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Jenks Trojan Athletics Archives - Jenks, Oklahoma
Jenks Trojan Athletics Archives - Jenks, Oklahoma  
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Jenks Trojan Athletics - Jenks, Oklahoma
JTA, PO Box 364
Jenks, Oklahoma

Jenks Trojan Athletics Logo Black BG
JTA Website - www.JenksTrojanAthletics.ORG

For 2008 Jenks Trojan Athletics youth football information please visit the JTA website at www.JenksTrojanAthletics.ORG This website is now an archive site for past Jenks Trojan Athletics football teams and alumni.

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Jenks Trojan Football High School Website - CLICK HERE

Tom Graham Webmaster, Jenks Trojan High School Football

Trojans Win 2008 District 6A-3 Title - 6A State Champion Runner-ups

Trojans Win 2009 District 6A-3 Title - 6A Champion Runner-ups

2007 Champins Poster Jostens
Tuesday, November 6
Trojans Win 2007 State Championship

2007 Golf Tournament
Record Alumni Turnout for Annual Golf Tournament

Click to see more detail

Championship RingS WEB
Trojans Win 2006 State Championship

Jenks Coaching Staff & Future Trojans - Click Here for pictures

The Jenks Coaching Staff lead the 2006 JTA Big Man Line Camp, Skills Camp and 3rd Grade/Mighty Mite Combine at JTA Field.

Alumni Collage 60 percent
Click Here - Jenk Trojan Football Alumni Page

Archive Sponsors

Tulsa Talons
DANNY BECK CHEVROLET,8300 NEW SAPULPA RD, TULSA, OK 74131-3876 ask for Jackson Taylor
Midwest Sporting Goods Official Under Armour supplier for the Jenks Trojans. All the Under Armour shoes have now arrived and are in stock. Youth sizes are $44.99 and Adult sizes run $55-$100.

JTA Archive Now Entering Best Organizati
Sunday, June 11
SCROLL DOWN to view JTA Archives 2006 - 2001

JTA Archives include JTA highlights of championships, accomplishments, leadership and fun from past years of JTA action.   

2006 Jenks White 7th Grade Champions
Saturday, June 9
2006 Jenks White 7th Grade Win INFC Championship

2006 JTA Board Members

2006 JTA Board Members
JTA President:Brett Williams
Vice President Football:Joe Cecchini
Vice President Cheer and Pom:Shiela Placencia
Secretary:Curtis Smith
Treasurer:Mike Hays
MM Football Director:Trey Biggs   
3-4 Football Director:Scott Brown
5-6-7 Football Director:Brian Brumble
1-4 Cheer/Pom Director:Shea Taber
5-6-7 Cheer/Pom Director:Lorri Weaver
Fundraising Director:Kelly Roberts
Website Director:Cheri Quillen
Security Director:Tom Hissong
Field Maintenance Director:Jeff Bingham
Membership Director:Eddie Prince

JTA Arvhives 2005

INFC New Logo Small
Click Here - for 2005, 2004 & 2003 INFC End of Season Statistic Reports

2005 JTA Season Results
2005 JTA Season Results

2005 JTA Board Members, Teams and Coaches

JTA President:Taft Price
Vice President:Paul Ross
Vice President Cheer and Pom:Shiela Placencia
Secretary:Curtis Smith
Treasurer:Mike Griffin
MM Football Director:Trey Biggs   
3-4 Football Director:Scott Brown
5-6-7 Football Director:Dolin Argo
1-4 Cheer/Pom Director:Shea Tabor
5-6-7 Cheer/Pom Director:Lorri Weaver

2005 Might Mite Teams and Coaches
MM White:Bill Hunt
MM Black:Eric Waller
MM Gold:Sean Quillen
MM Silver:Scott Wernhardt
MM Bronze:Curtis Smith
MM Chrome:Larry Wolfe
MM Maroon:Anthony Phillips
MM Copper:John Adams
MM Grade Assistant:To Be Announced

2005 3rd Grade Teams and Coaches
3rd Grade Maroon:Vince Morse
3rd Grade White:Kyle Litterell
3rd Grade Black:Brad Heath
3rd Grade Bronze:Bill Eddy
3rd Grade Assistant:To Be Announced

2005 4th Grade Teams and Coaches
4th Grade Maroon:Tim Halowell
4th Grade White:Chad Taber
4th Grade Black:Tom Hissong
4th Grade Gold:Randy Cloud
4th Grade Silver:Robert Stafford
4th Grade Assistant:To Be Announced

2005 5th Grade Teams and Coaches
5th Grade Maroon:Andy Hancock
5th Grade White:Jack Nosan
5th Grade Black:David Alexander
5th Grade Silver:Rob Dooman
5th Grade Assistant:Mitch Thiessen

2005 6th Grade Teams and Coaches
6th Grade Maroon:Bob Dotson
6th Grade White:Paul Ross
6th Grade Black:Tony Slaton
6th Grade Gold:Brian Brumble
6th Grade Silver:Mark Troxell
6th Grade Assistant:To Be Announced

2005 7th Grade Teams and Coaches
7th Grade White:Ron Rosebrook
7th Grade Gold:Terry Kollmorgen
7th Grade Silver:Everett Bennett
7th Grade Bronze:Mike Griffin
7th Grade Assistant:To Be Announced

Sooner Classic 2002
2005 Sooner Classic Results - Click Here

Jenks 5th grade Black won the 5th Grade Sooner Classic Championship. Numerous JTA players participated on various Sooner Classic teams. 3rd grade Jenks Silver, 4th grade Coweta Tigers (Tabor wins team MVP), 6th grade Hawgs (3rd place)and 6th grade Tulsa Talons who won the 6th Grade Sooner Classic Championship.   

