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Kings Volleyball
Amanda Meadows
5500 Columbia Dr.
Kings Mills, Ohio

2017...Preparing 4 Greatness!

  K I N G S    V O L L E Y B A L L
CONFERENCE CHAMPS: 1990, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2013
Varsity & JV Head Coach - Amanda Meadows            e-mail: 
Varsity Assistant - Austyn Phelps                          e-mail: 
Varsity Assistant - Tiffany Wehrum 
Freshman Coach - Sally Parker email: 
High School Team Parent - Jill Hymer                    email:
JH Coach - Kylie Hayes                            email:
JH Team Parent - Jen Freeman               email:
Final Sand Queen Tourney: Thursday, July 12 at Sports Express:
Grades 5-9  (1-3pm)  (check-in 12:30)
Grades 10-12 & adults (3pm-5pm) (check-in 2:30pm)
You MUST pre-register to play by emailing:
Your name will appear on this website by June 10 if you are registered.
Cost $20/player. Pay that day. Sign  up individually - switch partners each game.
For inclement weather, check this website the day of the tournament. 
Please note...we are changing the time of the morning division to 1:00-3:00 (12:30 check-in). The afternoon tournament will still be 3:00(2:30 check-in).
The younger division (7th-9th graders) is full! 
Registered so far:
7th-9th Grade 1-3pm (12:30 check-in)
1. Cassidy Bolon 2. Autumn Woltman 3. Audrey Dowd 4. Gabby Simonson 5. Sydney Barrett 6. Jackie Cunningham 7. Abby Yoder 8. Cate Freeman 9. Summer Victor 10. Hanna Liu 11. Lucy Trapp 12. Kayla Meade 13. Abby Trapp 14. Elise Marchal 15. Dakota Henry 16. Kate Moran
10th-12th Grade/adults 3-5pm (2:30 check-in)
1. Jenna Millickner 2. Kylie Michilak 3. Chloe Wolf 4. Maleena Ewing 5. Sophia Taylor
6. Abby Helms 7. Emma Richardson 8. Kaiya Payne 9. Kylie Hayes 10. Amanda Meadows
11. Sydney Taylor 12. Kate Barrett 13. Jill Middleton 14 Avneet Dharni 15 Kennedy Hymer 
If you are not registered but want to play, please email me asap.
The younger division (7th-9th graders) is full! 
Check out Kings Volleyball on Facebook and Twitter: @Kingsvball @CoachAmanda24
 Private lessons available at Sports Express (5280 Kings Mills Rd.) ($60/hr for 1 player, $40/each for 2 players, $35/each for 3 players, $30/each for 4 players.)
***Y O U T H   V O L L E Y B A L L***                                           
2018 Fall Teams are already formed.
Contact Kam Siu with questions:  
Group Lessons for 6th graders:
June/July @ Sports Express: Cost: $20/practice Tuesdays 4-5pm or Fridays 7:30-9pm 
You don't register for the entire summer - just per practice. 
email: to sign up 
***J U N I O R  H I G H  V O L L E Y B A L L***
                                    ***Coach Kylie Hayes***
Email questions to: JH Coach - Kylie Hayes: 
July 12: Sand Tournament - see details above. 
Open Gyms: June/July: Sundays (7:30-9pm) at Sports Express (not July 29)
Always be 15minutes EARLY! Arriving at 7:30 is arriving late! 
Bring: yoga mat, jump rope, 5or8lb weights
Camp days: 7th/8th grade
THURSDAYS (July 5,19,26) 6:30-9pm @ Sports Express
($25/day) No registration form. Pay that day.  
 Tryouts: August 1 & 2 AT HS gym
7th grade: 130-330(be there by 1:00)
8th grade: 330-530(be there by 3:15)
*All paperwork must be turned into athletic office BEFORE Aug. 1.
Schedule your physical NOW! You can not tryout without it!  

