from girls who had played in the LSO and West Chester SAY recreational programs. Head Coach Jim Dean and Assistant Alan Webb already knew most of the girls through coaching in the LSO SAY program. Over the winter the Lynx trained with WUSA professional player Katie Barnes as they prepared for their first select season of GC8 play. That first U8 season was highly successful with the Lynx winning all seven regular season games and going 2-2 in the end of season Tide GC8 Festival.

GC8 Spring 04                             
Loveland Chargers Orange                  W 4-0
Warren County Blue W 6-1
Ohio Elite Academy W 7-0
Sycamore Arsenal Premier W 4-2
Cincinnati West Wildfire W 2-1
Westside Extreme W 6-1
MTSC Blue Streak W 5-0
Tide GC8 Festival    
MTSC Blue Streak W 2-1
Cincinnati West Wildfire L 3-4
GSE Cardinals Premier L 2-3
Sycamore Arsenal Premier W 3-1

Based on their GC8 record the Lynx were placed in the Premier division of CUSL for their U9 campaign. The Lynx played well in the U9 Fall season, finishing in 3rd place in the league, winning the Forest Park Invitational and making the final of the Arsenal Challenge Cup.

CUSL U9 Premier Fall '04  (3rd)    
LSC Hawks W 3-0
Loveland Chargers Orange W 3-2
GSE Cardinals Premier L 0-2
Sycamore Arsenal Premier W 4-0
FOSC Fire W 3-1
MTSC Blue Streak D 1-1
Westside Extreme D 1-1
Cincinnati West Wildfire L 1-3
Arsenal Challenge Cup '04 (Finalists)    
Loveland Chargers Orange D 0-0
Thoroughbreds SC Brewer D 2-2
Mockingbird SC W 6-0
GSE Cardinals Premier L 0-1
CUSL In-Season Tournament Fall '04    
NK United 95 Red W 8-1
Sycamore Arsenal Premier W 3-0
Classics Hammer Premier L 0-1
Forest Park Invitational '04 (Champions)    
STAR Tigers W 3-0
Groesbeck Lightning W 5-2
Beavercreek Celtic White W 5-1
FOSC Fire W 5-1

Over the winter, LSO Director of Coaching Wil Cagle introduced Claire Gauche to the Lynx as their trainer. The Lynx continued to improve as a team in the U9 spring season with a second place finish in the CUSL Premier Division, wins in the Middletown Spring Blast and Miami University Spring Classic, and being the finalist at the adidas Warrior Classic.

CUSL U9 Premier Spring '05 (2nd)         
Loveland Chargers Orange                   W 2-0
FOSC Fire D 3-3
CUSA 95 White W 5-0
Classics Hammer Premier L 0-1
Cincinnati West Wildfire W 4-0
GSE Cardinals Premier L 0-1
MTSC Blue Streak W 4-1
Middletown Spring Blast '05 (Champions)      
STAR Tigers W 3-1
COSA Express W 3-0
Warren County Red W 5-0
LSC Hawks W 3-0
Miami Spring Classic '05 (Champions)    
NCSL Eagles W 3-0
Ohio Elite Academy W 6-2
Cincinnati West Wildfire W 5-1
Classics Hammer Premier W 2-0
adidas Warrior Classic '05 (Finalists)    
Brighton Eclipse 96 Black W 7-0
Beavercreek Celtic White W 6-1
Cincinnati West Wildfire W 4-1
CUSA 95 White W 4-0
Novi Jaguars 96 Green L 1-2

Over the summer of 2005 the LSO and LSC select soccer clubs merged, the LSO Lynx becoming the Lakota United Lynx as they entered their U10 campaign. The Fall 2005 season was the most competitive to date with the top six teams in the CUSL Premier division proving capable of winning against any team. The Lynx continued their improvement as individuals and as a team, proving to be the most consistent team and winning the league. They also had more success in tournament play, making the final of the Arsenal Challenge Cup for the second year in a row and being the finalist at the Nightmare at the Rock, despite playing up in the U11 age group.

CUSL U10 Premier Fall '05 (Champions)         
Warren County Blue W 4-2
Classics Hammer Premier W 2-0
Westside Extreme W 2-1
MTSC Blue Streak D 0-0
GSE Cardinals Premier D 3-3
FOSC Fire W 6-0
Cincinnati West Wildfire L 0-3
Arsenal Challenge Cup '05  (Finalists)      
Michigan Hawks 96 Black D 2-2
FOSC Fire W 4-0
Beavercreek Celtic White W 5-0
Novi Jaguars 96 Green L 0-2
Mead CUSA Cup '05    
MTSC Blue Streak D 1-1
Blast FC W 7-1
Strongsville Lady Mustangs L 0-1
Nightmare at the Rock (U11) (Finalists)      
Hoosier FC 94-95 Orange W 2-0
Atletico Flames FC W 4-2
Michigan Hawks 94 Red D 1-1
Indy Burn 95 Red L 0-3

The Spring 2006 season saw the Lynx demonstrate considerable character.  A poor performance in the first game of the PRF United Cup saw the Lynx miss the final.  The Lynx started their CUSL season with two sub-standard perfomances resulting in losses and then suffered a heart breaking last second loss on a penalty kick to the Cardinals.  After losing their opening game in the Miami Spring Classic the coaches challenged the team to turn the season around.  The girls responded in the best possible way, convincingly winning their last 4 CUSL games and claiming 3rd place in the league.  The Lynx also won their last two games at the Miami Spring Classic and all four games en route to winning the Jarosi-Willis Memorial Cup.

CUSL U10 Premier Spring '06  (3rd)                  
Classics Hammer Premier L 1-4
Loveland Chargers Orange L 0-1
GSE Cardinal Premier L 2-3
MTSC Blue Streak W 4-1
Cincinnati West Wildfire W 3-1
LSC Hawks W 3-0
Warren County Blue W 4-1
PRF United Cup '06    
Westside Chargers D 1-1
Harrison Cobras W 6-0
Knoxville Outlaws Blue D 2-2
Miami Spring Classic '06    
Cincinnati West Wildfire L 1-2
COSA Express W 6-0
MTSC Blue Streak W 3-1
Jarosi-Willis Memorial Cup '06    
Liederkrantz Mid-Ohio SC W 9-0
Cleveland Kickers W 11-1
Club X Tornados W 11-0
Lady Warriors 95 W 7-0

The 2006 Fall season started strongly with the Lynx finally winning the Arsenal Challenge Cup.  However, an inability to find the back of the net meant that several strong team performances were not translated into victories.  The result being a 4th place finish in the CUSL Premier League and two tournament semi-final eliminations.

CUSL U11 Premier Fall '06  (4th)         
Warren County 95 Blue D 1-1
Westside Extreme W 2-1
Cincinnati Classics Hammer Premier L 1-2
MTSC Blue Streak W 4-0
Loveland Chargers Orange L 1-3
GSE Cardinals Premier D 1-1
Cincinnati West Wildfire L 0-2
Arsenal Challenge Cup '06  (Champions)      
Shelby County Alliance 95 White W 2-1
Indy Burn 96 Blue W 3-1
Warren County 95 Blue W 4-0
Cincinnati Classics Hammer Premier W 1-0
Mead CUSA Cup '06  (Semi Finalists)    
Genesee Stars 96 White W 4-1
Thoroughbreds Kemper W 5-0
Westside Extreme L 0-3
Carmel United 96 Academy L 0-2
FC Pride Cup    
CUSA 95 White W 5-1
Waza FC W 8-2
Carmel United 96 Academy L 0-1

For the Spring '07 season Claire Wellington took over as the head coach, with Jim and Alan remaining as assistant coaches.  The Lynx enjoyed a solid first season with Claire at the helm, finishing fourth in the CUSL Premier division and reaching the semi finals of the Ohio South State Cup and adidas Warrior Classic.

CUSL U11 Premier Spring '07  (4th)     
Westside Extreme W 4-3
MTSC Blue Streak W 3-1
Cincinnati Classics Hammer Premier L 1-3
Cincinnati West Wildfire D 2-2
GSE Cardinals Red W 4-0
CUSA 95 White D 4-4
GSE Cardinals Premier L 2-5
Dust off the Rust '07    
Cincinnati Classics Hammer Premier W 2-1
Carmel United 96 Academy L 0-1
Ohio Elite Academy L 1-3
Ohio South State Cup '07  (Semi Finalists)     
Westside Chargers W 2-1
Cincinnati Futbol Academy Gold W 3-1
Shelby County Alliance 95 White W 3-2
Cincinnati Classics Hammer Premier L 0-4
adidas Warrior Classic '07  (Semi Finalists)     
Cincinnati West Wildfire W 2-1
Warren County 95 Blue W 3-2
Shelby County Alliance 95 White W 3-0
Loveland Chargers Orange L 2-3

With the change of playing format from 8v8 to 11v11 at U12, the LUSC Lynx and LUSC Hawks effectively merged, the result being the LUSC Premier.  LUSC Premier struggled in the Fall of 2007 with the new format on the larger fields and with bringing so many new girls together.

CUSL U12 Premier Fall '07                 
 Westside Premier  L 1-2 
 Cincinnati Classics Hammer Premier                L  0-1
 MTSC Blue Streak  L  1-2
 Loveland Chargers Orange  W  3-0

 GSE Cardinals Premier

 L  0-1
 Warren County 95 Blue  W  2-0
 CUSA 95 Premier  D  3-3
 Arsenal Challenge Cup '07 (3rd place)    
 NK United Red 95  W  2-0
 Knoxville FC Outlaws Blue  W  2-0
 Beavercreek Celtic 95 White  L  2-1
 FC Phoenix Premier  W  2-1
 Ohio Premier Invitational '07    
 Cleveland United  L  0-5
 Beadling 95-96  L  0-5
 FC Phoenix Premier  L  1-2
 FC Pride Cup '07    
 St Louis SC - Grasso  L  1-6
 Michigan Nike Rush  D  4-4
 Team Elmhurst Select  W  2-0


LUSC Premier strugglesd at the start of the Spring 2008 with only 13 players on the roster.  However, after losing the first four CUSL league games the girls made substantial improvements as individuals and gelled as a team.  They won the Mid American Soccer Classic, won their last two league games in impressive fashion and were the only Ohio team to make the semi finals of the very competitive Warrior Classic.

 CUSL  1st Division - Spring '08                        
 Westside Premier  L   1-2 
 GSE Cardinal Premier  L   0-2
 MTSC Blue Streak  L  1-2
 NK United Red 95  L  2-3
 CUSA Premier 95  D  0-0 
 Cincinnati West Wildfire  W   4-0
 Warren County 95 Blue  W   3-1 
 Cincinnati Spring Thaw Out '08    
 GSE Cardinal Red  D  1-1
 Pacesetter United  L   0-1 
 Cleveland Impact  L   0-3 
 GSE Cardinal Premier  L  1-3
 Mid American Soccer Classic '08 (Champions)     
 FOSC Fire  W   5-0 
 Cincinnati Futbol Academy Gold  D   1-2 
 Penns Forest  W  2-0 
 Cincinnati West Wildfire  W  1-0
 Ohio South State Cup '08    
 STAR Tigers  W  1-0
 Beavercreek Celtic 95 White  L   4-5 (PK's)
 Warrior Soccer Classic '08 (Semi Finalists)    
 North Macomb SC Storm 96  W  3-2
 Blast FC  L  1-4
 Cleveland Impact  W  2-0
 Vardar  L  1-2