INFC New Logo Small
Jenks Gold and Jenks White Play in 7th Grade INFC Championship

Either Jenks Gold or Jenks White will win the 2005 INFC Championship, Saturday night at Broken Arrow Tiger Field. At 7:00pm Saturday, live on Cox Channel 3, Coach Kollmorgen's and Coach Rosebrook's teams will do battle to determine who will be the 2005 7th Grade INFC Champions. Two well deserving teams, with great coaches, players and parents will bring their JTA/INFC football careers to an end in a classic Jenks vs Jenks championship game. Saturday night will be the last time that the players, coaches and parents will root against a fellow Jenks team, because next year, as 8th graders, they will play together in Jenks school football. With Jenks Silver finishing 3rd in the Post Season Tournament this class has the makings of something special in the years to come. Come out and support your Trojans. Good luck to both teams.

INFC New Logo Small
Gold Defeats White in an all Jenks INFC 7th Grade Championship

It does not get much better than this... Two well deserving, mutually respected JTA 7th grade teams competing for the 7th grade INFC Championship, live Cox television, being broadcast across the state. Those watching from Union, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Lawton, Midwest City, Moore, Norman, Enid and other organizations can only wish they had such a show of their 7th grade football talent. The meeting of the 2005 Jenks Gold and the 2005 Jenks White was nothing new as both teams have developed a healthy and competitive rivalry since the teams originally formed in the 3rd grade. Coaches, players and parents have commented for years how great the boys would be together, once they reached the 8th grade, and Saturday nights INFC Final was a preview of the future. Ultimately at the end of the game, Gold led White 22-8 and won the 2005 INFC 7th grade title. While Gold had the greater score, there were no losers Saturday night, just a great group of 7th grade Jenks Trojans who are all Jenks Champions. Saturday night showed that JTA Football is "Where the legends begin." Congratulations to both Coach Kollmorgen's and Coach Rosebrook's staff and team for five great years of our own version of Jenks King of the Mountain.   

2005 Jenks Gold_Championship
Jenks 7th Grade Gold
Jenks Gold 7th Grade Wins Back-to-Back INFC Championships

Jenks 7th Grade Gold Cheerleaders
The Jenks Gold Seventh Grade Trojans capped an undefeated season (11-0) with a 22-8 victory over Jenks White (11-1) Saturday night.   With their twenty second consecutive victory, Jenks Gold repeated their reign as INFC Champions.

After giving up an early score to Jenks White, Jenks Gold moved the ball down field and tied the game in the second quarter. Jenks Gold dominated the second half with defense and a punishing ground game. For the game, Jenks Gold had balanced offense of 98 yards passing and over 160 yards rushing. Gold's league leading defense gave up only one score all year. Gold's offense, also #1 in the league, scored 392 points over 11 games for a 35.6 point per game average.
Over the last five years, Jenks Gold has been INFC Champion twice, runner up one year and finished in third place twice. Jenks Gold has an overall record of 59-5. In addition, for each year of its five year existence, Jenks Gold has been undefeated division championships, competed in the INFC playoffs and has won the Jenks Trojan Athletics Academic Champion Award.   

Jenks White also ended an impressive year, finishing 11-1. Jenks White scored 387 points and only gave up 55 points for the year. Over the last five years, Jenks White had two undefeated seasons culminating in INFC Championships and recorded four undefeated division championships.

The Jenks Trojan Class of 2011 gathered for a group photograph in a show of true Trojan sportsmanship and to display some of the up and coming talent of Jenks Trojan football.

Thanks to Terry Kollmorgen for submitting the pictures and game summary. Visit the team websites Jenks 7th Grade Gold and Jenks 7th Grade White for additional team information.

Jenks 7th Grade Gold and White Teams

5th Grade Black Takes INFC Championship Run-up Title

Jenks 5th grade Black advanced to the INFC finals after a thrilling come from behind, semi-final victory against a solid Berryhill team. The Trojans then played four quarters of defensive ball against against Owasso in the finals to end regulation play 0-0. Even after the first overtime, neither team could score. In the second overtime periond the Rams scored first only to have the Trojans fall litterally only inches away from matching the Rams but came up short. Even with a second place finish in the playoffs the Black Attack had and excellent year and will once again be a force to contend with in their 6th grade season. Congratulations to Coach Alexander, his staff and his team on a great year.

2005 Jenks 3rd Grade Maroon
3rd Grade Maroon Platoon
3rd Grade Maroon Takes INFC Post Season Tournament Runner-up Title

Jenks 3rd grade Maroon won 2nd place in the 2005 INFC post season tournament Saturday. The Maroon Trojans ended their season in a 12-0 loss to Union in the Post Season Tournament Championship game. Playing a viscious tournament schedule, the Maroon Trojans represtented JTA well. Visit the Jenks 3rd Grade Maroon website for addition team information. In 2009, there is a great possibility of another all Jenks 7th grade INFC Championship. All 3rd grade teams were extremely competitive this year and will do nothing more than improve. Congratulations to the Jenks White, Black, Silver and Maroon coaches and teams for a great first year of JTA/INFC football.

2005 MM Maroon Champions
MM Maroon Win Post Season Championship

Playoff and Post Season Teams

It was another successful regular season as JTA placed 8 teams (36%) in the INFC Playoffs. Teams qualifying were:
* 3rd Grade White - 2nd Round
* 3rd Grade Black - 1st Round
* 3rd Grade Silver - 1st Round
* 5th Grade Maroon - 1st Round
* 6th Grade White - 2nd Round
* 5th Grade Black - Division Champions - INFC Championship Runner-ups
* 7th Grade White - Division Champions - INFC Championship Runner-ups
* 7th Grade Gold - Division Champions - 2005 INFC Champions

Post Season Tournament:
* MM Maroon - JTA Post Season Champions
* 3rd Grade Maroon - INFC Post Season Tournament Runner-ups
* 4th Grade Maroon - 3rd place
* 7th Grade Silver - 3rd place

Sunday Tulsa World Sports Page - JTA & Jenks Football Feature - Click Here

Planting the seeds of success In Jenks, X's and O's are taught about the same time as ABCs The August 21, 2005, Sunday Tulsa World article, by Tulsa World Sports Writer, Jimmie Tramel, about Jenks Trojan Athletics youth football and the Jenks Trojan Football program.

