Kalamazoo Klash Girls Softball Club: Welcome

Wednesday, April 5
Mission Statement

Established in 1996. 

Our mission is to: promote the growth of amateur softball for girls 18 years of age and under; promote all phases of girls fastpitch softball, including standard rules and regulations that can be observed by all members; teach and train the proper skills of softball play and the rules of the game and foster national amateur softball competition by conducting well organized ASA Regional and National Qualifying Tournaments and be represented by teams in Local, State, Regional and National Tournaments.  


Upcoming Tournaments 

18th Annual Klash Round Robin - 

Sunday, April 23, 2017 in Kalamazoo.  9U, 10U, 11U, 12U and 14U divisions.  Each team plays 3 games.  Entry fee is $240.  Contact Greg for an entry form at:



2016-2017 Teams and Coaches 

2007               9U                  Greg Schultz, 269-484-4689

2006              10U                  Eric Lewis, 269-420-9329

2005             11U                   Ted Bloomfield, 269-720-2576

2003             13U                   Greg Schultz, 269-484-4689

2003             13U                   Jim Swinehart, 269-501-4412

2002             14U                   Eric Lewis, 269-420-9329

2001              16U                   Gabe Nickrent, 269-720-5539

2000              16U                  Sean Lenox, 269-362-2448

2000              16U                  Ronnie Rogers, 269-744-7946

1999              18U                   Bob Verduzco, 269-348-2389