London & District Baseball Association Inc.: Rules

Monday, May 3
2010 L.D.B.A. Pitching Rules

All OBA pitching rules will be followed for LDBA league play.


Sunday, May 11
2008 Pitching Chart Record
Handout: 2008 Pitching Chart Record

Thursday, May 10

Please remember to take your roster with you to a tournament.  It does not have to be handed in, but you may be asked to present it as proof of registration of players. 

Wednesday, May 21

The extra player rule applies in Minor PeeWee to Bantam divisions.  OBA rule P2-8 (d) and L.D.B.A. rule 9 (o).  The Designated Hitter may be used starting in Minor Midget.  OBA rule P2-8 (e).

Please abide by these rules.

Tuesday, May 20

Please report your scores to your Division Convenor as noted in the L.D.B.A. rule book.  In divisions where there are pitch counts, they must be reported at the same time.  Game sheets and pitch count sheets do NOT have to be sent to the Convenor unless they wish them in case of a discrepancy.  Please keep them until the end of the season.  Don't forget -- every pitcher used must be reported.

Game # ____ Date of Game ____

Team A - #__, Name______ # of pitches
               #__, Name______ # of pitches

Team B - #__, Name______ # of pitches, etc.

Wednesday, June 11

If your park is unplayable due to weather for a game, you must call the opposing coach 2 hours prior to game time.  You must also notify your umpire assignor so the umpires can be cancelled for that game.  Don't forget to let your diamond assignor know as well. Rule 10 - LDBA Handbook.

Also, refer to page 53 regarding "Rainouts" and when they become official, etc.

Pitching records must still be submitted even though a game has been "called" due to the weather.

 Rain game must be replayed within 7 days according to the rules.