Left: Tulsa Talons player Kevin Thomas shows tackling techniques to first- and second-graders.
Photo by: James Gibbard/Tulsa World

Coaching Football Successfully

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Coach Allan Trimble - Click to purchase the book

2005 Skills Camp - Click Here for Pictures
Hundreds of players, coaches, parents, brothers and sisters showed up to see the 2005 JTA Skills Camp at JTA field. ...

2005 JTA Lineman Camp Beeler
Jenks/OU Lineman, Chase Beeler, as an Instructor
2005 Lineman Camp - Click Here for Pictures

After three hot evenings of camp, the JTA Lineman Camp finished with Hog Jousting competitions. Players of all grades demonstrated the skills they learned in spirited one-on-one battles with their fellow players. With encouragement shouted by coaches and players, each player found out where they stood in being prepared to begin the 2005 season. Thanks to all the Jenks High School coaches and players for conducting another excellent camp for the coaches and players. Thanks also to the Jenks Trojan Football website for hosting the Camp pictures. Visit the Jenks Trojan Football website by clicking the above title or football players.

2005 MM & 3rd Grade Pad Camp - Click Here for Pictures
The football classes of 2015, 2016 & 2017 hit the JTA practice field for two days of JTA Pad Camp. 1st, 2nd and ...

Thank You - Paul Ross, Mike Griffin, Dolin Argo,

view full size
After two years of dedicated service on the JTA Board, Paul Ross, VP Football; Mike Griffin, Treasurer and Dolin Argo, 5th-7th Grade Football Grade Representative leave their positions. Each of these gentlemen will be remembered for giving countless hours to the JTA organization and be forever a part of JTA history.

2005 MM Nickle Homecoming
MM Nickel
Homecoming 2005 - Plenty of Fun Even Without Candy

3rd Grade White

5th Grade Black

JTA Teams Open Season at Jenks Trojan Preview - Click Here for pictures

Thanks to all JTA players, coaches and parents for once again making an impressive appearance at the Jenks Preview.

2005 MM vs BA at Talons Game
Eric Morse and Eli Carr sack the Broken Arrow quarterback
Jenks Defense Dominates Broken Arrow During Tulsa Talons Halftime Show

With limited chances to show their offense, the Jenks Trojan Athletics Mighty Mites, coached by Brad Heath, took the opportunity to show their dominating defense against the Broken Arrow Mighty Mites during halftime of the Tulsa Talons game. While they may be only 1st and 2nd graders, these young men are the future of Jenks Trojan football. The Talons donated $250 to each team's home organization for their participation. The Talons also overwhelmed the Macon Knights 61-39 during the exciting AF2 game. The Talons next game is Saturday, May 28th, 7:00 at the Tulsa Convention Center against the Bakersville, California "Blitz". The Tulsa Talons are a major supporter of the Jenks High School football program and Jenks Trojan youth football.

Congratulations to the 2005 JTA Academic Award Winners!

Congratulations to the following winning football, cheer and pom teams and straight A students.