Practice Schedule: 
August 6 - rest of season: AT jh gym
7th grade: 245-445 (be there by 230)
8th grade: 430-630 (be there by 415)
**August 9 practice 11am-1pm in hs gym
Aug 8 @ Springboro (time tba)
Aug 13 @home: (both teams must be at both matches)
7th Grade 4:30(be there by 3:45) 
  8th Grade 5:30(be there by 3:45)
2017 Junior High Volleyball Match Schedule links:
8th Grade Team:
7th Grade Team: 
***H I G H  S C H O O L  V O L L E Y B A L L***
            2 0 1 8

Sand Tourney:
July 12 - see details above. 
Open Gyms:
June/July SUNDAYS (7:30-9pm) at Sports Express (5280 Kings Mills Rd.) 
(not July 29) Always be 15minutes EARLY! Arriving at 7:30 is arriving late!
Bring: yoga mat, jump rope and 8lb weights 
Camp days:
All HS players: THURSDAYS (July 5,19,26) 6:30-9pm @ Sports Express ($25/day)
No registration form. Pay that day.  
Preseason Tournaments:
      JV & Freshman:
July 29: 9am-2pm (@SE)(Cost $10)
 -Freshman players work concession stand 2pm-5:15pm. 
 - JV players work concession stand 5-8:15pm 
July 16: FC(3pm-10pm),July 17&18(8am-3pm) (Cost $80)
July 21 McNicholas(8am-6pm ) (Cost $10)
July 23-25: LW(5pm-10pm)(Cost $10)
July 29: SE (3pm-8pm)(Cost $10) 
   -(Varsity players work concession stand 8am-2pm)
Aug 1 & 2 (5:30-8pm) All paperwork must be turned into athletic office BEFORE Aug. 1.
Schedule your physical NOW! You can't tryout without it! 
Parent/player Meeting:
Wednesday, Aug 8 (7:30-8:30pm) 
 Picture Day:
Thursday, Aug 9 (2pm) Be there by 1:45pm! 
Varsity Scrimmages: (be there 45min early)
Aug 7 (5:30-8:30 @ SE), Aug 9 (7-9pm @ Kings),
Aug 14 (5-8pm @ West), Aug 16 (7:30-8:30pm @ Kings-Alumni game)
JV Scrimmages: (be there 45min early)
Aug 7 (3-5pm @ SE), Aug 9 (430-630pm @ Kings),
Aug 14 (5-8pm @ West), Aug 16 (6-7 @ Kings-Alumni game)  
Freshman Scrimmages: (be there 45min early)
Aug 7 (5-8pm @ Sycamore), Aug 9 (7-9pm @ Kings JH), Aug 14 (5-8pm@West Fresh School), Aug 16 (430-530pm @ Kings-Alumni Game)
Practices Schedule: Aug 6 - end of season:
   Varsity: Mon and Wed (4:30-7pm) Fri(2:45-4) (Aug 3&10: 2-4)
   JV: Mon(3-5) Wed (4:30-7pm)
   Fresh: Mon and Wed (3-5) 
 Games: Tusdays & Thursdays
WINGS & RINGS Fundraiser
Tuesday, Aug 21 after our season opener! Please plan on dinner with your family at Wings & Rings after our first home match! You must mention KINGS VOLLEYBALL when ordering! Thanks!
2017 Kings High School Volleyball Match Schedule links:
Varsity Schedule:
 JV Schedule:
2016 Congratulations to Michaella Ruschau for setting the school record for Career Kills: 876 ('13-'16)-(previously held by Logan Shircliff) 
2016 Host Noah Stubenrauch sits down with Coach Amanda Meadows and senior Michaela Ruschau. 
Kings High School Varsity School Records:
Kills/Yr: 316 Michaella Ruschau ('15)
Career Kills: 876 Michaella Ruschau ('13-'16)
Aces/Yr: 74 Lizzy Woeste (’15)
Career Aces: 203 Riley Brashear ('10-‘13)
447 Shelby Kies ('07)
Career Digs: 1,450 Riley Brashear ('10-‘13)
Blocks/Yr: 81 Sarah Shipley ('06)
Career Blocks: 226 Alex Shipley ('06-'09)
Assists/Yr: 687 Lizzy Woeste ('14)
Career Assists: 1,955 Rachel Lake ('10-‘13)
For information on junior olympic volleyall tryouts, visit: or or or or 
PLEASE plan to play volleyball in the off-season to increase your chance of making our Kings Volleyball teams and to ensure our program's future success!
If you are unable to play J.O. vb, please get lessons and play in leagues!!
2011: …so ENCOURAGE each other and BUILD each other up…
2012: Let your light so SHINE...
2013: I can do ALL things...
2014: For I know the plans I have for you...plans to give you HOPE & a FUTURE...
2015: Be STRONG and COURAGEOUS...for He goes with you...
2016: Let your light so SHINE...
2017: …so ENCOURAGE each other and BUILD each other up… 
2018: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. 

Kings Volleyball
Kings Volleyball

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