Lansing Knights Youth Organization: President's Page

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Friday, September 26
Note from our President

The Lansing Knights Youth Organization's soccer season has opened.  I hope and pray this season shall be a healthy and happy one.  I ask all parents to remember the true purpose of our organization...the healthy development of our children, both as individuals and to prepare them to be part of our society.  We strive to create a place where our children can come and play with one another while feeling safe and with a sense of belonging.  I ask each and every parent to make these goals a priority not only for their children but for all our children.  I ask that you forget about the score of the game and the reliability of the referee and take time to make a differen ce.  Telling a child that he or she is doing well, or simply engaging them in positive conversation is much more important than focusing on the outcome of the game.  I cannot thank everyone that has contributed to making this season possible.  All of your work is appreciated.  I do want to mention two people Gorden Geer and Janet Gillich.  These two very busy people have taken a great deal of their time to organize the in-house soccer season.  They have done a wonderful job.   Lansing is a wonderful place for our children and families to belong.  Please make every effort to keep it that way.  Anyone wishing to donate time or become more a part of Lansing's management should attend our next Board meeting on Thursday, October 2, 2008, 8:30 pm. at our Lansing Club House.


Thank you,

John A. Manes, Jr., President
Lansing Knights Youth Organization

Additionally a thanks to our Travel League Soccer Director, Tim Burke