3rd Grade Maroon - Coach: Vince Morse                        
Colton Agee                        
Jarret Armstrong                        
Tucker Arrington                        
Parker Biggs                        
Matt Brown                        
Connor Burch                        
Grayson Burch                        
Trevor Burch                        
Garrett Daniel                        
Jackson Emery                        
Scott Gilbert                        
Vincent Iannazzo                        
Weston Kuykendall                        
Casey Lein                        
Christian Miller                        
Eric Morse                        
Weston Pardue                        
Greg Reilly                        
Trey Sadler                        
Chris Staub                        
Jessie Thomas                        
Andrew Tucci Allman                        
Brogan Tyler                        
3rd Grade Straight "A" Students                        
Matt Brown                        
Trevor Burch                        
Garrett Daniel                        
Jackson Emery                        
Scott Gilbert                        
Vincent Iannazzo                        
Weston Kuykendall                        
Eric Morse                        
Andrew Tucci Allman                        
4th Grade Maroon - Coach: Tim Halowell                        
Cody Burns                        
Marshall Clayton                        
Brett Dixon                        
Austin Eades                        
Trevor Ellson                        
Clayton Esmond                        
Justin Fletcher                        
Jake Griffin                        
Trevor Halowell                        
Christopher Hendrix                        
JR Hightower                        
Dylan Koss                        
Adam Lawhorn                        
Michael Lenihan                        
Dylan Martin                        
JT Nelson                        
Zach Ortega                        
Grant Pierce                        
Wade Pope                        
Ryan Sedlacek                        
Jalen Wood                        
4th Grade Straight "A" Students                        
Marshall Clayton                        
Matt Cloud                        
Jake Griffin                        
Christopher Hendrix                        
Blake Herren                        
Adam Lawhorn                        
JT Nelson                        
Zach Ortega                        
Marshall Pearce                        
Wade Pope                        
Zach Romoser                        
Brett Tye                        
Grant Wiscarver                        
5th Grade Silver Cheer - Sponsors: Kaye Montgomery/Jamie Peer                         
Rachel Beaver                        
Paige Foo                        
Kristin Hackbirth                        
Devon Heidenreiter                        
Marlee Hicks                        
Lilli Higgins                        
Alex Howlett                        
Katy Hursh                        
Lauren Jarman                        
Summer Jordan                        
Brianna McGuire                        
Taylor Montgomery                        
Jordan Morrisett                        
Hannah Peer                        
Lindsey Tillett                        
5th Grade White - Coach: Jack Nosan                        
Coleman Barker                        
Noah Dase                        
Baylor Fingerlin                        
Austin Gibson                        
Caleb Haggerty                        
Austin Harvey                        
Rufus Hayes                        
Derian Hughes                        
Alex Huie                        
Taylor Hunter                        
Hunter Jones                        
Austin Justus                        
Eric Kanady                        
Jordan King                        
Mason Malroney                        
Grant Maxey                        
Josh Nosan                        
Drew Philkoff                        
Baylor Pittinger                        
Logan Prince                        
Jacob Rhinehart                        
Chad Sullivan                        
Rhett Upthegrove                        
Alec Williams                        
5th Grade Straight "A" Students                        
Noah Dase                        
Austin Gibson                        
Kristin Hackbirth                        
Marlee Hicks                        
Katy Hursh                        
Hunter Jones                        
Austin Justus                        
Brianna McGuire                        
Taylor Montgomery                        
Josh Nosan                        
Logan Prince                        
Jacob Rhinehart                        
6th Grade Black Pom - Sponsor: Jody Koscielniak                        
Katie Cleveland                        
Natalie Colclasure                        
Peighton Eubank                        
Madison Kelly                        
Rachel Kollmorgen                        
Kelly Koscielniak                        
Abbie Mitchell                        
Alex Smith                        
Meghan Smith                        
Jessica Stacy                        
Ali Stallings                        
Gabby Woodley                        
6th Grade Silver - Coach: Mark Troxel                        
Tim Carroll                        
Drew Cotton                        
Alex Kukal                        
Will Kuykendall                        
Sam Laptad                        
Austin McCully                        
Gabriel Miller                        
Bryan Pisklo                        
Joshua Provine                        
Alex Ross                        
Zach Skelton                        
Taylor Smith                        
Joshua Spero                        
Blake Stacy                        
Seth Thomas                        
Timmy Troxel                        
Joshua Walker                        
Kaelan Washington                        
Robert Westbrook                        
6th Grade Straight "A" Students                        
Tim Carroll                        
Natalie Colclasure                        
Hunter Collins                        
Mike De Tello                        
J. T. Dotson                        
Zachary Elias                        
Denton Hays                        
Corey King                        
Will Kuykendall                        
Evan Lanoue                        
Sam Laptad                        
Zachary Lawrence                        
Matthew Linscott                        
Gabe Miller                        
Cole Pierce
Joshua Provine                        
Tyler Rierson                        
Brent Ripperger                        
Sam Sabin                        
Zach Skelton                        
Alex Smith                        
Taylor Smith                        
Joshua Spero                        
Blake Stacy                        
Jordy Stafford                        
Timmy Troxel                        
Jeffrey Wilson                        
Gabby Woodley                        
7th Grade Gold - Coach: Terry Kollmorgen                        
Dilon Argo                        
Josh Armstrong                        
Preston Barnes                        
Matt Brauer                        
Jonathan Bushyhead                        
Dylan Crowl                        
Andrew Farrand                        
Theo Fleming                        
Getchell Garrison                        
Christopher Green                        
Jeffrey Jones                        
Brandon Kitchens                        
Sawyer Kollmorgen                        
Trent Martin                        
Brandon Miller                        
Ryan Miller                        
Justin Nieto                        
Jacob Phillips                        
Chris Reilly                        
Ben Risenhoover                        
Trevor Staub                        
Jose Torres                        
7th Grade Straight "A" Students                        
Dolin Argo                        
Cameron Bertelli                        
Matt Brauer                        
Jonathan Bushyhead                        
Eric Coatney                        
Daman Cox                        
Andrew Farrand                        
Caleb Friend                        
Robbie Grosskopf                        
Cole Griffin                        
Kyle Jackson                        
Brandon Kitchens                        
Quinc Knapp                        
Sam Knecht                        
Jeff Kuchel                        
Rex McCracken                        
Will Mortensen                        
Bryce Olmstead                        
Jared Olmstead                        
Mason Prince                        
Austin Riddle                        
Ben Risenhoover                        
Max Tackett                        
Will Thompson                        
Luke Temple                        
Brannon Warner                                

JTA Archives 2004

2004 JTA Game Summary Won Loss
Saturday, June 17
2004 JTA Season Results

2004 JTA Board of Directors

The 2004 JTA Board of Directors is now complete. The positions are as follows:

Executive Committee
President: Curtis Smith
Vice-President Football: Paul Ross
Vice-President Cheer: Kathy Conner
Secretary: Kelly Roberts
Treasurer: Mike Griffin

Elected Positions
1st-4th Grade Cheer Representative: Lorri Weaver
1st-4th Grade Football Representative: Mike Hays
5th-7th Grade Cheer Representative: Teresa Clayton
5th-7th Grade Football Representative: Scott Brown

Appointed Positions
Field Director: Danny Jones
Fund Raising Director: Jody Koscielniak
Website Director: Tom Graham
Legal Director: Terry Kollmorgen
Security Director: Steve Neely
Membership Director: Brett Williams

2004 JTA Farewell Party 1
Party Sponsor Kathy Conner and 7th Grade Black Attack Team Members
7th Grade Farewell Party - A Great Time

The JTA 7th grade football,cheer and pom members finished their JTA careers in style at the Annual 7th Grade Farewell Party. The party this year was held at Incredible Pizza Company where the Trojans had free reign of the entire facility for three hours of uninterrupted food and play. This years party set records with over 75% participation from all JTA 7th graders and the cost coming in 25% under budget. Considering that many of the football, cheer and pom members have participated in the JTA program since the first grade, it is only fitting to send them off to school sponsored activities in such a fun manner. Thanks to Kathy Conner and Tom Graham for organizing the 2004 Farewell Party. 7th grade ladies and gentlemen, "Thanks for the memories and best wishes to each of you in your future school careers".

