Kamiakin High School Distance Runners: Links

Kamiakin Braves Distance Runners & Cross Country on Facebook
Just an informal place to share news between team members, parents, and other boosters.
Remember: Coach Rexus and Suss are not on Facebook. Don't expect an official answer, just our shared ignorance.

Kamiakin High School Sports Website
Contains information for all sports at Kamiakin High School

Gary Paulson's 2012 Cross Country Pictures
Go here to see Gary's fantastic photos of our team ... and pretty much every other team that we face in the Northwest!

This website contains results for middle school, high school, college, and club track and XC meets from all around the country. Many of the Washington state league and invitational meets automatically report their results on Athletic.net; however, if a team runs a meet that does not automatically report, and chooses not to report their own results, they may not be represented here. The site has interesting features, including the ability to run "virtual races," where you can compare the best (reported) times in various events and categories to see who would "win" a race. It also allows you to track an athlete's year-to-year performance in various events, and an entire team's performance during a season.

Athletic.Net - Kamiakin HS Cross Country
This links directly to the webpage where we have reported our XC results.

Athletic.Net - Kamiakin HS Track and Field
This links directly to the website where we have reported our Track and Field Results

Rotten Tea
Heees back! ... This is a Spokane area blogger (and once and future track and XC coach) who covers the GSL races and teams. Plenty of good stuff on our friends to the north.

WA State XC Coaches Poll
This link will take you to the Eisenhower HS XC Website, which is one place to find the Poll results (generally the first place they appear). Look for "XC Coaches Poll" in the left hand navigation pane. You can also find the Coaches Poll results at www.watfxc.com, but this site doesn't seem to get updated as frequently as Ike's.

John Crawford's Website
You can find results for all of the CBBN League Track and XC meets (including Districts and Regionals) for the year at this site, plus many of the major invitationals run in Eastern Washington. John's website also has a link to all of the information and statistics (including past finish times) for the State XC and Track finals.

WaTFX - WA State Track & Field, and Cross Country Website
A go-to place for high school Track & Field and XC news and event results throughout Washington State.

Running2 Win - FREE On-Line Runner's Logbook
This website allows you to track your training runs and races throughout the year. It includes not only time and distance, but also things like the weather, how you felt when you were running, and what shoes you were wearing (you can track exactly how many miles you have put on the pair, so you know when you should buy new ones!)

Tri-City Herald Sports Page
For our local events. Pick the sport you want from the pane on the left to see recent stories and results. Kevin Anthony blogs on High School sports in the Mid-Columbia - there's stuff here that doesn't always appear in the hardcopy of the paper.

Spokane Spokesman Review Box Scores
Go to this page to see the results (normally only the top finishers) for Spokane high school cross country and track events. Pick your sport of interest from the right hand pane, then pick the meet on the follow-up page to see the times. For those teams that won't post to Athletic.net - you can run, but you can't hide!

This is one of the big, national websites for news about High School Track & Field and Cross Country from across the country. If you see your name here, you've made the big time!

Milesplit Website
Another site for national HS XC and track news. This site also posts a poll of the top teams and individuals in the nation that makes pretty interesting reading - especially the reader comments on the ratings!

Runner's World Magazine Website
In addition to the usual general articles, there is a specific section of this website devoted to High School runners. The "Tools" section includes "Smart Coach," a "virtual" coach that will develop a workout plan for you for a specific race (or to go onto a "maintenance" plan for the off-season), as well as a "Training Calculator" that lets you see what times you might run for a variety of distances, given a time for one distance (e.g., "If I can run 2 miles in 10:00, how fast should I be able to race a 10K?")

The website for the official US sanctioning body for international track & field and cross country competitions. Under "Resources for ..." you can find a link to the "Youth Athletes" page, with information about the off-season Junior Olympics Cross Country and Track & Field program.

Three Rivers Road Runners
This is the website of our local Tri-Cities USATF-affiliated running club. Check out this website for local races throughout the year.

Footlocker Cross Country Championships
This is the post-season race in Walnut, California (Northeastern LA) that was mentioned at the August 2008 parents meeting. Click on the link for the "West" Region race, after you have checked out the "FLCC In the Olympics" tab. Most of the star distance runners from the 2008 US Olympic team ran in "seeded" Footlocker regional races at the height of their High School career.