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Jordan Girls Soccer
Jordan Girls Soccer:2002 Team & Photos  
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2002 Team & Photos 2002 Team & Photos
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  2002 Team & Photos  

Jordan HS Girls Soccer Team 2002
Season Stats
Record: 15 wins, 3 losses, 0 ties; 11 shutouts, 74 goals scored, 11 goals given

Goals: Amanda 29 (1.61pgp), Erin 8 (.44pgp), Katie 7(.54pgp), TJ 5(.29pgp), Jennie5(.27pgp), Amber N. 4(.33pgp), Suzi 4(.33pgp), Lacy J 4(.23pgp), Lacey C. 2(.11pgp), Kelliann 1(.33pgp), Miyaki 1(.11pgp), Brittany 1 (.06pgp)

Assists: Amanda 9(.50pgp), Katie 6(.46pgp), Brittany 6(.33pgp), Suzi 4(.33pgp), TJ 4(.24pgp), Lacey C 4(.22pgp), Jennie 3(.17pgp), Kaycee 2(1.00pgp), Bergen 2(.50pgp), Jessie 2(.25pgp), Lacy J 2(.18pgp), Holly 2(.26pgp), Erin 2(.11pgp)

Shutouts (full game): Holly 3, Mona 1

Year Ends With Defeat by Alta
Jordan Beetdiggers lost to the Alta Hawks in the 5A Championship game. The score was 1-0.

One word to describe the game would be "defense". Jordan's defense of Jennie, Amber K, Jessica, Kristen, and keeper Holly was perfect for 79 minutes and 43 seconds. One tiny mistake with 17 seconds left gave Alta the opportunity it needed to score a goal. It was a great game and the Jordan parents, fans, and friends are proud of the way the team has played this season. It has been a great year.

preview Empty.wav

Jordan "beets" Region 2 Champ Skyline

After another close game against Skyline, this time Jordan came out with the victory. At the end of the first half, the game was still 0-0. There were only a few scoring opportunities for either team.

The second half Jordan came out with a new formation and things started happening. In the 64th minute it looked like Skyline might score, but Jordan keeper Holly Davis ran out on the ball and kicked a long ball way down field. The ball bounced behind a defender and Amanda Feigt was there to take the ball to the goal. She beat the last defender and made a confident shot into the net.

For the rest of the half, both team had several chances for goals. However, anything that got by the strong Jordan defense was quickly picked up by Holly.

Thursday, October 10
Jordan Defeats Region 1 Champ Davis

The first 70 minutes of the competition was intense. Jordan worked hard to move the ball down the field with team work and passing. This resulted in several shots on goal by Amanda, Lacy J, Katie, Brittany, and Lacey C. As soon as Davis got the ball, they would kick it long to their fast forwards who would run onto the ball. Jennie, Jessica, Amber K, and Kristen did a great job of keeping up with the quick Davis offense. Still, Davis had many good shots on goal. The Jordan Keeper Holly caught every ball Davis kicked at her, had 2 great diving saves, and several great catches out of the air on corners.

In the 70th minute, Brittany received the ball outside the 18 and kicked a hard low shot to the goal. The shot hit the left post and rebounded back in front of the goal. Amber N, who had followed the shot, caught the ball with her right foot and put the shot away in the right side of the goal.

The determined Davis team continued to play a hard physical game--some off our smaller players got knocked off their feet by the aggressive Davis defense. Davis had several chances to score in the last 10 minutes--keeping the tension tight for the fans. Jordan also had a few scoring opportunities right in front of the net, but couldn't finish the shots.

The support from the team on the sidelines was incredible! The girls never stopped cheering and encouraging their team mates the entire game. To paraphrase a popular saying: "Behind every successful team is an equally successful and deserving bench!" You are an inspiration and good example to all of us. Hopefully we will see more of you on the field.

Oh, and thanks to our "scout" Justus for giving Jesus some valuble input and suggestions.

