Kenton Girls Soccer: FAQ

Wednesday, June 10
Frequently Asked Questions

I have created this page of frequently asked questions to help current players, girls interested in playing soccer for KHS and their parents understand more about our program. If you have any questions or want to see anything else addressed on here please feel free to send me and email or give me a call.


- Coach Schwemer



How long has Kenton High School had soccer as a Varsty sport?

* The Western Buckeye League officially recognized boys soccer as a Varsity sport in 1990

* KHS fielded their first Boys Varsity team in 1990

* KHS' best finish in the WBL was 4th place in 1991 and 1992


* The Western Buckeye League officially recognized girls soccer as a Varsity sport in 1998

* KHS fielded their first Girls Varsity team in 2000

* KHS first competed in the WBL in 2001

* KHS' best finish in the WBL is 9th place


How many players are on a soccer team?

* There are 11 players on the field at a time for each team, including the goalkeeper

* A typical high school varsity soccer team has between 15 and 20 players on the roster

* Most schools, including KHS, have set a minimum of 25 players on the roster before a JV team is fielded


Do we have enough players to have a team this year?

* Yes we do, a total of 26 girls have signed up to play soccer for KHS in the fall of 2009

* This number includes previous players who have not told the coaching staff they will not be returning, new players, and incoming freshmen

* If every girl who has signed up plays in the Fall we will have enough to field a Junior Varsity team as well as Varsity

* Girls may continue to sign up for the team through the first week of practice, which ends August 14th


Who will be coaching the team this year?

* Mark Schwemer has been hired to return as the head coach for his 7th year with the team

* Kevin Kapanka has been hired to return as an assistant coach for his 10th year with the team

* Mike Styer has been hired to return as an assistant coach for his 3rd year with the team 


What equipment do I need to play soccer?

* Soccer can be played with very little equipment, shin guards, soccer cleats and a ball are all thats needed

* A detailed list of required and recommended equipment is listed on the "Handouts" page of this site 


When does the season start?

* Official practice, which is mandatory, begins on August 10, 2009

* Our season continues until we lose a tournament game, which could be as early as October 19th or as late as November 14th, which is the State Championship game.

* Players should expect to commit to practices or games on 5 to 6 days each week during the season


What is required of me in the off-season?

* The coaching staff puts together an off-season schedule to assist the players in learning the game and improving their skills, while none of this is mandatory, it is recommended that players participate in as much of the off-season program as they possibly can. Events that are listed as "strongly recommended" are expected to be attended by every girl that intends to play soccer in the Fall.

* Open Fields - Usually held on Monday and Wednesday nights - any girl is free to come and play pick up games

* Hogg Creek Soccer League - A summer soccer league where teams play competative games throughout the summer - there is a cost for playing in this league

* Pre-Season Trainings - Practice sessions held throughout the summer, usually used to prepare for upcoming tournaments - coached by the KHS coaching staff, STRONGLY RECOMMENDED 

* Tournaments - Competative tournaments that are held on weekends throughout the summer - Free to play - STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

* Conditioning - Training sessions used to increase the players physical attributes before the season begins - Held the first week of August - STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

* Camps - May be held at KHS or around the State of Ohio - there is a fee to participate in these - for more information contact Coach Schwemer


Can I play soccer in College?

* Yes, there are many opportunities for girls to continue their soccer careers in College and possibly earn scholarships to play

* Three players have moved to the college ranks from the KHS girls soccer program

* If you are interested please contact Coach Schwemer to learn more