Lansing Knights Youth Organization: Soccer News

Sunday, October 16
In-House Soccer ages 5/6 New Rules for games



There will be at least one referrer per game.


Referees will be in charge of calling the following.


Hand Balls (Intentional should be called, not incidental)

Corner Kicks

Throw- ins (one foul throw will be permitted before exchanging possession)

Off Sides (Extreme off sides, not by inches)

Fouls ( pushing, sliding tackling, hitting)

Goal Kicks ( They must clear the box)

Penalty Kicks ( intentional hand balls by players with the goal box) (Extreme fouls in the foul box)


The referees are in charge. We ask the coaches to only come onto the field within 5 yards of the side lines. Obviously, if you have an injured player or a child that you are having trouble getting to listen at all then you may intervene. DO NOT challenge the referee’s call. DO NOT make attempts to influence their calls. They are young kids trying to help develop Lansing’s in-house soccer program. This past week was their first week. They are learning much as coaches and players are learning the fundamentals of the game.  


This is NOT professional soccer. This is a 5-6 year old in-house league that is here to develop the children and getting them ready to face the world of travel soccer. It is a big jump from our in-house program to travel. Our job as coaches and directors is to make it a smooth as possible for that transition. I do not care who wins or loses. Please keep in mind our goals as a whole. Having fun, learning the fundamentals and rules to the game such as passing, rules, throw-ins etc….


Please remember, the older they get the less it gets to be about fun and the more coaches and parents will begin to stress the importance of winning and winning alone. Let them have fun while it last, and let them learn as much as they can while doing so.


If you have any questions on suggestions please feel free to voice your opinion and email me back.




Keith Rockey

In-House Soccer Director

Sunday, February 20
Champions - U - 9 Lansing Girls Red Devils
Congratulations to the U-9 Girls Lansing Red Devils soccer team. 2010 Dept of Rec "A" Division Regular Season and Overall City Champs.

awesome moving sign
Sunday, February 20
Way to go U - 8 Girls Lansing Inter Mayfair
Congratulations to the U-8 Girls Lansing Inter Mayfair soccer team. They finished City runner up in the Dept of Rec "A" Division.

Sunday, February 20
Lansing U - 15 Girls Undefeated Season - Way to go Girls!
Congratulations to the Lansing Pride U - 15 girls for an undefeated season in the Inter County 1st Division