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LMHS Lady Bulldogs Soccer:PASSION
Wednesday, June 13
LMHS Lady Bulldogs live and play with PASSION.

ositive attitude  (I will focus on opportunity, not the negative side of things.

       I will be mentally tough.   I have a choice and I choose to be positive)

A ction  (I will always give my personal best.  Just knowing what to do is not    
        enough.  I will have the courage to act on what I know to do to reach our goals)

S cholastics (I will excel in the classroom and I will be a life long learner.)

S kills (I will continue to improve my soccer skills – tactically and technically.  I will
       ask questions and seek to understand.  I will constantly seek to learn my sport and
      specifically the positions I play.  I will work on my own to become as skilled with the
      ball as I possibly can be. )

I ntegrity (I will be true to what is right – I will make right choices even when no
     one is watching.   My word will be my bond.)

O thers First (I will serve and play for my teammates and my team.  I will make
        sacrifices for the good of the team.  I will be a good friend and teammate.

       I will encourage everyone.  )

N ever…ever give up (I may get knocked down but I will never, ever give up)

Handout: PASSION


LMHS Lady Bulldogs Soccer


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