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Tuesday, June 22
Crocs Slide Show

Below is the slide show that was shown at the end of the year party.   Click the little icon below to open the file in Windows Media Player.  The video quality is a little compromised because I had to shrink the file size somewhat.  Hope everyone enjoyed it (even though I didn't have any pictures of the year we wore Purple!)
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Tuesday, June 8
Game 8 Recap

Yes! The Crocs ended the season on a high note, winning 2-0, and extending their unbeaten streak to four games in a row.   The game was a rematch with the Royal blue team that we played to a 0-0 draw earlier in the season.  While the earlier game was about as even as the score woud suggest, Saturday's result was a reflection of how much the Crocs have improved, and in truth, we probably were even more dominant than the score suggested, as there were additional scoring chances that we failed to convert and our goalies were never challenged.

The Crocs asserted themselves from the outset and were rewarded with two first half goals:  a great individual effort from Moira and a smart follow-up from Jayla to an initial shot from Carly that their goalie failed to handle cleanly.  Both were the type of goals that are the reward for teams that keep hustling, something which the Crocs always do.    This week, the Croc goes to everyone because everyone deserved it.   

I cannot say how rewarding this seson has been from a coaching perspective.   Massive credit and sincere thanks to Coach Fritz for all his help again throughout the season.   Two heads are definitely better than one when it comes to this type of thing!  The Crocs have elevated their game so much and have met or exceeded all my goals for them as a team. Our improved results are a testament to their hard work:  we finished with three wins, two defeats, and three draws, for 12 points in the standings.  We finished 2nd (out of 4) in our Division and tied for 3rd (out of 8) in our Conference.    Additionally, we scored 8 goals, also a season high.  And while we conceded 11, six of those came in one game and we posted four shutouts. 

All of the girls have shown improvements on an individual level as well, and I hope they have enjoyed playing this season as much as I have enjoyed coaching them. This was my last game at the helm for the Crocs and I can't think of a better way to go out! 

Thank you to each and every player on our team:  Alexa,  Clodagh, Canan, Carly, Rachel, Sally, Vivian, Haley, Naomi, Miranda, Moira, Gabby, Jada, Jayla, and Lucy:  the Crocs rock.



Monday, May 24
Game 7 Recap

The Crocs' unbeaten string hits three games in a row!  This time courtesy of a strong second half comeback.  The Crocs were unlucky to concded a penalty kick goal following an inadvertent handball in the opening minutes, but as the game went on they found their footing and started playing with more confidence and conviction.  In the second half, their improved play was rewarded when Jayla quickly turned on a loose ball in the goal box and tied the score.  It was a very deserved goal for Jayla, who again played great, and for all the Crocs, who after getting over their initial tentativeness, did a great job of controlling the action and putting the pressure on the other team.  Sometimes a tie feels like a win, and this week I think that's the case.

The Croc this week goes to Vivian who played another good game on the flanks in defense.  Vivian has been one of the "unsung heroes" of our season.  With her continually improving play  and great attitude week in and week out, she has been contributing to the Crocs' success from Game One.  Way to go, Vivian!


Monday, May 17
Game 6 Recap

Another outstanding effort by the Crocs earned the team a 1-1 tie on Saturday.    The result was a little unfortunate as we were definitely the better team and after a shaky opening few minutes of the game the girls contolled the action.    The Crocs' effort was rewarded in the second half when Lucy, who had an outstanding all-around game up front, blasted into the roof of the net a long ball from midfield that Haley alertly played into the box.  A great finish, and from start to finish the type of hustle play that good teams make.   

 The Croc this week goes to Lucy, but there were outstanding performances all over the field.   Clodagh in particular should be recognized for a FANTASTIC game filling in at the center of defense and playing the whole game.   Aided by Haley, Vivian, Miranda, and Gabby, our defense was strong all game and made sure our goalies had almost nothing to do.   Rachel, Moira, Alexa, and Canen, as they have been doing all season, turned in good games in midfield and  Carly played well in goal and her first appearance as a forward.  

All in all, another positive performance from the Crocs, who with two games to go have already secured more points than they have in any other season. 



