Florida District 15 Little League: Announcements

Next Presidents' Meeting

The next Presidents' Meeting is on June 4th at 12:00 at the Pavillion at Bicentennial Park in Crystal River.  Affidavits will be reviewed at this meeting.

Handout: District 15 Calendar

Top Team Tournament

The Top Team Tournament will be hosted by Central Citrus and Crystal River.  Click on the "Handout" below to view/print the Rules and Schedules.


Handout: Top Team Tournament Rules and Schedules

Mid-Season Tournaments

The District will be holding Mid-Season Baseball Tournaments for both Minors and Majors.  The "Pools" will be hosted at several leagues/parks.  Click on the "Handout" below for the Schedules, Rules and Logs. 

Majors: 3/31-4/2;  Champions: Crystal River Rays and Lady Lake Rays

Minors: 4/7-9; Champions: Crystal River Cubs and Inverness Cardinals

Handout: Mid-Season Tournament Information

Softball Jamborees

There are Softball Jamborees for Minor, Major and Senior Softball this year.  They will be Hosted at different leagues/parks.  Click on the "Handout" below for the Rules and Schedules.

Seniors: 3/25-26;  Champions - Dunnellon Sluggers

Minors: 4/8-9; Champions - Inverness Crushers

Majors: 4/22-23; Champions - Dunnellon Ace Hardware

Handout: Softball Jamborees

Crystal River and Shady Hills join together for a photo after one of the Minor Mid-Season Tournament Championship games.  The teams, in a show of sportsmanship, requested the joint photo right after a well played game.  Isn't that what LL should be all about !!!


2017 Rule and Regulation Changes

At its annual fall meeting this November, the Little League® International Board of Directors approved new updates to the Little League Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies that will take effect starting in the 2017 season.

Click on the "Title" above to view the changes. Pay particular attention to the new "Residency Requirements" (3 proofs, one from each of the 3 Groups, instead of 3 proofs from the previous 17 Categories).  

2017 All Star Tournament Umpire Clinic


June 3rd 9-4 @ West Hernando Little League, 2313 Founder Rd, Spring Hill

Little League Concussion Regulation

Regulation III(d) Note 3: If a medical professional, Umpire in Chief, the player's coach, the player's manager or the player's parent has determined a player sustains a possible concussion, the player must be, at a minimum, removed from the game and/or practice for the remainder of that day. The league must also be aware of its respective state/ provincial/municipal laws with regards to concussions and impose any additional requirements as necessary. His/her return to full participation is subject to:

1. The league's adherence to its respective state/provincial/municipal laws,

2. An evaluation and a written clearance from a physician or other accredited medical provider and

3. Written acknowledgement of the parents



Click on the "Title" above to view the information on the State of Florida Concussion Laws.

Parent Connection
Little League Creates Parent Connection

The Parent Connection: Little League® has created The Parent Connection, a monthly e-newsletter designed to educate parents. Little League believes more informed parents create better run leagues, which results in kids having more fun. Each newsletter will contain important information such as the latest rules, registration info, fitness and safety tips, and equipment advice. The Parent Connection will enhance the communication efforts of D.A.’s and League Presidents, and will serve to complement the great work done by both groups.

Click on the Parent Connection Logo to view the current issue. We encourage all parents and League volunteers to sign-up to receive The Parent Connection.

IRS Tax "Reporting" for Tax Exempt Organizations

The IRS has instituted new requirements for Tax Reporting for "Small" Tax Exempt Organizations.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that your Local League Treasurer reviews the information and files the appropriate paperwork for your Local League.  Several leagues have already had IRS Reviews of their Filings.  Substantial FINES may be given for Violations.

Click on the "Title" above to go to the IRS Website to learn more.