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 This site is still under construction.  I have been adding information almost daily. I believe it has more options and is more user friendly. Form for Physicals and Fame Cheer class can be found on both sites.

I will keep both sites up until tryouts are complete.

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION   - Sideline Tryout Information is at the Bottom of this page. Updated times as of 5/25/2011 Please note time changes. Sideline tryouts and practice will be from 5 to 8pm. ** Updated Physical form can be found in the handouts section on the left.


Cheer Class At "Fame" -  This will run on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 5:30 cost is $10 per class.  It starts this week June 8. Work on cheer technique tumbling and stunts.  Brush up for tryouts or learn some new skills. A good portion or tryouts is skill.  Head to tryouts a jump above the rest. Download the Medical releasd form from the Handout section to the left and just show up!   Friends are welcome as well as rising Freshmen.

Car Washes -  Only 2 if we need them!  Saturday July 2 and Saturday August 6th.

Shell Station - Each cheerleader needs to bring 1 sign. Remember we need to wear shirts and shorts over bathing suits.

Tryouts for 2011 Competition Squad will take place August 1, 2 and 3. We will work with sideline on August 1 and 2 and Coach Holub will work on Wednesday with the competition candidates only before posting the squad roster.

Tryouts for 2011-2012 Sideline Cheer Squad will be held August 1 and 2. from 5 to 8 pm. in the large gym.  Tryouts for both Football and Basketball sideline will take place. It will not help you make the squad to sign up for both if you really are not interested in a particular season.  Please note attendance policy below and take into account your winter activities and commitments before signing up to cheer both Football and Basketball.

 You must be present both days to be considered for the squad.  

The sideline squad will practice every weekday until the first Varsity Game on August 26th. Practices will take place from 5 to 8 pm. Practices will be held the following week ( teacher work week) for JV and Varsity as needed.

August 15, 16 and 17 - In house UCA Camp -  This is mandatory. These days may not be taken as absent days. More details will follow.  Camp times 8 - 4 daily Camp Cost $169.

August Season Attendance - You are allowed three absences in August. Upon the fourth you will be moved to alternate. Upon the 6th you will be dismissed form the team. If you have a family vacation scheduled that will take you out of town in August I need to know before tryouts. You will be granted two additional days for travel.  If this information is not disclclosed before tryouts the two additional days will count toward your totals.  Vacation days may NOT be taken during tryouts or  UCA Camp days.

"Excused" absences became an issue last year. I am looking to field a team of dedicated cheerleaders not girls who 'work" the system to cheer when they want.  Cheerleaders with less than 20 practices may be benched ( they will be ineligible to stunt) for the first few games in favor of alternates with 20 practices since they will be able to stunt at all games until the 20 practices are met.

Attendance will start over once Football games begin. Three absences will be allowed. On the Fourth you will be moved to an alternate position and after 5 you will be dismissed from the squad.  Remember we do not hold "daily" practices so attendance at games is vital.  When Basketball season begins attendances will begin again with the same three absence policy in place as stated above.

Unique situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Want to have a say in music for next year?  Go to :

Play the samples of the mixes.  Text or email me with your top 6. We will purchase the top few of the inexpensive mixes.  ( around 8$)

Sideline Coach: Mrs. Carole Forbes

Competition Cheer : Coach Mr. Anthony Holub