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Baseball Sweatshirt
Friday, April 3
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Lansing Cinch Bag

Adult sweatshirts are $25.00

Youth sweatshirts $20.00

Cinch Bags are $12.00

Lacrosse Sweatshirt

Property of Lansing Sweatshirt

Friday, April 3
More Gear
Soccer Sweatshirt

Adult sweatshirts are $25.00

Youth sweatshirts $20.00

Cinch Bags are $12.00

Softball Sweatshirt

Looking to promote your Business? Sponsers are Needed
thank you
We are actively looking for sponsors for Lansing. If you or anyone you know would like to purchase a sign to to promote a business and help support Lansing at the same time, call the clubhouse at 215-338-3079. The signs are placed on the clubhouse fence for a one year period and only costs $150.00 and placed on our web site under our Sponsors Page.

Time is running out
Monday, February 19
Contact information
If you would like to contact the club you may use the following email:

or leave a message on the voice mail 215-338-3079. Someone will be directly in contact with you!

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Happy Face
Thursday, September 13
Car Wash Coupons

Please visit our Snack Bar and pick up one of the coupons for a Car Wash.  Soft Touch Car Wash located at Disston & Frankford Avenue (below Tyson Avenue) is willing to give us a proceed from the sale of their coupons. 

Only $10.00 a piece.

A great gift for that someone you can never find a present for ...  A win win for the club and yourself.

Thursday, September 13
Lansing Bracelets and Stickers
Pick up a cute bracelet for your special child.  Sold in the Snack Bar along with Lansing Stickers.

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