Ace Rivera U12/ACE Tenuta U13: Welcome

ACE SC Kenosha
Thursday, August 18


ACE Soccer Club does not dicrimminate gender, age or race!!! SEE THE DIFFERENCE!!!!

 ***K.A.S.L. League Champs as the Kenosha Wizards June 2007-June 2009***

***Wales Summer Splash 2009 U9 Champions*** 

***Madison 56ers Tournament 2009 U10 Champions***

***Racine Lighthouse Classic 2009 U10 Champions***

***Fall 2009 MYRSL U10-Green League Champions*** 

***Turkey Indoor Classic 2009 U10 Champions***

*** Uihlein Indoor 2009/10 Session 2 League Champs***

***Uihlein Indoor Jan-March 2010 Session 3 2nd Place Finish***

*** Battle On The Border 2010 U11 Champions**

*** Racine Lighthouse Classic 2010 U11 Champions***

***Uihlein Indoor Classic 2010 2nd Place***

*** Green Bay Invitational 2011 Champions***

*** Chicago Fire Juniors Tournament 2011 2nd Place***

*** Libertyville Cup 2012 U12 Champions***

We are a young team split down the middle, comprised of soccer players born in 2001, 2000, and 1999.  Our team has been playing together since June 2007 and have become an experienced U12 team, comprised of a group of players with a strong love of soccer. We fear no opponent and work very hard. We always look for new challenges, and better competition. Once a fomer recreational team we were undeafeated in our Kenosha league play since June 2007, and we rarely lost in Wisconsin non-league based events. (Indoor/Tournaments) The Wizards hardest opponents and few losses (Tournaments) over the course of 5 years has been to our friends to the South in Illinois where the club teams are very advanced, or top teams in our current travel league.

The ACE Kenosha Wizards main objective is to have FUN, but play soccer correctly.  It great to see a team starting from scratch almost two years ago becoming tomorrows soccer future. My team is very dedicated, and I have the perfect parents backing up my every move. As promised the Wizards joined the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Travel Competative program. 

Teams can find the ACE Kenosha Wizards playing year round. We never stop....

Thanks for checking us out! Look for us at numerous tournament both in Illinois and Wisconsin. For More Information on joining the our club check

Coach/Team Manager Jaime Rivera 262-764-1524

Assistant Coach Franco Tenuta