Lake Washington High School Women's Soccer: Welcome

This is the official 2014/15 Lake Washington Kangs women's soccer team website.


Wednesday, August 27
Wednesday Tryout Schedule

Players and Families:

We are so proud of the girls working hard this week! It's been great seeing positive attitudes, excellent work ethic and high energy. T

hank you girls! Below is the list that indicates which part of the tryout each player needs to attend (entire tryout, first part, second part). We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Go Kangs!

Coach Hart


4:45-7:30 (Entire Tryout)

1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 16, 26, 32, 33, 41, 51, 55

4:45-6:30 (1st part of tryouts)

4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27, 29, 30, 31, 37, 40, 42, 44, 45, 46, 50

5:45-7:30 (2nd part of tryouts)

10, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28, 35, 36, 38, 39, 43, 47, 48, 49, 52, 53, 54, 56

Tuesday, August 5
August Workouts

The team captains are leading workouts in August. Dates and time have been listed on the calendar as well as right here:

  • August 8 - 8:00-9:30am (bring running shoes)
  • August 15 - 8:00-9:30am

We'll see you there!

Tuesday, August 5
Summer Soccer Updates

July 26, 2014

Players, Parents & Families! Wow, we had a fun week last week! Our 2nd annual Lil' Kangs Soccer Camp was a big success! There were 68 young soccer stars that attended our camp! Thank you to our booster club for organizing and doing all the behind the scenes work.

Also, a huge thanks to the parents that volunteered their time and help at the camp. The LW players were outstanding coaches and the little campers had a blast and learned many soccer skills!

We also had a scrimmage vs 4A Bothell High School last week. The lady Kangs won 4-2! The first goal started with a beautiful cross sent in by Senior Ally McKinney and finished with an amazing header by Junior Maret Helgeson. Goal two was yet again assisted by forward, Ally McKinney who sent a perfect through pass to speedy Senior Caroline Ross making a terrific run to finish the pass in the back of the net. Two seniors connected again on the third goal where McKenna Ferrera assisted to goal scorer Emily Bunnell. The fourth goal was by Senior Aly Madgett after dribbling through a few Bothell Cougars, she sent a rocket shot to the back of the net!

All the players worked hard and were willing to try new positions! Great job ladies!

Our last coach led practice will be bright and early on Monday at 7am! We will be finished by 8:30am. Please bring running shoes to practice!

August player led trainings and get togethers will be communicated to you in a separate email or text by Seniors Emily Bunnell, Kaiti Brixey and Ally McKinney. You can also contact them for information.

Emily Bunnell
Kaiti Brixey
Ally McKinney


*Bring running shoes to practice Monday!
*Many girls were talking about going to breakfast after practice on to seniors Ally McKinney or Kaiti Brixey for more details :)


*It is encouraged that girls are choosing high intensity fitness training options from the summer training packet. Please choose this option if you don't make a practice and/or when prompted. You should be playing soccer and/or choosing high intensity fitness 3 times a week.

*Remember to be doing those Super Abs!

We hope you had a FUN weekend!

Go Kangs!

~Coaching Staff


July 20, 2014

Players, Parents & Families: I was so impressed with the commitment of the soccer girls last week! The girls worked hard and many players are showing strong leadership.

For example, some girls with injuries or can only do part of the practice are showing up to demonstrate commitment & leadership.

Remember if you are injured or can only come to part of the practice, you are still welcomed to come...just let a coach know your situation!

We have a scrimmage vs Bothell HS tomorrow (Monday)! Please be at the field by 9am.

Newcomers and returners can participate in the scrimmage. In addition to practice, many of the LW girls will be coaching at our 2nd annual Lil' Kangs Soccer Camp!

Reminders for this week:

*PARENT VOLUNTEER NEEDED ASAP!...We are in need of ONE parent volunteer to help with our Lil Kangs Camp on Wed, July 23 from 10am-12:30pm. Your responsibilities would include: help with check-in, assist Coach Hart with simple tasks, supervise "med" area where possible campers may need to hang out due to sickness or minor injury. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP IF YOU CAN HELP! Thank you :)!

*Camp Coaches need to arrive at 8am on Tuesday!

*We will take walk-ups for our Lil' Kangs Camp...spread the word to anyone still interested!

*It is encouraged that girls are choosing high intensity fitness training options from the summer training packet, when prompted.

*Remember to be doing those Super Abs!

*Please turn in the Player Questionaire!

Check out our team website for the summer practice schedule and important info:

We hope you had a great weekend!

Go Kangs!

Coach Hart, Coach Soine, Coach Masters, Coach Brad


July 13, 2014

Hey everyone! We are half way done with our July Open Practices! Awesome job last week, ladies! We enjoyed the positive attitudes, hard work ethic and improvements that players made last week.

Last Wednesday we scrimmaged Bear Creek HS. The Kangs had lots of chances on goal and our 5 keepers earned the shutout :). We ended in a draw but we were impressed with how our girls started to "gel".

Girls were possessing the ball, keeping their head up to see the field of play and communciating with their teammates. Great job, Kangs! We still hope to see more girls come out this week :).

