Florida District 15 Little League: Handouts

A Year in the Life of Hometown Little League

A Year in the Life of Hometown LL - 2013A Year in the Life of Hometown LL - 2013

Age Breakdown Sheet

Age Breakdown FormAge Breakdown Form

Board of Directors (BOD) Duties

Duties of the Board of DirectorsDuties of the Board of Directors

BOD - Training Material for NEW BOD Members

NEW President TrainingNEW President Training

NEW Vice President TrainingNEW Vice President Training

NEW Secretary TrainingNEW Secretary Training

NEW Treasurer TrainingNEW Treasurer Training

NEW Player Agent TrainingNEW Player Agent Training

NEW Safety Officer TrainingNEW Safety Officer Training

NEW Coaching Coordinator TrainingNEW Coaching Coordinator Training

NEW Information Officer TrainingNEW Information Officer Training

District 15 Calendar

District Calendar as of Apr 14District Calendar as of Apr 14

District 15 Chain of Command

District Chain of CommandDistrict Chain of Command

District 15 Staff

District StaffDistrict Staff

Draft Sheet - List (for use by PA)

Draft Pick ListDraft Pick List

Hydration and Top Performance


Inter-League Play Request Form

Inter-League Play Request FormInter-League Play Request Form

Inter-League Rules and Schedules

Baseball Schedules as of March 16Baseball Schedules as of March 16

Softball Schedules as of March 16Softball Schedules as of March 16

Schedules-SOUTH as of March 16Schedules-SOUTH as of March 16

2014 Inter-League Rules as of March 62014 Inter-League Rules as of March 6

League President List / Contact Information

League Presidents as of 2-15League Presidents as of 2-15

Managers and Coaches

Managers and CoachesManagers and Coaches

Manager and Coach Log

Commissioner's LogCommissioner's Log

Map of all District 15 Parks/Fields

District 15 ParksDistrict 15 Parks

MISSION of Little League

Mission of Little LeagueMission of Little League

Parents' Affect on their Kids

Parents Affect on their KidsParents Affect on their Kids

Parents' Role

Parents' ROLEParents' ROLE

Pitching: Guidance for Young Pitchers

Guidance for Young PitchersGuidance for Young Pitchers

Pitching Log and Scoresheets for Baseball

Pitch Count - Option 1Pitch Count - Option 1

Scoresheet with Pitch Count LogScoresheet with Pitch Count Log

Pitcher Eligibility Tracking FormPitcher Eligibility Tracking Form

Pitching Log for Softball

Softball Pitching LogSoftball Pitching Log

Pool Play Call-Out List

Pool Play Call-Out ListPool Play Call-Out List

Request to HOST a Mid-Season Tournament

Request to HOST Mid-Season TournamentRequest to HOST Mid-Season Tournament

Request for District Funds

Request for District FundsRequest for District Funds

Request to HOST a Top Team/All Star Tournament

Request to HOST a TournamentRequest to HOST a Tournament

Safety Plan - Fill In The Blanks

2014 Safety Plan - Fill in the blanks2014 Safety Plan - Fill in the blanks

Facility Survey FormsFacility Survey Forms

School Enrollment Form

School Enrollment FormSchool Enrollment Form

Tryout EvaluationForm

Tryout Evaluation FormTryout Evaluation Form

Umpire Positioning

Umpire Positioning Mechanics 2 ManUmpire Positioning Mechanics 2 Man

Volunteer Applications

Volunteer Application (Returning)Volunteer Application (Returning)

Umpire Positioning

Umpire Positioning DiagramsUmpire Positioning Diagrams

Volunteer Applications

Volunteer Application (New)Volunteer Application (New)

Waiting Lists - CLOSING Registrations


Waiver Request: II(d)

II(d) Waiver Request 2014II(d) Waiver Request 2014

Waiver Request: IV(h)

IV(h) Waiver RequestIV(h) Waiver Request

Waiver Request: 12 yr old in Minors

12 yr old Waiver12 yr old Waiver

Waiver Request: Out-Of-Boundary Player

Instructions and Waiver RequestInstructions and Waiver Request

Waiver Request: Rule or Regulation Waiver

Request for Rule-Regulation WaiverRequest for Rule-Regulation Waiver

What About My Child

What About My ChildWhat About My Child

2014 Softball Jamborees

Softball Jamboree Schedules rev 05-02Softball Jamboree Schedules rev 05-02

Softball Jamboree RulesSoftball Jamboree Rules

2014 Top Team Tournament

2014 Top Team Schedules - Final2014 Top Team Schedules - Final

2014 International Tournament

2014 All Star Schedules - Final2014 All Star Schedules - Final

2014 Section 7 Tournaments

2014 Section 7 Schedules- Final2014 Section 7 Schedules- Final

9-10 BB & 9-10 SB & Major SB & Junior SB9-10 BB & 9-10 SB & Major SB & Junior SB

2014 Florida Sect-State+WorldSeries2014 Florida Sect-State+WorldSeries

10-11 SB & BB10-11 SB & BB

11-12 BB & Junior BB11-12 BB & Junior BB

Intermediate & Senior BBIntermediate & Senior BB

2014 All Star Umpires

2014 All Star Umpire Schedule as of 6-222014 All Star Umpire Schedule as of 6-22