Youth Start Smart: Welcome

Welcome to our brand new Start Smart Program.

What is Start Smart?
Start Smart was developed by top motor skill development specialists in the field of youth sports. Parent-child groups perform motor skill tasks that gradually build confidence in children while they are having fun at the same time.
The Start Smart Sports Readiness Test helps parents objectively measure kids' abilities. As the program progresses and children show improvement, the skill stations are altered so that each child remains challenged. Parents spend quality time together with their child while learning how to properly teach and support them in sports.
49% of children do not have the basic skills necessary when they enter organized sports.
Over 70% of kids will drop out of organized sports by the
age of 13.
Benefits of Participation
" Builds confidence and self-esteem in children
" Fun and positive early experience in sports
" Helps prepare kids for future sports participation
" Helps prepare kids and parents for specific sports
" Quality time together for parent and child
" Helps parents learn how to support and teach their child
Why YOU should set up a Start Smart Program?
" Bring a nationally acclaimed program to your community
" Help parents and children in your community
" Generate revenue for your organization
" Promote a positive sports message
" Easy to set up...everything is provided
" Provide an alternative sports program for children under 7
" Train future youth league parents and coaches
" Develop future participants for organized sports programs

Tuesday, September 9
Start Smart Classes

Times of the year which we run Start Smart Programs are Below

Start Smart Sports Development - January

Start Smart Baseball - May

Start Smart Soccer - August

Start Smart Basketball  - October

Please call us at (352)728-9885 for further info.