LEBANON YOUTH FOOTBALL: Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, August 13

Below are some questions that are frequently asked.  If you don't find what you are looking for here, you can email the Boad of Directors at lebanonyouthfootbal1@gmail.com


1.  How and when do I register my son or daughter for LYFL?

     a.  Registrations typically run from the week following the 4th of July for 2 weeks.  Four sessions are held on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  At this time all registrations must be done in person and if signing up for one of the tackle division, the player must be present in order to have height and weight checked and be fitted for equipment.  Registrations will always be closed by the end of July.

2.  Is it possible to register after the season has begun?

    a.  No.  LYFL has a very strict policy of minimum playing time for all players.  Number of teams fielded and number of players per team are determined based on registration numbers at the time of the draft.  It would be unfair to players already on a team to lose playing time due to team additions once the the season already started.

3.  Can I request my son or daughter to play on a specific team or for a specific coach?

    a.  In the case of our non-competitive flag division and cheerleading, this is usually possible.  However, for the JV and Pee Wee tackle divisions, in order to maintain as much competitive balance as possible, strict guidelines for  the construction of teams is adhered to.

4.  Does the LYFL take checks or credit cards for registration?

    a.  No.  LYFL is not currently set up for credit card tranactions and due to previous issues with returned checks, we do not accept them.

5.  How can I become an LYFL coach?

    a.  You can request a coaching position by emailing the board at lebanonyouthfootball1@gmail.com o by filling out a volunteer application at te time of sign ups.  Volunteers are screened by the LYFL board then selected with the best interest in the league and it's players in mind.  For the tackle divisions, it's preferred that applicants have previous experience either as an assistant or head coach in a tackle division or more than one year experience as a head coach in Flag.

6.  How can I become an LYFL Board Member? 

    a.  You can submit your name for consideration to the LYFL board at any time by emailing lebanonyouthfootball1@gmail.com .  Electons for new board members are usually held once a year in January or as positions become available.  LYFL Board strength is maintained at 15 members. 

7.  Where is the LYFL Complex located?

    a.  Our fields and fieldhouse are located at the north end of Southside Park.  This is only accessible off of S. East St about 1/4 mile south of Noble St.

8.  How long and when is the LYFL Season?

    a.  Registrations start in mid July with practice beginning late July - early August.  Games typically start a week before Labor Day and end with the Pee Wee and JV Championships just before the LCSC Fall Break.  Typical season is 6 games for Flag and minimum 8 for Pee Wee and JV.

9.   What Division would I place my son or daughter in?

    a.  For cheer, they must be 5 years old no later than November 1st of that season and are eligible through the 6th grade.  Flag players must be age 5 years old  no later than November 1st of that season and not be starting 2nd grade.  Pee Wee is for players in 2nd and 3rd grade.  JV is for players in 4th, 5th and 6th grade.  Some age and grade waivers are possible to move a player up a division a year early but under no circumstances would a player be allowed to play down a division.