LMHS Lady Bulldogs Soccer: Team Rules

Male Lady Bulldog Team Rules


  1.  Be respectful at all times to teammates, opponents, coaches, referee’s and parents
  2.  Always bring a positive attitude and a 110% work ethic
  3.  No Cussing
  4.  Any questions about playing time or other coaching decisions should be addressed by players  (not parents) directly with the coaches.
  5.  Uphold code of conduct consistent with standards of Male High School
  6.   Have Fun!


  1. Be on time
  2.  All equipment on and ready to go at designated start time (including having water and equipment ready to go)
  3. No club shirts may be worn at practice (tournament shirts are okay)
  4. No uniform shorts are to be worn at practice
  5.  No Jewelry of any kind
  6. No cell phones out during practice (including during water breaks)
  7. Bring running shoes to all practices
  8.  Players (not parents) to notify coaches via phone call or text PRIOR to start time if unable to make it or if arriving late with reason for absence or tardiness


  1. Arrive 1 hour early with all equipment on and ready to go (including having water and equipment  ready to go)
  2.  Let  Coach know via call or text if you will be late
  3.  Wear warm-up shirt
  4.  No cautions or ejections for the following offences: dissent, unsporting behavior,  serious foul play or violent conduct.
  5.  Remove all jewelry and ensure all equipment is legal prior to game so that coaches aren’t given cautions for improperly equipped players


Punishment for breaking any of the above rules will include, but may not be limited to running (by individual or team) and loss of playing time. Consequence will be determined by coaches based on seriousness of the offense.