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Welcome to KTB

Looking Forward to 2015!!  You will find the much anticipated Schedule under Handouts.


Registration has been completed.  This is a developmental league meant to advocate for all players and grow all players in thier knowledge.


Once the season starts managers can work with managers.  Wednesdays we play at 5:30pm start and Sundays at 5pm Start.

All special requests, rain outs, and or DH can be made to the other managers.  If you need to change field location then please contact each other first to work out the fields.  If you change dates of play, please work again with each manager to make the change and confirm this in writing when possible.  On August 5th all rain outs should be made up or managers can use this date to play another game.  Our Tournament will be help on August 8th and August 9th. 


Please read and follow the RULES!  No exceptions.  This means managers should discuss the rules in advance of the game.  Please do so, and stay on the same page.


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