Kailua Little League: Welcome

KLL welcome

Mandatory Scorekeepers Clinic:

Thursday, March 20th 7pm - 9pm

Kailua United Methodist Church - Hollman Hall


Thank you for your interest in Kailua Little League and for your support in helping make the Little League experience enjoyable and memorable for all of our Kailua Little League family.

Online registration for the 2014 season is now CLOSED.

You can find more Little League information at the Little League website (and see pictures of approved bats).

If you are a part of Kailua Little League, you'll want to bookmark this page! It will be the source of all Kailua Little League information throughout the season. If you are having trouble logging in please email kll96734@hotmail.com for more information.

Kailua Little League is a non-profit organization run by volunteers whose mission is to provide an opportunity for our community's children to learn the game of baseball in a safe, friendly environment.


DATE                            TIME                   EVENT                                   LOCATION

Sat Jan 4, 2014                         9am – 1pm                      KLL Registration                                    ENCHANTED LAKES

Tues Jan 7, 2014                       6pm – 8pm                     KLL Registration                                    ENCHANTED LAKES

Thurs Jan 9, 2014                     6pm – 8pm                     KLL Registration                                    ENCHANTED LAKES

Sat Jan 11, 2014                       9am – 1pm                      KLL Registration                                    ENCHATNED LAKES

Wed Jan 15, 2014                     BOARD TO SELECT COACHES

Sat Jan 18, 2014                       8am – 12pm                    Parent Volunteer Day                             KEOLU Field

Sat Jan 25, 2014                      8:30am – 12pm               Coaches Clinic                                        CASTLE HIGH SCHOOL

Sat Jan 25, 2014                      2pm – 4pm                     Minor/Major Tryouts                             KEOLU Field

Sun Jan 26, 2014                      11am – 1pm                    Minor/Major Tryouts                              KEOLU Field

Sat Feb 1, 2014                        9am – 12pm                   MAKE-UP Tryouts                                  KEOLU Field

Fri Feb 7, 2014                        4pm - 6pm                     FINAL Tryouts                                      KEOLU Field

Mon Feb 10, 2014                     6pm – 9pm                     Major Draft (Managers Only)      HOLMAN HALL–Kailua Methodist Church

Thurs Feb 13, 2014                   6pm – 9pm                     Minor Draft (Managers Only)       HOLMAN HALL-Kailua Methodist Church

Tues Feb 18, 2014                     6pm – 9pm                     Parent Night T-Ball & Coach Pitch   KAILUA High School Cafeteria

Thurs Feb 20, 2014                   6pm – 9pm                     Parent Night Minor/Major          KAILUA HIGH School Cafeteria

Sat Feb 22, 2014                      9am – 11am                     Equipment Pick-up                                   KEOLU Field

Mon Feb 24, 2014                     6pm – 9pm                      Mandatory Coaches Meeting        HOLMAN HALL–Kailua Methodist Church

Sat March 1, 2014                    1st DAY OF PRACTICE

Thurs March 6, 2014                 7pm – 9pm                     Team Parent Meeting                  HOLMAN HALL-Kailua Methodist Church

Sat March 15, 2013                  2pm – 5pm                      Fundraiser Pick-up                                   KEOLU PAVILLION

Thurs March 20, 2014               7pm – 9pm                     Mandatory Scorekeepers Clinic    HOLMAN HALL-Kailua Methodist Church

Sun March 23, 2013                  TBD                              Umpire Clinic                                             TBD

Sat March 29, 2013                  8am – 9am                     KLL OPENING DAY                                   KAILUA REC

TOURNAMENT DATES              EVENT                                                 LOCATION

May 22-26, 2013                      GOODWILL TOURNAMENT                   Kailua Rec.

TBD                                         DISTRICT ALL STARS 9 & 10                 TBD

TBD                                         MAJOR DISTRICT TOURNAMENT          KAUAI

TBD                                         JUNIORS TOURNAMENT                       TBD

TBD                                         10 & 11 TOURNAMENT                             Aikahi

TBD                                          MAJOR STATE TOURNAMENT              District 7                                



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