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June 17, 2008

Great job press.  This was the most exciting ball game I have been part of or watched in a very long time.  You all never gave up and played with a great deal of desire to win.  We play Batters Up at 5:30 on Seaver on the 18th.  If we win that game we play either Chaparrel or Harmon Ice on Friday at 5:30 on Seaver.  If we lose we are out of the tournament.


June 16, 2008

Also JCP ended up tied for 4th with Harmon Ice and Harmon Ice won the tiebreaker.  We completed the season in 5th place and with a record of 9-7.  Though I think this team could have had a better record I am very happy with this season and this team.

 June 12, 2008

We have scheduled the end of the year baseball party for June 24th at Wetlands Water Park in Jonesborough.  We will eat and do trophies at 5:00 PM.  We will then go into the water park from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  Hopefully everyone will be able to make that date.  Parents and Siblings are welcome to attend.  Please see Melinda Bright for details.




  W L PCT  
Chaparral 14 2 0.875  
Evergreen Terrace 13 3 0.813  
Horton Sports 12 4 0.750  
Harman Ice 9 7 0.563  
Johnson City Press 9 7 0.563  
Batters Up 8 8 0.500  
Tan Shack Smokies 7 8 0.467  
East Tenn Rent-Alls 6 9 0.400  
Tri-County Medical 5 10 0.333  
McLeod 5 11 0.313  
American Standard Reds 4 11 0.267  
Coke 2 14 0.125  
Tiebreakers applied: Harman Ice and JC Press head-to-head split
Division Records: Harman Ice 5-5, JC Press 4-6    

May 13, 2008

 I have created a new message board Called Alpha Omega.  I would like each player to post their times and dates of their private lessons, and once the lesson is complete post a message of what you went over in your lesson and what you felt you got out of it.  Make sure you put your name on the post.  I know that not all of you will make it this week and I understand that.  I do ask though if your not planning on using your lessons to let me know as soon as possible so that I may assign to other players.

April 11, 2008

Note to the team.  This web site is designed for you, your parents, grandparents and any fans you may have.  Feel free to email me or message me and let me know what types of things you would like to have added to the site.  Once we get our complete uniforms, I will take a team picture and add it to the site.  I should be getting our hats in the upcoming week. 

March 28, 2008
To Teammates and Friends,

I have just created our Johnson City Press Team Store at Prep Sportswear!

It has hundreds of products to choose from and the ability to personalize
each product with your name, player number and year!

Check it out at:

OR you could visit Prep Sportswear’s homepage at ,
choose the “Teams” tab and find the team store under Limestone.
Hope to see you all wearing Johnson City Press gear!

David Bright


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