Katy Pony Baseball: Coaches Corner

Coaching Reminders

All coaches and managers are role models to our kids and should understand and follow league rules and policies. Here are a few that everyone should be aware of ...

Substance Policy. The use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs in any form is not allowed in the dugouts, buildings, stands or playing areas. You must leave the playing field and remain away from the area to smoke, dip, or chew tobacco. This applies to practices as well as games. We cannot control what happens elsewhere (off site), but we strongly encourage tobacco not be used in front of the kids at any time.

Protest Policy. Regular League games are played by Pony Baseball rules and MLB rules unless otherwise specified in the KPB ground rules. Managers are required to have a copy of the rules in their possession for each game. Only the team manager is allowed to question a ruling after a time-out is called. Protests are not allowed on judgment calls. A rules protest is allowed and must be made before the next pitch. Any team manager or other adult leader who withdraws a team from the playing field under any circumstances prior to the official completion of the game shall forfeit all rights to protests. Under no condition shall a protest be made after a game is completed.
Sportsmanship Policy. Razzing, heckling, chanting or making disparaging remarks or noises directed at opponents in any manner is prohibited. Players who intentionally, in the judgment of the umpire, throw bats or helmets, or discard helmets while batting or running the bases, may be ejected from the game following completion of any play in progress at the time the violation occurs. Such action does not constitute an out and such players shall be replaced as batters or base runners if appropriate. Unsportsmanlike behavior, such as fighting, abusive language or similarly derogatory activity, will not be tolerated. Umpires will handle unsportsmanlike conduct on the field of play; managers are expected to handle situations with fans or parents. Failure of a manager to immediately resolve a situation will result in the manager’s ejection. Umpires will maintain control and have the authority to eject or remove players, coaches or fans from the facility. Any manager, coach, player or fan ejected from the game must leave the area and may not return until the next scheduled game. Failure to comply will result in forfeit.

Disciplinary Policy. The Katy PONY Board of Directors will review all reported incidents considered detrimental to the game. The Board will act on a simple majority vote with a "Three Strikes & You’re Out" rule in effect:
First Incident - Written Warning with possible game suspension
Second Incident - Second Written Warning with mandatory game suspension(s)
Third Incident - One year suspension

A second one-year suspension will result in a lifetime ban from all Katy PONY activities. Any manager/coach that has been ejected from a game must leave the playing field area for the rest of the game and retire to the parking lot. A sportsmanship ejection will result in an automatic 1 game suspension.  Any threat made by a manager/coach, parent or any other person will not be tolerated. Threats will draw a punishment up to and including a 1-year suspension from Katy PONY.

A manager’s /coach’s most important role is teaching young men and women about life. This involves setting some standards and abiding by a code of conduct. A manager/coach in the Katy PONY League must agree to being a role model for the players and their parents.

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