Florida District 15 Little League: Welcome

It's for the Kids

Florida DISTRICT 15


We encourage ALL of our Leagues to continue to expand their Baseball, Softball and Challenger Programs to make them available to as many of their area's young boys and girls as possible.  After all, isn't that why we're here !!!  

Fred Lorentsen is our District Administrator (DA).

Lou Barbieri is our District Information Officer.

District Meeting

League Presidents should periodically check the District Calendar (Click on "Handout" below) for upcoming meetings/events.  Meetings/events should also show up at the botom of this webpage.  The DA will send out e:Mails on meetings and other events to the league Presidents. 

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District All Star Tournaments

The District 15 All Star Tournaments will be hosted by Crystal River starting in mid-June.  Not all Divisions start on the same date.  Managers must make sure they are aware of their team's schedule.  Click on the "Handout" below to view/print the Schedules.
Handout: District All Star Schedules

Sectional All Star Tournaments

The locations for the Sectional Tournaments are as follows:

8-10 BB:  Keystone LL (Tampa)

9-11 BB: Safety Harbor LL

10-12 BB: Bayshore LL (Tampa)

Int. BB:  Southwest LL

JR BB:  Keystone LL (Tampa)

SR BB:  Largo LL


8-10 SB, 9-11 SB, JR SB and SR SB: Crystal River  (Click on the Handout Below for the CRLL Sectional Packet)

10-12 SB:  Pinellas Park


Handout: Sectional SB at Crystal River

Top Team Tournament

Congrats to all the Top Teams for making it to the Tournament.  The Top Team Tournament will be held at several parks around the District.  Click on the "Handout" below to view the schedules.  The Official Schedules will be kept at each Host Park.  Schedules are subject to change for things like the weather.  Managers are responsible to know when and where their games are scheduled.

Handout: Top Team Tournament Rules and Schedules

Baseball Mid-Season Tournaments and Softball Jamborees

Thank you to all the Host Leagues.  We hope all the participating leagues/teams/players had fun.  Congrats to the following winners:

Minor BB:  CC Astros and Ing Braves

Major BB:  CC Braves and CR Reds

Minor SB:  CC Honey Badgers

Major SB:  CR Bombsquad

Senior SB:  Dunnellon One 


Click on the "Handout" below to view/print the Inter-League Rules and Schedules.  Managers should check back periodically to see if there are any schedule changes or new manager information.
Handout: Inter-League Rules and Schedules

2018 Rule - Regulation Changes

Little League has POSTED their 2018 Rule/Regulation Changes on their Website.  One important change for 2018 is allowing more than eight 12 year olds on a major baseball team and also not having to split your major baseball division if you have more than 10 teams. 

Additional changes were approved at Little League Congress.

Click on the "Handout" below to view/print all of the Changes.

Handout: 2018 Rule - Regulation Changes