Judson Wiley: Welcome

Are you ready for some baseball??


Welcome to the 2012 season! So the season has started a little rough not knowing who the sponsor is and all but that has been resolved!  We are Judson Wiley!  The shirts are being ordered tomorrow, once we get them, I'll schedule to pictures.  We have a little over a week before we get the candy too!   

Last year our team sold more candy than I believe all of the other teams!  I bet we can do it again!  For those that weren't on our team last year, all the boys ended up with a Walmart give card for being top sellers plus 3 of our boys were the winners of the big gift cards offered!  

Since we are Judson Wiley again, our colors are navy blue and white shirts with gray pants, since most of the boys still have them from last year! 

 This is the age to be setting the foundation of baseball with the boys!  While we all know they need the fundamentals, they need to have fun too or they will lose interest.  Its so easy to get after them when we know they could be trying harder or playing better, but we all need to remember, they are here to have fun!  So let's make it fun for them!  We can be cheering them on at practice too, not just games.  We need to remember to acknowledge the good catch they made or how fast they ran even though they weren't paying attention for the other half of the game.  I am so speaking to myself here as well.  I know I expect a lot out of my son and even though it is for his benefit, I have to put in myself in check sometimes and remember, he's 6! 

The purpose of this site is to try to keep everyone as informed as possible on everything we have going on. I know with my schedule, I need to know things ahead of time, so my goal is to make sure you all are informed in a timely manner as well.  I will be texting or emailing when the need arises but will also be at the majority of the practices and games as well.

If you have any questions, please call or email me.  If I don't answer, leave a message and I will call you back just as soon as I can.