Kings Minor Basketball: Bantam Teams


Bantam basketball provides an opportunity for kids 12-13 years of age (must not turn 14 prior to October 1st) to develop and build on their fundamental basketball skills and play competitive basketball. Bantam players are separated by gender, practice two nights each week and have at least one game or practice each weekend.

  • Bantam games are played with:
  • 5 players per side
  • 10’ nets
  • 6 shifts - 4minutes in duration + 1 shift 8 minute in duration
  • 28.5 cm ball
  • Quasi fair play (equally playing time for 6 shifts, coaches discretion for final 8 minutes)
  • Mercy rule re scoring (if one team’s score exceeds the other by greater than 20 points, the score clock will be set back to zero)

The Basketball season begins in mid-October. It kicks off with a League opening tournament against other bantam teams within the Kings Hants League. In early November season games begin. Each team plays 8-10 games between November and February (a 2-3 week break in the games for Christmas is typical). Half of these games will be home games (played in KMBA gyms). The other half will be away games played in host gyms between Kennetcook and Greenwood.

If teams wish to participate in the provincial tournament, they must play a minimum of two additional seeding games prior to the end of February. These games are played with teams outside the Kings-Hants League (typically Metro teams) to determine how the team compares to other teams across the province so that teams can be placed in the appropriate division, against teams with equivalent skill.

In mid to late February, once league games are finished, there is a League end tournament. This tournament, against all other teams within the league determines the league champions for the year.

The costs for all league games and tournaments, as well as 2 seeding games are included in the registration fee. Costs associated with any additional games or tournaments (including the provincial tournament are the responsibility of the team.

The Provincial tournament, which can be held anywhere in Nova Scotia, is a 2-3 day event held in late March or early April. Attending the provincial tournament is highly recommended. It is an incredible bonding experience for the team. The cost of this jamboree is the responsibility of the team. Fundraising or shared cost among players is recommended.

Bantam Gators Teams - Boys and Girls (Grade 7 & 8)

 2014 - 2015 Season

Bantam Boys



Bantam Girls



Bantam Girls





Practice Details
 Frequency  Twice a week    Twice a week
   Twice a week
  Twice a week
Home Game Details
 Frequency  Once a week
  Once a week
   Once a week
   Once a week