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Knights of Columbus St. John Council 13608:News & Information
Wednesday, March 18
Welcome to our new web site! Here is how to use it...

This site is built within the structure provided by Eteamz principally targets sports teams, mainly those managed by volunteers. It is not perfect for a group like ours but it will work very well.  It provides mechanisms to build a web site that looks good, works well, and is very easy to maintain and share the maintenance! It is also very inexpensive.

The web site is made up of several pages. Look at the menu to the left. Below is a brief description of what we intend to load to each page:

Home - This is a constant link back to the main page

Who are the Knights? - This will describe the Knights of Columbus, link to key information from the Supreme site, and tell about our Council.

Calendar - This is a calendar formatted display of events such as meetings. Each entry can be clicked to get a larger window with more information. Each can also include the address of the location and a link to a Yahoo Map for directions.

News & Information - This is a page of recent news items. 

Documents - This is a page where we can store documents for easy reference. This will provide us with a very accessible library of documents for our programs as well as other key information. This page will be categorized to make finding the specific desired documents very easy.

Grand Knight's Corner - This is a page of news items from our Grand Knight. The latest message will be displayed on the front web site page, too.

Board (Officers) - This page will list our current set of Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs.

Membership (not Officers) - This will list the rest of our members. Unfortunately, one person can either be on the Board or a Member but not both. We can capture a variety of information about each person including their name, address, email address, phone, and birth date. There are some free form fields where we can capture other data such as degrees, if we choose to do so.

Programs - This will list our various active Programs and provide or link to information about each.

Committees - This will provide a description of and a list of members for each committee.

Fish Fry, Free Throw, Scholarship - These are examples of Program-specific pages that we may have to provide more visibility to programs that really interact with the Parish Community.  We can have several of these special pages. 

Ladies Auxiliary - This page will share information about our Ladies Auxiliary.

4th Degree - This will provide a little bit of information about 4th Degree and our related Assembly.

Newsletter - This page will store our recent Council Newsletters.

Council Messages - This links to eteamz SmartMessage center where messages can be easily directed to all members of the site.  The facility also captures responses in a way that summarizes the information for easy use.

Locations - We will define several key locations for quick and easy reference and mapping. Our meeting location is already defined.

Albums - We will add photos to the site, here. This would be a good place to capture shots from the Free Throw contest and other events.

Links - This is where we will capture key web links to other sites

Guest Book - The site, itself, is open to the public. We can restrict access to some or all pages to just members, if we choose.  For example, we may restrict the Membership page to just members but allow anyone who visits the site to see our front page and calendar.  The Guest Book allows visitors to leave us a message!

Most of these pages will require someone with administrative access to update them. The good news is that the administrative access can be given to multiple people in pieces or in full. So, people who hold positions that may require sharing information to the Council via the website may have the right admin access to update that information. Adding messages or documents or calendar entries is quite simple and really just a matter of filling in a form.

Lastly, no, there is no way to turn off all of the eteamz messages or ads, permanently. This is one of those things that keep the costs down for this service. In my browser, I have prohibited pop-ups and ads and many of those are eliminated for me.

I welcome your comments and suggestions! Just click the "Webmaster" link in the lower left corner of the menu bar on the left side of the screen.



Knights of Columbus St. John Council 13608

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