Monday, May 10
Game 5 Recap

The Crocs get their 2nd win (and third shutout!) of the season!   Coach Knapp wasn't there Saturday, so I'll let Coach Fritz give the wrap-up:

 WE WON!!!! 2-0. They played great!! (I hardly had to coach!)  They were passing the ball all over the field and moving the ball very well from the defense through the midfielders and on to the fowards.  The forwards were shooting the ball and following their shots. Rachael scored 1st. She got the ball from their goal kick and dribbled past a defender then shot and scored. (Just like we worked on in practice!)  Jayla scored the 2nd goal. Miranda made a real good pass from the midfield to Jayla and she 1 timed it in the goal. Our goalies only touched the ball once each. It was a really good game for all the crocks.  They played great today!!

The Croc this week went to Rachel, who opened the scoring and played a terrific all around game.  (Unfortunately, we've gotta recycle the picture of Rachel winning the croc at the beginning of the season, until Coach has a chance to take a new one :) ).

Let's see if the Crocs can get back to back wins next week!





Monday, May 3
Game 4 Recap

Getting a win on Saturday would have been a pretty tall order, considering we only had seven players for the hottest game of the year so far and were playing a first place team that had yet to lose.  In the end, the Crocs did end up losing, but boy did they make the other team earn it!    From the outset our mission was to defend our goal and the girls did so fantastically.  Despite their numerical advantage, the Orange team only mustered a handful of good scoring chances, which were dealt with by Jayla and later Canan, who both played  great in goal. When they finally did score, it was after some bad luck as the ball took a crazy deflection off Moira giving Jayla no chance.  

Everyone who played Saturday deserves heaps of praise for the effort they put in over the full 60 minutes in the heat.  But the Croc this week goes  to Naomi who was just fabulous at the middle of defense.  Time and again she stopped Orange from mounting an attack an continuously cleared our area.  Great job, Naomi. 


Monday, April 26
Game 3 Recap

The Crocs certainly brought their "A" game Saturday, as they turned in one of the most solid start-to-finish performances they've ever prdduced.   The final 0-0 scoreline is not an accurate reflection of how the game went, as we by far had more scoring chances and the bulk of the game was played in our opponents end of the field.   So while we split the points, there was an awful lot to be impressed with.  The girls are playing more vertical passes and creating more scoring opportunities.  Several players, including Canan, Lucy, Miranda, and Moira created chances with well-placed passes around the goal. And the defense continues to aggressively contest loose balls.  Jada turned in another solid performance, patrolling the middle of the field, and Carly, Vivian, and Naomi provided able assistance.   Finally, Alexa and Rachel, this week's Croc recipient, tirelessly covered the field and made the midfield what it's supposed to be:  where our attacks begin and where the other team's end.   Great game everyone.


Monday, April 19
Game 2 Recap

A hard day at the office for the Crocs.   Faced with a very good opponent, the girls turned in a strong performance considering that we started wtih only one sub and then because of injuries had to play a large chunk of the game with only 8 players on the field.  There were a few anxious moments early on as people had to find their feet in unfamiliar positions, but as the game wore on, the Crocs raised the level of their game.   And as always, the girls never lost their intensity and kep on running as hard as they could right up to the final whistle.  No one more so than Canan, who has got to be feeling a little sore, after tirelessly patrolling the flanks all game and giving a great performance that earned the Croc this week. Way to go, Canan.   Credit also goes to our defense of Haley, Naomi, and Sally, with help from Miranda, who made the other team work for everything they got.  And also our goalies, Rachel, Alexa, and Moira, who stayed sharp throughout. 


Monday, April 12
Game 1 Recap

Crocs win! Crocs win!  Crocs win!

What a great way to start the season on Saturday!  The Crocs came out ready to play and beat Orange 2-0 behind second half goals from Jayla and Moira.   The girls also had chances to score earlier, with Jayla and Lucy going close, but some good goalkeeping from the Orange team kept it close.   Our own goalkeepers, Gabby and Haley, had great games as well, with Hailey coming up with some key stops late in the second half.  Everyone on the team pitched in to making this win.  Special mention to Jada, who played every minute, Clodagh, who played one of her best games and provided great defense, and our newest teammates, Naomi and Carly for stepping in and contributing right away. 

The Croc this week went to Jayla who provided the winning offense.  Unfortunately, Coach forgot his camera, so I'm posting an old picture of Jayla with the Croc.  I promise to fixt that next week.  (I also hope to update the team photo shortly!)

It's a nice feeling to be undefeated.  Let's see if we can keep it going for a while.