KTB: Welcome

Welcome to KTB

Hello Everyone,

Congratulations on fielding a KTB Summer team!  The KTB Board of Volunteers is so happy to have you involved, and our past experiences have been great with this program.


We ended up with an uneven number of teams in 10U.  In order to avoid a bye week I have planned games for some games on Friday Nights.

Unless there is a major need for a change….! Please work with the opposing Manager to make new arrangements.  Weekdays games will start right at 5:30pm.  Sunday’s at 5pm will allow for travel.  If you need to cancel your game for any reason please reach out to the opposing Manager quickly.  Remember teams are traveling.  Please work together!!!


12U weekday games will start right at 6:00pm. Sunday's at 5pm


Here is the preliminary schedule.  If you need to change locations and or make a home game an away game then please contact the opposing manager and make adjustments.   I added a Friday night game so everyone could have at least 8 games.


-          Rain outs decided by Managers and rescheduled by Managers.

-          Extra games can be completed by reaching out to other Managers!  You can play any team as often as you would like and can schedule.  This is really up to YOU!

-          Hard Baseball should be used.

-          Rules posted online for 10U are in affect. 

-          HOME TEAM provides plate Umpires.  Volunteers are fine but should be volunteers who have worked the plate before during your regular season.

-          When going to another field NO TAILGATING please!  If your field does not have a canteen please alert the Manager of the team prior to the game.

-          LL Rules apply to all situations unless expressed in this note or the online rules sheet.  Yes infield fly, and ten run rule does apply!! Questions on rules or the rule sheet can be directed to me by phone 207-590-5386.

-          Stay in communication with each other.  DO NOT CONTACT ME! For Rainouts, umpires, or baseballs……  You get the idea.

-           KTB works because of great volunteers like you that know at the heart of the game are CHILDREN, who would like to play the game we all love.  You all have that in common at the heart of what we want to do with this program.  Be a role model for both teams and the children!  We are trying to develop skills NOT WIN Trophies.






Baseball Song by Sandlot