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Indoor Softball Drill - Work The Goalie

This is a fun game that focuses on fielding ground balls with proper technique.

It's definitely a bit "unorthodox" ... one of my girls even called it "weird" last week :-)

But my team loved it, and I'm sure yours will too!

== Set Up ==

Set up 3 hockey nets in a line against the wall. (more nets if you have a larger group to work with)

Put your players into 3 lines - one opposite each net and around 30 feet away.

The first player in each line becomes the "goalie" for this drill. She stands in the net in a ready fielding position.

The next player in line has a tennis ball.

== How It Works ==

The players in line try to "score" on the goalie by throwing a ground ball past her and into the net.

The ball can be thrown hard, but must stay below the knees to count.

If the goalie "saves" the ball from going in using any part of her body, she gets 1 point.

If the player throwing the ball scores, she becomes the new goalie and the previous goalie heads to the back of the throwing line.

The goalie can stay in net and continue to earn points until she is scored on.

First player to 7 points wins a Gatorade!

== Coaching Points ==

The goalie should focus on staying low, keeping the glove between the legs, moving her entire body to block each ball, and using the bare hand to trap it in the glove.

You can adjust the throwing distance depending on the age and skill level of your players, or to make it harder or easier for the goalie.


Indoor Softball Drill - Knockout

This drill works a bit like "Bump" or "Knockout" in basketball.

It helps to develop fielding technique and throwing accuracy, while creating some fun competition to get your girls engaged and involved in practice.

== Set Up ==

Set up a small indoor playing area with you at home plate, your first baseman or a coach at first base, and the remaining players at shortstop.

== How It Works ==

Using a tennis ball, hit or throw a grounder to the first player in the shortstop line.

The player should field the ball as cleanly as possible and fire a throw to the first baseman - game speed.

If she is able to execute the move well, she goes to the back of the line.

If she misses the ground ball or doesn't make an accurate throw to first, then she is knocked out of the game.

The last player left is the winner and gets a Gatorade!

== Variations ==

You can also try having your fielders wear a catcher's glove while doing this drill, which increases the difficulty.

To mix it up, hit some line drives and pop flies at the fielders as well.