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Who we are
   The National Alliance For Youth Sports (NAYS) is America's leading advocate for positive and safe sports and activities for children. The non-profit 501(c)(3) organization is based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Today, NAYS offers programs and services for everyone involved in youth sports experiences, including professional administrators, volunteer administrators, volunteer coaches, officials, parents and young athletes. The goal of the National Alliance For Youth Sports is to make sports and activities safe and positive by providing programs and services that add value to youth sports. NAYS believes this can only happen if:

We provide children positive instruction and build basic motor skills Administrators (both professional and volunteer), volunteer coaches and officials are well trained in their roles and responsibilities
Parents complete an orientation program to understand the important impact sports has on their child's development
The National Standards For Youth Sports are used as a guide for operating youth sports programs
Youth sports programs are conducted in accordance with the Recommendations for Communities

N. Y. S. C. A.
The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) is a membership organization and the most widely used volunteer coach training program in the nation, having trained more than 1.8 million coaches since its inception in 1981. More than 2,600 community-based agencies and organizations offer this opportunity.

The NYSCA volunteer coach training program is designed to sensitize volunteer coaches to their responsibilities and hold them accountable to a strict Code of Conduct defined by the NYSCA Coaches' Code of Ethics Pledge.

How it works

Initial Level Membership: Introduction to coaching youth sports program
To become a member, coaches participate in an NYSCA interactive video training clinic, successfully complete an exam and sign a pledge committing them to uphold the NYSCA Code of Ethics. The membership fee is $20. Click here for more information on the Initial Level Membership.

Continuing Membership Program:
After completing the introduction to coaching youth sports program, coaches will receive a renewal notice for continuing their membership (received prior to their membership's expiration date). To continue membership, the member resigns the Coaches Code of Ethics Pledge and remits the annual $20 membership fee. Click here for more information on the Continuing Membership.

Gold Level Certified Coach:
NYSCA members can now obtain a higher level of education through the Gold Level Certified Coach Course. This web-designed course, created specifically for NYSCA members who desire to increase their coaching knowledge, delivers an e-learning experience in eight key topic areas. The course also includes over 430 links to drills and skills in 21 different sports.

The cost of the online Gold Level Certified Coach Course is $60. Click here for more information on the Gold Level Certified Coach Course.

The Gold Level Certified Coach Course is only available to NYSCA Members. If you are interested in becoming an NYSCA member, please contact NYSCA at nysca@nays.org or call (800) 729-2057.

Coaches Code of Ethics

PAYS small logo
What is PAYS?

PAYS is a membership organization for parents involved in out-of-school youth sports. The program educates, motivates and holds PAYS members accountable to the PAYS Parents' Code of Ethics. PAYS encourages good sportsmanship, positive reinforcement and keeping youth sports in its proper perspective. The PAYS approach centers on a combination of education, motivation and positive reinforcement.

Start Smart
Start Smart
The Right Start...Start Smart
Start Smart Programs, created by the National Alliance for Youth Sports, help kids get ready for sports...and succeed in life. It is a step-by-step approach that builds confidence and self-esteem, and makes sports fun. It's easy to set up. As a Start Smart Coordinator, you will help kids and parents have a positive sports experience together. And, when you run a Start Smart program, you can generate extra revenue for your organization.
To run any of the Start Smart programs in your community, all you need is a facility and coordinator. All of the activities and equipment needed to implement the programs is included in the Starter Kits and Participant Kits.

Player's Code of Conduct
Do not argue with the referee or referee's assistants.

Do not blame the referee for your mistakes or inability.

Do not fail to respect the authority of the referee.

Do not lose your temper or self-control.

Do not take the law into your own hands by retaliating.

Do not over react to fouls committed against you.

Do not get involved in matters that don't concern you.

Do not copy the bad habits of others.

Do not use foul or abusive language.

Do remember that each player should enjoy themselves and the game is not for the glorification of adults, winning is nice but should never be at the cost of everything else.

Sportsmanship is that quality of honorable behavior which, because of its courtesy, dignity, respect, cooperation and trustworthiness, habitually wins the esteem of one's fellow person whether he be opponent or ally. Flashes of sportsmanship come to all of us, but real possessions only come to those who consistently hold the respect and loyalty of the community. For them, there are no alibis, no unnecessary abusive remarks, no scheming to win at any cost; but a genuine love of fair play, which makes them modest winners and gracious losers.