Cami and Samantha - Jenks Black Cheerleaders

Sooner Classic 2002
5th Grade Jenks Trojans Win 3rd Place in 2004 Sooner Classic

5th Grade Jenks Black Trojans won 3rd place in 2004 Sooner Classic. The Trojans earned their third place finish by competing in the brutal elimination bracket and winning their final game against the Wichita Eagles. Congratulations to the 5th grade Trojans on their Sooner Classic accomplishment.

Sooner Classic 2002
6th Grade Jenks Trojans Win 2nd Place in 2004 Sooner Classic

A Sixth Grade Jenks Trojan Team, which included players from Jenks Gold,Jenks White and Jenks Silver, won 2nd place in the 2004 Sooner Classic. There were 13 teams in the 6th grade bracket including teams from Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. The Jenks Trojans beat the Wichita Eagles 16-0 in the opening round, ran through the Bentonville Bobcats 42-0 in the second round and earned a hard fought 6-0 "mud bowl" victory over the Oklahoma City Lions in the semi-finals. The Trojans lost to the Oklahoma Outlaws in the championship game 7-0, on a touchdown scored with 9 seconds remaining in the football game. Congratulations to the Sixth Grade Jenks Trojan Team on outstanding play in the 2004 Sooner Classic.

Sooner Classic 2002
Jenks Players Compete in Sooner Classic

Various Jenks teams/players participated in the November 20-21, 2004 Sooner Classic. The Sunday night championship games featured the combo team of Jenks 6th graders and the combo team of Jenks 7th graders, known as the Oklahoma Jets. In exciting games by both teams, the 6th grade Trojans finished second in their grade and the Jets won the 7th grade Championship. Other than the possibility of an out of town tournament, the 2004 youth football season for the Jenks area players has officially come to an end. Thanks for a great season.

2004 6th Grade Gold INFC Champions
2004 Jenks 6th Grade Gold - INFC Champions

Avenging their only loss of the year, Jenks Gold Sixth Grade beat Tulsa Boys Club in the INFC Championship Game 8-0. The Jenks Gold defense put up a tremendous goal line stand just before half time and played outstanding the entire game to record a shut out of the high powered TBC Offense. No team scored on Gold during the 2004 playoffs.

The Jenks Gold offense earned hard running yards up the middle and scored the game's only touchdown on a pass in the fourth quarter.    Thanks to the cheerleaders, the parents and family members of all players and cheerleaders for their support this year.


Team Line-up
#1 Tyson Benz
#3 Dillon Argo
#4 Sawyer Kollmorgan
#5 Dylan Crowl
#8 Chris Green
#9 Erik Allison
#11 Ben Risenhoover
#12 Brandon Kithchens
#17 Brandon Watashe
#20 Tanner Bushyhead
#21 Andrew Farrand
#22 Theo Fleming
#25 Garrison Getchell
#30 Ryan Miller
#50 Matthew Brauer
#52 Christopher Reilly
#56 Jose Terres
#66 Trevor Staub
#84 Josh Armstrong
#88 Trent Martin
#99 Brandon Miller
Head Coach: Terry Kollmorgen

2004 Homecoming Parade Jenks 7th Black
2004 Homecoming Parade - A Great Time

view full size
JTA's participation in the annual Jenks Homecoming Parade was once again overwhelming. Floats full of football teams, cheer teams and Pom teams from all grades filed through Main Street tossing candy to thousands of Jenks supporters who lined the parade route. The Jenks High School Trojans completed the night with a 62-14 victory over Bartlesville completing an undefeated season. Thanks for all the team parents who helped with their team entry.

7th Grade Black & Maroon Play Classic Farewell Game

Saturday night marked the end of the current 2004 JTA 7th graders playing history in the JTA program. Many of the players started their JTA football career in the Mighty Mite program. 7th grade Black and Maroon Trojans played their last game at Jenks Hunter Dwelly Stadium Saturday night when they faced eached other in the quarter finals of the INFC playoffs. Both teams gave outstanding effort throughout the contest, however, ultimately Jenks Black advanced to the INFC semifinals with a 16-0 victory. Congratulations to both team's players, coaches, parents and fans for many years of outstanding support.

2004 MM Copper
Jenks Copper - 2004 JTA Mighty Mite Champions
Mighty Mite Copper Defeats Bronze for Championship

Saturday night, Jenks Bronze and Jenks Copper waged a battle for the 2004 JTA Mighty Mite Championship. The game was held on the turf of Jenks Hunter Dwelly Stadium. Both Jenks Bronze, under Coach Bill Eddy, and Jenks Copper, under Coach Brad Heath, entered the game with identical 8-1-2 records. The future of the JTA program could not have been showcased any better with both teams being tied at 20-20 in the final minute. However, Jenks Copper scored with only seconds remaining and survived a last second effort by Bronze to earn the 2004 Mighty Mite Championship 27-20. The game capped an exciting season of Jenks only, Mighty Mite football. Congratulations to all 2004 Mighty Mite teams, players, coaches and fans.

2004 6th Grade Silver Cheer
2004 6th Grade Silver Cheer
JTA 6th Grade Silver Cheer Take Top Honors in Competition

The Jenks Silver 6th Grade Cheerleaders competed at the ASC Regional Cheer Competition at the Mabee Center on Saturday, Oct. 30th. They were awarded 1st place in their Youth division and also 1st place in the High Point Overall for all school teams. This is the second year in a row that these cheerleaders have won 1st place in their division and in high point at this regional. Way to go, girls!!!