Reminders for this week:

*Practices are Tuesday & Thursday this coming week, check website for specific times

*Camp Coach training will be after practices this week (choose one)

*Returners & newcomers: please start to turn in your Player Questionaire (under handouts on our website). You can email me your answers or turn it in at an open practice. Thanks to those that have already turned it in!

*We are ~1 month into our Summer Training packet...Remember to be doing those Super Abs & start choosing high intensity fitness options when prompted! Did you watch an inspiring sports movie? :)

Check out our team website for the summer practice schedule and important info: We hope you had a great weekend!

~Coaching Staff


July 6th, 2014

Players, Parents & Families! It was great to see the girls come out for the first two summer soccer practices last week; especially during the holiday week!

The coaching staff really enjoyed seeing returners and new faces! We were impressed with the work ethic we saw on the pitch; great job girls! We hope to see many more girls this coming week.

If you are unable to make a summer practice, please choose a high intensity workout from the summer training packet to complete that day. Check out our team website for the summer practice schedule and important info:

***Next Practice: Wednesday, July 9th at 5:30pm!*** We also have a scrimmage on Thursday, July 10…newcomers and returners can participate in this scrimmage! We hope you had a wonderful 4th of July and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Go Kangs!

Coach Hart, Coach Soine, Coach Masters, Coach Brad

Wednesday, June 18
Soccer Meeting Follow-Up

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thank you to those players/parents/families that attended the meeting on May 28! I really enjoyed seeing faces, answering questions and getting pumped up for the upcoming season. In this email I will answer some of the questions some of you may have had from the meeting and provide those that were absent some of the important things that were covered. Please visit this webpage periodically to see updates and information. Thanks again and I look forward to meeting your daughter and/or getting to know her better!

Important Info:


We are in immediate need for the following volunteer role:

- volunteer helper (creates Sign-up genius for tryout volunteers & finds 3 managers for each team)

Please email Coach Hart ASAP if you are interested in helping out! Thank you!

Other needs:

- Co-Treasurers (upcoming season will shadow current treasurers; next season will take over role)


- Eligibility Forms are due to the Athletics Office before girls can start tryouts/practice in August. Please turn in forms the week of Aug 18. After forms are turned in, your daughter will get a half sheet paper that acts as the "ticket" to tryout. Turn in the half sheet of paper at check-in at the first day of tryouts. That paper is signed by the office which means they have all their paperwork in and can start tryouts/practice. They cannot tryout until they turn-in that half sheet signed by the Athletics Office.

They also need to pay at that same time: $275 participation fee and $40 for ASB card. First day of tryouts – Mon, August 25 @ 5:00pm.

- ALL Forms can be obtained by:

* picking them up at the LWHS office
* going here:
* picking them up at an Open Practice


Our booster club can provide financial aid to help pay full or partial scholarships (depending on number of applicants and money in our account). Please fill out the financial aid and return by August 1st. Your daughter can also obtain a financial aid form from the open practices this summer or print off our website.


- Summer Open Practices: Check the summer training schedule/calendar for specific dates and times!

- Girls (returners and newcomers) are expected to attend at least 2 of the open practices this summer. You do NOT need your paperwork in to come to summer practices. If your daughter will be absent it would be nice for her to send me an email giving me an update on how her summer conditioning/training is going:

- A summer training packet was handed out at the meeting. If your daughter is interested in trying out in the fall it would be nice for her to have it. She can get it from one of the following ways:

* getting one at a summer practice
* email me and I can mail it to your home. (please give me your home mailing address)Thanks!


Our goal is to have 100, 7-12 year old girls sign up to attend our first annual Lil' Kangs Camp! Thank you to all the players that have volunteered to coach :). A follow-up email with more details regarding coach training will be coming later on.

WE NEED EVERY NEW AND RETURNING PLAYER TO RECRUIT AT LEAST ONE, 7-12 YEAR OLD GIRL TO SIGN-UP FOR OUR CAMP! If you can accomplish this task, then we will have our goal of 100 campers!

Parents, please encourage your daughter to bring flyers or post a flyer at all their favorite places in Kirkland...WE NEED TO GET THE WORD OUT! Right now we have ~20 campers signed up, WE NEED MORE! Remember this is one of our biggest fundraisers for our soccer program. Thanks everyone for your help! Camp Registration Flyers can be found on our website.


We would like each player to fill out and turn in the Player Questionnaire. You can do this by:

* printing one from the website and turning it in at a summer practice
* emailing answers to Coach Hart:


Please visit the link below for the most current schedule and make note on your calendars. Thank you!

Click here for the latest schedule:


1. How do I give feedback or ask questions to the Booster Club? Send an email to:

2. How do I volunteer for the soccer program and/or one of the teams? Please contact the Booster Club:

3. Yes, there will still be a charge to get into games.

4. If you have concerns you can talk to the district. Like always, you can go to a school board meeting as well.

5. We could run a concession stand if we'd like. We would need parents to take charge on this. i.e. contacting school, getting it set-up, etc. Send feedback to

6. LWSD does not have a PE for sports program setup. You can discuss this with the school district. By not doing this, it helps teachers keep jobs. We would lose PE teaching jobs if this is implemented.

Thank you & GO KANGS!

~Coach Hart