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We are hosting five USAV Sanctioned Club Volleyball Tournaments this year for girls ages 15-17. All teams guaranteed 6 sets. Please see our schedule and registration information below. If interested in entering a team into one of our tournaments, all players must be registered with USAV (if you live in South Texas, the Lone Star Region's website can be found on our links page; You may register there), and all teams must have at least one coach on thier roster who is Impact Certified to coach in one of our tournaments.

New requirements as of the 2016-17 season: All rosters will be reviewed by the region prior to tournament participation for verification of USAV membership. Each team MUST have a referee and scorer in progress toward certification, and a coach that is IMPACT certified. Teams MUST use their official team name as listed in WebPoint.


DEC 2--15's Holiday Challenge (San Antonio, TX) STATUS: Cancelled.

JAN 20--16's Winter Under the Sun (San Antonio, TX) STATUS: Complete. RESULTS: Posted (use the Pools & Results link). Congratulations to the following teams for finishing First, Second, and Third: 1) CC Surge 161, 2) Kerrville Next Level 162, 3) Del Rio Net Force 161
FEB 10--17's Sweetheart Challenge (San Antonio, TX) STATUS: Complete. RESULTS: Posted (use the Pools & Results link). Congratulations to the following teams for finishing First, Second, and Third: 1) SA Hornets 17 Gold, 2) Delta Force 171, 3) SA Challengers 171

MAR 3--15's Spring Fever #1 (San Antonio, TX) STATUS: Complete. RESULTS: Posted (use the Pools & Results link). Congratulations to the following teams: DAISIES DIVISION 1) AP 15 Wilco, 2)TNT 15 Red; ROSES DIVISION 1)Austin VBA 151 Smack, 2)Delta Force 151; TULIPS DIVISION 1)SA Lightning 151, 2)TX Shock 15 National; WILDFLOWER DIVISION 1)SA Magic 15 Gold, 2)Delta Force 152.

APR 7--16's Spring Fever #2 (San Antonio, TX) STATUS: Complete. RESULTS: Posted. (use the Pools & Results link). Congratulations to the following teams for finishing First and Second: 1) Boerne Invado 161, 2) TX Tigers 16 Black.



1) Spectator Entry Fees will be charged at all tournament events. CASH ONLY $5 Adults (13 and up), $3 Children (ages 6-12), FREE (5 and under). No bills larger than $20 will be accepted. Coaches please check in at gate to get your wristband. Go to our Locations link for site-specific information. NOTICE TO ALL SPECTATORS: Please remember you are here for the players. Support them and be a good example for them. Foul language and/or disruptive behavior toward any fellow human beings WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! In this case, you will be asked to leave the building.

2) There will be a mandatory coach's meeting at your playing site 15 mins before play starts. All teams MUST have a representative present or risk being dropped from the tournament. ALL TEAMS MUST be present at the start of a pool regardless of when your first assignment is scheduled. In the case of a drop, the pool schedule may be adjusted, which means your team could forfeit or potentially be dropped from the tournament if not ready to play.

3) All teams must be ready to play by the start time of their pool. If your team is not ready to play or officiate, default rules and point penalties apply. There are no designated start times for any match other than the first match of the pool.

4) Warmup will be 2-4-4;  2 mins shared, 4 mins serving team, 4 mins receiving team,  serve within your 4.

5) Officiating team must provide a 1st Referee (adult), 2nd Referee, book-keeper, score-keeper, libero tracker and 2 lines judges. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR ELECTRONICS are allowed at score table. As soon as a match is finished, it is the work team's responsibility to start the clock and conduct the coin toss. Keep the tournament moving quickly!

6) No outside food or drinks are permitted inside any facility, except bottled water. ABSOLUTELY NO COFFEE or SPORTS DRINKS allowed on gym floor. You may set up outdoor picnic areas at designated facilities only (visit Locations link for site specific information).

7) Please have your players clear their bench area of trash after each match. 



Entry Fee for all tournaments will be $115. Checks payable to TEST. Payment can be made on one or multiple checks if sending in multiple entries. Please include a copy of the team roster along with corresponding USAV numbers for each player. USAV Webpoint roster printed from your Club Admin page is preferred. One roster per team, per tournament must be submitted. Team Code is required in the USAV Certificate spot. Entry forms can be found on the "Links" webpage if needed. Please mail entry fee and roster or completed entry form to: Jennifer Montoya, PO Box 6091, San Antonio, TX 78209. 

You will receive an email confirmation once your entry has been received. Please also check the TEAMS ENTERED link to make sure your team is registered in the tournament. Check this website for updated tournament information regarding each tournament. Call 210-279-8367 after the entry deadline for availability or for Lost & Found, or if you have sent in an entry and your team is not listed on this website. No Refunds will be issued for drops on or after the entry deadline. Drops before the entry deadline will be issued a full refund minus a $25 processing fee. 




Jennifer Montoya, former NCAA D1 All-American setter for the University of Florida, hosts Summer Volleyball Camps every year (previously run for 12 years and called the Summer Volleyball Series). Jen will host a variety of camps for all ages and skill levels, including Position Camps, All-Skills Camps, Youth Camps, and even Team Camps. Email if you are interested in booking Jen to run your High School Varsity Team Camp. The sessions will vary in length from 1-3 days and will vary in age/skill level (Elementary School, Middle School, High School). Registration form will be available on this website. Please check back, and join us in the gym this summer!! We would love to help you reach your potential! Email with any questions: