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Parent's Association for Youth Sports
The Leesburg Recreation Department is a member of the PAYS program!! This program educates and motivates youth league parents to make their child's sports experience SAFE, POSITIVE, & MEANINGFUL.

The PAYS program is MANDATORY for at least one parent from a household who have children participating in City of Leesburg youth sports leagues.

To find out about dates, times and locations of this MANDATORY program you can check with the Recreation Department at 728-9885 or check back HERE

What is PAYS?
PAYS is a membership organization for parents involved in out-of-school youth sports. The program educates, motivates and holds PAYS members accountable to the PAYS Parents' Code of Ethics. PAYS encourages good sportsmanship, positive reinforcement and keeping youth sports in its proper perspective. The PAYS approach centers on a combination of education, motivation and positive reinforcement.

Parent's Code of Ethics
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I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care, and encouragement for my child
participating in youth sports by following this PAYS Parents’ Code of Ethics:

I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players,
coaches, and officials at every game, practice, or other youth sports event.

I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of a personal desire
to win.

I will insist that my child play in a safe and healthy environment.

I will require that my child’s coach be trained in the responsibilities of being a youth
sports coach and that the coach upholds the Coaches’ Code of Ethics.

I will support coaches and officials working with my child, in order to encourage a
positive and enjoyable experience for all.

I will demand a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs, tobacco, and
alcohol, and will refrain from their use at all youth sports events.

I will remember that the game is for youth - not for adults.

I will do my very best to make youth sports fun for my child.

I will help my child enjoy the youth sports experience by doing whatever I can, such as
being a respectful fan, assisting with coaching, or providing transportation.

I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, fans, and officials with respect
regardless of race, sex, creed, or ability.

I will read the National Standards for Youth Sports and do what I can to help all youth
sports organizations implement and enforce them
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PAYS Online
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If you don't have the time to attend the class you can now watch the video online. Follow the instructions below. (Or Click Here)

        http://paysonline.nays.org or go to our website at www.nays.org and click on the
       PAYS logo and look for the On-line program link.

          Click on New User.
          Select the “Chapter” button to activate the chapter and code section.
          Find your chapter from the Drop Down List (FL – City of Leesburg Rec & Parks Dept.)
          Type in your chapter’s code: 1171
          Then click NEXT.

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