Tuesday, October 8
Perfect Weather for a Win

After a couple of very cold games last week the weather cooperated and gave us perfect conditions for playing soccer. The Lady Diggers played the Taylorsville Warriors at Jordan.

The first goal of the game came off a cross from the left side to the front of the net by Brittany. Amanda used her head and the ball went straight to the back of the net. Jennie got the 2nd goal on a perfectly placed free kick about 40 yards out.

After working the ball up the left side of the field, Lacy J served a ball to the front of the goal where Erin bumped the ball to her feet and gave a short pass back to Amanda who powered the ball into the left side of the goal.

Due to great defense by Amber K, Jennie, and Kristen S, Taylorsville did not have any shots on goal during the first half. The score at half-time was 3-0.

The 4th goal was scored by Katie. After receiving the ball from the mid field she dodged 2 players, faked the keeper, and tapped the ball into the goal.

A few minutes later Katie held off a defender in the center and put the ball through for Amanda who shot the ball into the goal.

After receiving the ball from Amanda, Amber N saw just enough space for a ball to pass through between the keeper and the post. She kicked the ball through to score the 6th goal.

The last goal of the game was scored by a team effort. Lacey C made a nice shot on goal that may have been helped in by Erin.

Credit needs to be given also to TJ and Lacy J who worked hard on the outside--without them scoring would not be possible.

The final score was 7-0. Holly and Alisa (Mona) share in the shutout.

Friday, August 9
Jordan Announces 2002 Team Roster
Amanda Feigt
Jennie Haertel
Justine Richards
Kristen Stahl
Lacy Jenkins
Mona Taylor
Tristen Spackman
Ashley Betenson
Brittany Zitting
Heather Perry
Holly Davis
Katie Koelliker
Kelliann Farr
Kristyn Miyake
Krystal Neddo
Kaycee Petersen
Amber Korb
Bergen Beesley
Cindy Woolsey
Jessica Darrow
Lacey Christenson
Lindsay Foote
Lindsay Janicki
Loren Blaisdell
Suzi Pehrson
Amber Nordhagen
Aubry Zitting
Carrie Colton
Erin Fuller
Jessie Rossi
Lindsay Lambert
Lindsey Lamph
Mikaela Ray
Paige Collett
Sara Robison

Pre-Season Parents Meeting
Coaches Goyzueta and Haertel met with the parents to discuss the 2002 Season. A chart with 11 attribute for soccer players was handed out. A copy of the chart can be found in our handouts section. Following are a few of the items discussed.

New Rules There will not be penalty kicks to determine the winner of a tie game. If the game is tied at the end of regulation time, a "golden goal" overtime period(s) will be played. If the game is still tied after overtime, the game will be recorded as a tie. The scoring method for the region games will be 3 points for a win, 0 points for a loss, and 1 point for a tie.

Player Distraction Coach Goyzueta is concerned about players being distracted on the sideline during the game. He has asked the all players sit together on the sideline during both varsity and JV games. The fans are requested to sit separately and not distract the players. The players may do homework if they are not involved in the game. Parents may bring food for the girls to eat--the players may not leave to get food.

Commitment Players will show their commitment to the team by coming to practice ontime and ready to play (dressed, warmed up, etc.) They will attend and work hard during every practice and game. If the player has an emergency and cannot be there, they should notify Coach Goyzueta.

Game Preparation Players must not stay up late the night before a game. Team dinners will be held the night before some of the games. All players should attend these dinners--it is a time to socialize with each other and develop team unity.

Nutrition Nutrition charts should be filled out everyday by the players. After they are completed the chart should be turned in to Coach Haertel. Copies of the charts are located in the Handout section.

Assistants There is a need for a Goal Keeper trainer and/or additional assistant. Funds are not currently available to pay for additional assistants. It has been suggested that money can be raised by donations from each parent as well as sponsor donations.

Team Parents Organization A parent organization needs to be organized to add support to the team. There are many things an organization can do to help with the success of the team. Please be willing to help out.

Jordan Girls Soccer
Jordan Girls Soccer
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