Kings Minor Basketball: School Partnerships

Monday, September 30
School Partnerships

Expectation for School use

KMBA is very pleased and thankful for the very positive relationship developed with Coldbrook, Somerset and Berwick Schools. KMBA is permitted the use of these gyms free or at a nominal cost, which in turn permits KMBA to keep our registration for the program at a reasonable rate for you. The use of these schools is a privilege and not a right! Please support KMBA in maintaining this positive relationship with the school, custodial staff and staff by respecting these reasonable requests:

  • Players are not permitted to be in the hallways or return to their classrooms to pick up indoor footwear for basketball - please instruct your child to bring home his/her indoor footwear prior to basketball practices/games.
  • KMBA Gators and families only need to be in the gym. Washrooms are available as you enter the main doors in Coldbrook and Berwick. Washrooms are located inside the gym at Somerset.
  • All outdoor footwear (kids and adults) is to be removed prior to entering the gym


Coldbrook Specific Regulations:

  • Due to the revised AVRSB school policy to keep the main doors to the school locked, we must strictly monitor who enters the building while we are using the school. The doors will be locked as of 6:30pm on practice nights and cannot be propped open by any means, even for the drop off or pick up times. School doors must also remain locked on weekends.
  • Effective immediately, when KMBA is using the gym, we will hang a door bell outside the main doors. If you require access to the gym, please press the door- bell to alert a parent helper to open the door.
  • No peanut products can be brought into Coldbrook School for snacks including weekends.
  • The rock wall is off limits for KMBA players, siblings or friends
  • Kids can play on the stage but must be supervised at all times by an adult. All equipment on the stage is the property of the school and must be treated with respect. The "we break it, we bought it" rule applies, so if equipment is broken, higher future registration costs can be expected.
  • The curtain in the gym may be used to split practices however kids are NOT permitted to close the curtain and must be kept from hanging from it or onto it. Closing and opening the curtain is the responsibility of the coaches or managers.


Coldbrook School Fire Escape Plan:

Everyone in the gym evacuates from 2 door options:

  • The main door for those in the lobby or in the gym on the top part of the gym;
  • The lower door for those sitting near the stage area (other side of curtain)
Everyone goes directly to the soccer field where the coach and/or team manager MUST ensure that everyone is out safe. Jean Corporan must be contacted immediately at 681-8394 (home) or 698-2235 (cell) in the case of any fire evacuation  


Berwick School Fire Escape Plan:

Berwick School Fire Escape Plan is available here.