2004 6th Grade Silver Cheer

JTA Cheer and Pom Teams Prepare for Competitions

It is that time of year again. After weeks of practicing and cheering at JTA games, many of the JTA Cheer and Pom teams will be entering end of season competitions. Cheer and Pom teams work hard, just like the football teams, in developing skill and perfomances, just like the football teams. Please support your Cheer and Pom teams by attending their competions. Thanks to all Cheer and Pom team sponsors and participants for all their hard work and excellent performances throughout the season.

2004 4th Grade Silver Cheer and Football
2004 4th Grade Silver Cheer and Football
Monday, June 19
2004 4th Grade Silver Cheer and Football

JTA 7th Grade Black Travels to Muskogee Indian Bowl

The Jenks 7th grade Black Attack traveled last week to the Muskogee Indian Bowl to face the Muskogee 7th grade "school ball" football team. Game Captains, pictured, #77 Jake Alexander, #51 Ben Moore, #90 Eric "Bob" Graham and #66 Matt Ray greeted the Roughers prior to the Black Attack jumping out to a 20-0 halftime lead and finishing a well played game for a 26-12 victory. The non-INFC game was a great experience for many of the Black Attack players who had not ever experienced traveling and competing in a non-INFC game with non-INFC weight rules. Thanks to the Roughers for extending the invitation to come play.

7th Grade White Goes High Velocity

Coach Monty Montgomery's, Jenks 7th Grade White team recently scheduled a visit to the Velocity Sports group in Broken Arrow. The session included team instruction on proper warm up drills along with speed/agility drills and techniques. The coaching staff and team enjoyed the session and believe the experience was very helpful in promoting team unity. Coach Montgomery reported that the Velocity staff has some impressive credentials and are thoroughly professional in how they present their program. Note: Neither Coach Montgomery or the JTA organization has any financial interest in the Velocity program.

Cheerleaders Prepare for 2004 Season

JTA 7th Grade White
view full size
Several JTA Cheer/Pom Clinics are underway in preparing for the 2004 JTA season. Cheerleaders and Pom Team members spend countless hours practicing and preparing both for weekly games, but also upcoming competitions throughout the season. Thanks to everyone involved in supporting the JTA Cheer/Pom teams... They are appreciated.

Camp Are Finished - Time for Football

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All the preseason JTA Football Camps are now complete and it is now time for football. The JTA Draft will be held July 25th and practices begin August 2nd. Coaches will be notifying the players on their teams following the draft.

Big  Man Camp Edited
erry Ostrowski and the Big Men
2004 Big Man Camp Comes to Inspiring Finish

Following two previous evenings of hot weather, the 2nd Annual 2004 Big Man Camp concluded Friday evening under cloudy skies and cool temperatures. Over 100 Big Men campers from Claremore, Bartlesville, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Metro, Bishop Kelly, Glenpool, TBC, Jenks and other area locations attended the camp this year. Once again the camp was well organized and lead by great youth football coaches and provided everyone a jump start on the upcoming 2004 season. On the final day of the camp, the campers were treated to hearing a celebrity guest speaker, Jerry Ostrowski, former TU player, 10 year NFL veteran Buffalo Bills offensive lineman and current TU Assistant Coach. Jerry took the time from his busy TU schedule to give a very motivational presentation about what it means to be a Big Man in football. While there were many outstanding players in all grades, the Big Man Camp, Tough Guy recognition went to Baylor Fingerlin and JT Campbell for the toughness and tenacity they both demonstrated throughout the three day camp. The Long Distance Award went to the parents and players who attended each night from Bartlesville. Thanks goes out to the Jenks Coaching Staff, all the volunteer coaches, registration help, field help and all the others that helped make the camp successful. "Special Thanks" goes to all the parents of the players who made the camp possible.      

2004 Coaching Clinic - Completed

The annual Jenks High School Coaching Clinic for JTA Coaches was held on Monday, July 12th at the Jenks High School football stadium. The Jenks High School Coaching Staff presented both offensive and defensive techniques and drills for the coaches of all JTA grades. Each year the presentation gets better and this year was no exception. Thanks to Coach Trimble and his staff for their ongoing support of the JTA organization.

JTA's Ross and Alexander - Join Tulsa Talons Ownership
Paul Ross and David Alexander join Henry Primeaux in becoming the new owners of the Tulsa Talons AF2 indoor football ...

Very Interesting - The History of Cheerleading and Pom

2004 JTA Academic Team Champions and Straight "A" Students

The 2004 JTA Academic Team Champions and Straight "A" Students are as follows. Presentation of the awards are tentatively scheduled for the 2nd Jenks playoff game. Details of the presentation will be announced once they are confirmed with Jenks High School. Congratulations to all teams that participated in the challenge and all Straight "A" Students for their accomplishments.

