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If you would like to become a member please send your e-mail address to: information@jcybs.com or request access through a "Members Only" area of this website for an automated request. 

Members of the website get full access to all areas in the website.  

When you make your e-mail request, please include:

Your full name; player's name, player's team (team last year, if request is made during the off-season); and your relationship to the player.

This is for the safety of our players.  If you do not submit this information, you will not be granted access!  

Member's relationships to JC Youth Baseball & Softball players must be verifiable through a coach or registration form.  If your information is not on the player's registration form, we will check with someone on the player registration form or with a manager or coach before you will be allowed full access to the site.  

This process ensures that only those people who are closely associated with players in the JC Youth Baseball & Softball leagues are allowed access to "Members Only" areas.

Those people who fail to provide the above information will be allowed "Fan Access" only, until their relationship to a player can be verified.

Thanks for your support!

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New to Facebook or Twitter?  Want to know how can they work for you with Little League and JC Youth Baseball?

Facebook and Twitter are social media sites that are used by JC Youth Baseball for communication with you, our parents, players and fans. 

Facebook allows for two-way communcation between JC Youth Baseball and you, where information is passed along to you about important upcoming dates, events, rule changes, etc.  You can ask questions that many others may also have and we can get important and fun information out to all of our "fans" quickly.   If you "become a fan" of JC Youth Baseball on Facebook, everytime you sign on to your personal Facebook page, you will get any updates that have been made to the JC Youth Baseball Facebook page. 

Twitter is similar to a group text message system on your cell phone.  When JC Youth Baseball sends out important updates, information, or alerts (called "tweets"), you can receive them on your computer and/or your cell phone.  It's simple to sign up and simple to begin following JC Youth Baseball (if you elect to use the mobile/cell phone service, there is no charge from Twitter, Facebook, or JC Youth Baseball for using any of these services, however, if you get charged for receiving text messages, you will get charged for receiving a tweet from JC Youth Baseball).  Please make sure you understand your cell-phone SMS fees before you use this service. 

What type of information would you receive?  Game cancellations, any other cancellations of events such as open gyms, reminders about open gyms, sign-up reminders, interesting rule changes, meeting information or other highlights, just to name a few.  In the off-season, we'll keep you updated with any important upcoming dates or events as well.  

We strongly encourage you to sign up for both Twitter and Facebook.   If you have any questions about how to sign up or what you are supposed to do, email information@jcybs.com.  We will be happy to walk you through the sign-up process over the telephone or help you out in any way we can.