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Handout: 2015 Game Schedule

Saturday, September 26
Big Smash Schedule and Details

2015 Big Smash VIII


  Big Smash VIII is jamboree of football games from the northwest hosted by Mid Valley Pop Warner at Oregon State Unversity and facilities. The games are November 14th and 15th this year.

  Klamath County Pop Warner will be sending the top 2 teams from each division to Big Smash. Teams will be determined by the playoffs and league champion. Please see playoffs for more details on which teams go.

  For more details on Big Smash, click on the link below from Mid Valley's website.  


Sunday, September 27
2015 Playoffs and Championship

This year we will have a Playoffs that includes the top 6 teams on each divsion to determine the League Champion in each division. Playoffs are setup the same way for each divisions.  

(Numbers represent the standings are the end of the Regular Season) 

Wednesday Oct 28th:

MM 3 vs MM 6

MM 4 vs MM 5

PW 3 vs PW 6

PW 4 vs PW 5

Saturday Oct 31st: 

Unl 3 vs Unl 6

Unl 4 vs Unl 5

MM 1 vs (lowest MM seed winner from Oct 28th)

MM 2 vs (highest MM seed winner from Oct 28th)

PW 1 vs  (lowest PW seed winner from Oct 28th)

PW 2 vs (highest PW seed winner from Oct 28th)

Wednesday Nov 4th:

Unl 1 vs (lowest Unl seed winner from Oct 31st)

Unl 2 vs (highest Unl seed winner from Oct 31st)

Saturday Nov 7th:

MM Championships (winners from Oct 31st)

PW Championships (winners from Oct 31st) 

Unl Championships (winners from Nov 4th)


*Dates, times, and teams TBD. 

Thursday, October 1
KCPW Board Meeting - Sunday Crazy R Pizza 3pm

The next KCPW Board meeting will be on Sunday, Oct 4th, 3 pm at Crazy R Pizza.

Sunday, September 27
Game Reschedule LR Unl vs Sys Unl Oct 21st

The game between Lost River U vs Syskiyou U from earlier in the year has been rescheduled for:

6 pm, October 21st, Butte Valley HS, Dorris, Ca 

Sunday, September 27
Game Changes - Hawks vs Ducks, Hornets vs Bobcats

The following games have been changed:

Hawks vs Ducks - new game time is 730 pm Wednesday night, September 30th Klamath Union HS

Bobcats vs Hornets - new game time is 6 pm Saturday night, October 3, Henley HS