Football and Cheer Team Champions
4th - Silver Cheer - Sponsor, Jamie Peer, Jennifer Moos, Kay Montgomery
4th - White - Coach, Jack Nosan
5th - White - Coach, Paul Ross
5th - Black Cheer - Sponsor, Jodi Koscielniak
6th - Gold - Coach, Terry Kollmorgen
7th - White - Coach, Monty Montgomery
7th - Pom Squad - Sponsor, Karen Hlinicky

Straight "A" Football and Cheer Students
4th        Allison Hellwege
4th        Brianna McGuire
4th        Eric Kanady
4th        Haley Gummere
4th        Jacob Rinehart
4th        Josh Hosan
4th        Logan Prince
4th        Lydia Getchell
4th        Melissa Moos
4th        Paige Foo
4th        Risa McCracken
4th        Taylor Montgomery
5th        Abbie Mitchell
5th        Blair Hosier
5th        Blake Stacy
5th        Conner Hall
5th        Curtis Simmons
5th        Denton Hays
5th        Drew Cotton
5th        Elizabeth Nelson
5th        Garrett Abney
5th        Grant Maddern
5th        Hunter Collins
5th        J.T. Dotson
5th        Jordy Stafford
5th        Joshua Provine
5th        Matthew Linscott
5th        Meghan Smith
5th        Mike DeTello
5th        Nick Daniels
5th        Rob Loveless
5th        Sam Sabin
5th        Seth Thomas
5th        Timmy Troxell
5th        Will Kuykendall
6th        Andrew Farrand
6th        Ben Risenhoover
6th        Brian Rosebrook
6th        Cameron Bertelli
6th        Christopher Reilly
6th        Dilon Argo
6th        Dylan Crowl
6th        Garrison Getchell
6th        Jacob Bertelli
6th        Jon Alexander
6th        Khari Jones
6th        Laramie Camerer
6th        Ryan Miller
6th        Tanner Bushyhead
7th        Alec Montgomery
7th        Anthony Brewer
7th        Cassi Pinamont
7th        Chelsi McGuire
7th        Cory Littlejohn
7th        Dakota Temple
7th        Derek Branson
7th        Drake Keys
7th        Eric Gilbert
7th        Hayden Ehrlich
7th        Hunter Hogan
7th        Kendall Taber
7th        Kyle Ivory
7th        Kyle Kirkpatrick
7th        Kyle Koscielniak
7th        Patrick Singletary
7th        Steven Brown
7th        Tyler Ott
7th        William Watkins
7th        Zac Hansen
7th         Emily Benesh
7th         Mollie Field
7th         Alexis Harrod
7th         Samantha Hlinicky
7th         Angela Kushnerick
7th         Jessica Lisenbee
7th         Whiteney Lisenbee
7th         Kathryn Tucci
7th         Wendy Voss

Note: The students listed above do not represent all the Straight "A" students in the JTA program. The students above are from the teams that elected to participate in the 2004 Academic Challenge program.

JTA Archives 2003

2003 JTA Season Results
Saturday, June 17
2003 JTA Season Results


2003 JTA Board Members

The 2002 JTA Board of Directors are as follows:

Executive Board
President: Curtis Smith
Vice-President Football: Danny Jones
Vice-President Cheer/Pom: Kathy Conner
Secretary: Kelly Roberts
Treasurer: Teresa Scott

Elected Positions
1st-4th Grade Football Representative: Paul Ross
1st-4th Grade Cheer Representative: Lori Weaver
5th-7th Grade Football Representative: Scott Brown
5th-7th Grade Cheer Representative: Angela Perez

Appointed Positions
Field Maintenance: Al Smith
Fundraising: Shelly Burnham
Legal Advisor: Max Myers
Membership: Tina Cox
Publicity/Website: Tom Graham
Security: Steve Neely

2003 Mighty Maroon INFC Championship
2003 - INFC Champions - 7th Grade Maroon & 5th Grade White

... JTA Football ... "Where the Legends Begin" ... 2003 INFC Champions ... 7th Grade Mighty Maroon and 5th Grade White ...

Sooner Classic 2002
Jenks 7th Grade Maroon Repeat as Sooner Classic Champions

For the second straight year Jenks Maroon won the Union Sooner Classic Championship by defeating the Wichita Cowboys. The Cowboys had only lost two games in four years, those being two being at the hands of Jenks Maroon, both in the finals of the Union Sooner Classic. In this year’s battle, the Cowboys lead the game until thirty-four seconds left in the game when the Maroon line busted a hole for Grant Goodwin to power his way into the end zone for a 12-8 lead. The Cowboys then came back with three powerful runs to score with nine seconds left in the game and the potential 14-12 victory. However the Maroon Trojans would not be denied and with nine seconds remaining in the game Justin Anderson threw the "Quick Score Special" to Jason Turner and he ran into the end zone as the final seconds clicked off the clock to win the game 18-14. The Maroon Trojans all played a great game and Justin Anderson was named as the Sooner Classic “Most Valuable Player” for the Maroon team. There is no doubt that the Maroon Trojans played one of the most exciting football games in the history of the Sooner Classic and the game will be talked about for years to come. Congratulations to the Maroon Trojan Team for such an outstanding accomplishment.

The Jenks Trojans 2004 Sooner Classic Team was formed with all Jenks 7th grade players from the teams of Jenks Maroon, White, Black and Silver. The team roster included: Jenks Maroon players: Justin Anderson, Grant Goodwin, Derek McCrory, Eric Graham, Chris Ray, Trent Tyndall, Alex Hard, Brett Smith, Patrick Benson, Brian Johnston, Ian Morris, Burns Getchell, Stephen Kane and Gannon Brooks. Jenks White players: Jason Turner, Robby Williams, Bobby Bradley-Parker, DJ Lyles and Jake Hathaway. Jenks Black players: Jordon Towers, Ernest Colbert, Gabe Lynn, Cory Little-John Jones and Chad Smith. Jenks Silver players: Logan Rowe.

Team Coaches included Head Coach: Bill Anderson, Assistant Coaches: Kyle Litterell and Curtis Smith, Team Assistants: Marty Turner, Mark McCrory, Tom Graham, Billy Goodwin, Glenn Jones and Tyrone Lynn.

