LMHS Lady Bulldogs Soccer: FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATED  July 2011

This page is reserved for answers to frequently asked questions from fans, parents and players.    If you have a question that is not listed, email it to Dede.  If its okay for your question and it's answer to be made public please note that in your email.  Chances are that if you have a question about the team, someone else has the same question 

How can I get involved?  The thing that sets the Male Soccer program apart from other programs is the fantastic parental support and involvement that we get every year.  There are plenty of opportunities for you to contribute.  Contact Dede Shafar to get involved.

When are tryouts?
  Tryouts will be held in July.  Watch the website for news about tryouts.

When are physicals?  Physicals and parent release forms are required in order for a player to participate in any organized event at the school.  Specifically, players must bring their physicals and release forms with them to tryouts.  Coaches are not permitted to let a player practice without the release forms and a physical.   Check out the Handouts page for all the official forms you need. 

What fees are required? TBD.....

What are the coaches looking for in a player? 
#1) Attitude - putting the TEAM FIRST with Pride and Passion - is the number one factor.   The most skilled player that does not have the Pride, Passion and desire to put the team first does not help the team achieve its goals.   Many deficiencies in skills can be overcome with Passion and 'field smarts'.   #2) Ball skills and understanding of the game.  The ability to recieve, possess and distribute the ball quickly and under control are esential for winning soccer.   #3) Conditioning - we are looking for players that can play strong in the 80th minute as well as the 1st. 

Will we have a clean up day at the field this year?
  Absolutely.  The Male Soccer complex is the best in the state.  We have a clean up day every year to make sure the facilities are in top shape.   This year clean up day will be announced after tryouts.  Bring your whole family.  It's actually a good time to meet the Bulldog family.

What are the best ways to voice my concerns to the coach?  - AND/OR -How can I get feedback from the coach?   Coach is always interested in your feedback on how to help your daughter develop as a person and as a player.   Playing time is not something that is discussed with parents and is kept between the player and coach.   

When are uniforms distributed?
   Players will recieve their uniforms the week of tryouts.