Florida District 15 Little League: Welcome

It's for the Kids

Florida DISTRICT 15


We encourage ALL of our Leagues to continue to expand their Baseball, Softball and Challenger Programs to make them available to as many of their area's young boys and girls as possible.  After all, isn't that why we're here !!!  

Fred Lorentsen is our District Administrator (DA).

Lou Barbieri is returning as our Information Officer for 2017.


Crystal River will be Hosting the Sectional Tournaments for Several Divisions of Softball.  Click on the "Handout" below for information on the Sectional Tournaments.

Congrats to the District 15 teams that won Sectionals and are headed for the State Tournaments:

Crystal River - Senior Baseball and Senior Softball

Dunnellon - 50/70 Baseball 

Handout: Softball Sectionals

Saturday, June 10
All Star Tournament

The District 15 2017 All Star Tournaments were hosted by Crystal River and Inverness.  Congrats to all of the teams/players that participated.  Here are the District Champs that have advanced to the Sectional Tournaments:


8-10 Inverness;  9-11 Crystal River; 10-12 Inverness; 50/70 Dunnellon/Inverness; JRs Dunnellon; SRs Crystal River


8-10 Central Citrus; 9-11 Crystal River; 10-12 South Sumter; JRs Dunnellon, SRs Crystal River 

Top Team Tournament

The Top Team Tournament was hosted by Central Citrus and Crystal River.  Congrats to all of the Winners:

9-10 BB: Inverness

Major BB: Inverness

Junior BB: Inverness

9-10 SB: Inverness

Major SB: Crystal River

Junior SB: Dunnellon

Senior SB: Dunnellon 


Handout: Top Team Tournament Rules and Schedules

Mid-Season Tournaments

The District will be holding Mid-Season Baseball Tournaments for both Minors and Majors.  The "Pools" will be hosted at several leagues/parks.  Click on the "Handout" below for the Schedules, Rules and Logs. 

Majors: 3/31-4/2;  Champions: Crystal River Rays and Lady Lake Rays

Minors: 4/7-9; Champions: Crystal River Cubs and Inverness Cardinals

Handout: Mid-Season Tournament Information

Softball Jamborees

There are Softball Jamborees for Minor, Major and Senior Softball this year.  They will be Hosted at different leagues/parks.  Click on the "Handout" below for the Rules and Schedules.

Seniors: 3/25-26;  Champions - Dunnellon Sluggers

Minors: 4/8-9; Champions - Inverness Crushers

Majors: 4/22-23; Champions - Dunnellon Ace Hardware

Handout: Softball Jamborees


Crystal River and Shady Hills join together for a photo after one of the Minor Mid-Season Tournament Championship games.  The teams, in a show of sportsmanship, requested the joint photo right after a well played game.  Isn't that what LL should be all about !!!


2017 Rule and Regulation Changes

At its annual fall meeting this November, the Little League® International Board of Directors approved new updates to the Little League Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies that will take effect starting in the 2017 season.

Click on the "Title" above to view the changes. Pay particular attention to the new "Residency Requirements" (3 proofs, one from each of the 3 Groups, instead of 3 proofs from the previous 17 Categories).