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LCYA Bulldogs Football

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Last updated
01-24-19 12:50 PM
Get Directions to LCYA Bulldogs FootballWhitehall Local Weather
LCYA Bulldogs Football
Buddy Farr
(610) 434-5885
1051 N. 6th Street Extention
Whitehall, Pennsylvania
Sunday, January 21

On behalf of the LCYA Bulldogs Organization, we would like to welcome each football player and his/her family. We hope to make each football player’s experience with the LCYA Bulldogs a positive one, filled with fun, learning, team building and many new friends. If we can be of any help throughout the season, don't hesitate to speak with a board member, there are normally a few on hand during practice times.

Looking forward to a great 2019 Season!

You can also visit us on Facebook:

Thursday, August 2
2018 Football Coaches Directory

Flag Football Coaches

Head Coach Mike Correll  (484) 602-6011 

Assistant Coach Skip Snyder  (484) 714-1902

Assistant Coach ???  (???) ???  

Jr. Peewee (80 lb.) Football Coach - NO TEAM for 2018

Head Coach ???  (???) ???  

Assistant Coach ???  (???) ??? 

 Assistant Coach ???  (???) ??? 

Peewee (100 lb.) Football Coach

Head Coach Mike Muldrow  (484) 896-0086

Assistant Coach Marlon Boone  (610) 217-2968

  Assistant Coach Jeremy Burton  (484) 268-7680

 Assistant Coach Robbie Schappell  (484) 221-5937

Assistant Coach Buddy Farr  (610) 554-6157

Assistant Coach Justin Reed (610) 462-4823   

Junior Varsity (120 lb.) Football Coach

Head Coach Aaron King  (484) 809-5642

Assistant Coach Antonio Arroyo  (610) 504-4627 

Assistant Coach Tony Lewis  (484) 744-4364 

Assistant Coach Michael Daniels 

Assistant Coach Matt Mackaravitz   

      Varsity (140 lb.) Football Coaches

Head Coach Mike Rhodes  (484) 347-7359 or (610) 433-1503

Assistant Coach Clee Harrison  (610) 504-1164

Assistant Coach Chris Jackson

Assistant Coach Nick Rhodes    

Call your child's coach if you need information, make sure you have the right team before you call. If you don't know who your coach is call

(610) 434-5885

 Thank You


Saturday, June 16
2018 LCYA Homecoming


Please show support for your child and LCYA team spirit! We need you to make a poster (poster board, cardboard...) for your child supporting his/her efforts. Also, before the start of each game, the parents of each football player and cheerleader will be announced on the field. Please make every effort to attend.

WHEN - Saturday October 13th, 2018 

WHERE - Jordan Park ( LCYA Field )

Home of the BULLDOGS



Monday, August 1
Game Day Baking


We are asking for PARENTS to bring 2 dozen baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, donuts, brownies) or snacks. * Please drop off the food by 8:30 a.m. on Sunday game days.  In the spirit of good sportsmanship, our football players and cheerleaders join with the opposing team’s participants and have a snack after the games. 

Thank you!

 See Toni Farr or Erin Muldrow at the Snack Shop to sign-up

Sunday, January 21

No player may attain their 8th birthday prior to August 1st of that year.

Jr. Pee-Wee - 80 lb.
No player may attain their 9th birthday prior to August 1st of that year.

Pee-Wee - 100 lb.
No player may attain their 10th birthday prior to August 1st of that year.

Jr. Varsity - 120 lb.
No player may attain their 11th birthday prior to August 1st of that year. 
(Exception - Children who turn 11 between August 1st, 2017 and July 31st, 2018 who weigh 85 lbs. or less are eligible for the 120 lb. team) 

Varsity - 140 lb.
No player my attain their 13th birthday prior to January

1st of that year.

Weight Allowance

All players must make weight at the designated starting level by the third game of the regular season or move up to the next higher weight class. Each player will receive a one (1) pound per week weight allowance starting in Week 4 with a maximum of five (5) pound total increase by the end of the regular season. There will be no weight allowance for any player who qualifies under the Older but Lighter rule.

The Flag & Jr. Pee-Wee teams will be known as

the instructional levels. 

LCYA Bulldogs Football
LCYA Bulldogs Football

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