Kings Minor Basketball: Quick-Start Program



A co-ed basketball program for kids aged 4-7 (grades P-2), teaches children fundamental basketball skills (dribbling, passing, shooting and defending) through fun games and scrimmages. Kids can join this program at any time.

Quickstart is designed to:

  • Make kids LOVE basketball
  • Develop fundamental basketball skills
  • Help kids develop the values, qualities, and skills required for basketball and life

Kids of all skill levels and abilities are welcome.

Parents are strongly encouraged to participate. The more people we have on the floor with the kids, the more instructional time each child receives. No prior basketball knowledge required.

Season runs from:

October 17, 2015 - March 5, 2016

All Practices:

Saturdays at Coldbrook school: 9:00 - 10:00 am


There are 2-4 jamborees each season. Quickstart kids are separated into equally skilled groups to play fun “mini” games of basketball against quickstart kids from other clubs within the Kings-Hants League. Coaches join the kids on the floor to help them learn what basketball games are about. There are no referees and it is just for fun.

KMBA hosts a Christmas cupcake jamboree each year. Please set aside:

December 12, 9:00 - 12:00 noon

There will be a league closing jamboree as well in late February or early March. Other jamborees may be planned throughout the season as well.

Registration for Quickstart remains open all year- Join at anytime.

Sunday, December 9
Quick Start Pictures
Quick Start Jamboree - Greenwood