Video Highlights - 7th Grade Maroon 2003 Sooner Classic - CLICK HERE

The highlights of the 2003 Union Sooner Classic game between the 7th grade Jenks Maroon and the Wichita Cowboys are now available for everyone to see over the Internet. As a courtesy to their customers, Digital Media Technology, producers of the official Union Sooner Classic videos, has provided the Video Highlights of the Sooner Classic 7th Grade Championship over the Internet. Click the championship trophy of headline to view or visit their website at purchase the Video Highlights and the game footage, you can contact DMT at 918.582.9383. The video is only $25 and is available on DVD and VHS.

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2003 7th Grade Mighty Maroon Website - CLICK HERE

A complete year by year history of the Mighty Maroon 3rd grade through 7th grade.

Jenks - Union 4th Grade - Win National Championship Together

Jenks, Union football players come together for national championship
Article and Picture By: Mike Averill Tulsa World Staff Writer

Timmy Stomberg (Clockwise from top left), Sam Sabin, Austin Ross and Chad Ketchum are members of the Tulsa Sooners. The team, made up of fourth-graders from Jenks and Union, won the National Youth Sports Sanctioning Organization National Championship for fourth-graders in Overland Park, Kan.

The intense rivalry between the Jenks and Union high school football teams is well known throughout the country by football diehards and casual fans alike. The Tulsa Sooners have found a way to put that rivalry aside and win a national championship. The team, made up of players from Union Red and Jenks White, won the National Youth Sports Sanctioning Organization National Championship for fourth-graders in Overland Park, Kan. "It feels awesome. Millions and millions of other kids didn't get the opportunity to play in that last game," said Sam Sabin, offensive tackle and defensive end. The team won the first game of the championship tournament handily by a score of 42-6. The next game, the team was behind 15-0 going into the fourth quarter. "These kids had never been in that situation," said head coach Paul Ross. The Sooners scored an early touchdown in the fourth quarter and scored again with about two minutes left to play. In youth play, kicking an extra point is worth two points instead of one. "We kicked the extra point after the first touchdown and after we scored the second one it was an easy choice," Ross said. "We went for another kick and got it through." The Sooners ended up winning by a score of 16-15 and advanced to the national championship game. In the final game, the team faced off against an undefeated Wichita Cowboys team. "We were totally dominant," Ross said. The Sooners won 12-6, earning the team the national championship for their age division. The team is going to be featured in the upcoming film "King of the Mountain," a documentary on the Jenks and Union rivalry. "They wanted to end the movie with these two teams coming together, showing how close the community is," Ross said. "Their only divide is the 50-yard line. But they can also come together and dominate other regions, even as youths." It's easy to dominate when you put together kids from two of the best programs on one team, but what makes the team click is the kids' desire to play. "These kids want to play football, and like it. That makes them easy to coach," Ross said. "One kid came up to me and said, 'I have a sad heart, coach.' Why? Because football season was over." The players know, even at a young age, they are playing with people who during the regular season, are their archrivals. But despite the bitterness between the two schools, and after a regular season match-up between Jenks White and Union Red, there is nothing but love for each other. "After the game, the kids respect one another. They were hugging each other and the parents were just blown away," Ross said. "They were being kids and teammates. There was so much build-up because everyone knows that they play with each other (on the Sooners). It didn't really matter. They played the game and walked off the field together." Sabin said that when they grow up and have to face each other in middle school and high school, they will remain friends. "Every time we play, we play our hardest. We'll still be friends, but rivals too," he said.

To see the article in the December 31st, Tulsa World, Community Section, click on the above picture. To see more about the King of the Mountain movie, visit their website by clicking on the movie title below.


Combination Jenks 4th Grade Team Win KC Tournament

The combination Jenks 4th grade team traveled to Kansas City to compete in post season tournament play. Despite the cold weather in Kansas City, the 4th graders came home tournament champions after defeating the Wichita Cowboys in a stunning 16-15 come from behind victory. Congratulations to all the boys and coaching staff for their great victory and so proudly carrying on the Jenks football winning tradition.

Sooner Classic 2002
5th Grade Gold Earn 4th place Finish in Sooner Classic

You better be ready if you want to compete in the Union Sooner Classic. Just ask our own Jenks 5th Grade Gold team who displayed some unbelievable Jenks toughness and character while competing this past weekend in the Union Sooner Classic.

After losing a close game Saturday morning (BA Gold INFC Playoff Team), they played at 3:00 p.m. and won (Shilo Christian from Arkansas), played at 9:00 p.m. and won (BA Black-INFC Playoff Team), leaving the mud bath in Bixby at 11:00 p.m. Saturday night. The bracket then required them to play again at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning (Bartlesville – INFC Playoff Team)at Union Tuttle, which they won. They then played at 1:00 p.m. (BA Silver – INFC Playoff Team) and won. Finally playing their sixth game in 31 hours (TBC – INFC Playoff Team), they ran out of gas, lost and captured 4th out of a 15 team bracket. These guys really showed what Jenks Football is all about. There were other teams that played 5 games but none that played 6 and none that had to deal with anything close to playing the last game on Saturday and the first game on Sunday. 6 games in 31 hours in cold, damp conditions against 5 INFC Playoff teams. The coaches are more than proud of these guys for their extraordinary efforts and wanted to share this with the JTA membership. Submitted by: Dolin Argo

Sooner Classic 2002
6th Grade "Oklahoma Jets" Repeat as Sooner Classic Champions

For the second straight year Jenks Maroon won the Union Sooner Classic Championship by defeating the Rockwall, Texas Yellow Jackets. The Jets were formed with players from INFC area players including several Jenks 6th grade Black and White team players. Jenks Black players included: Ben Moore, Jake Alexander and Stephen Brown. Jenks White players included: Vicente Trevino and Colby Jones. Jet Coaches from Jenks included: David Alexander and Scott Brown from Jenks Black and Danny Jones from Jenks White.

Sooner Classic 2002
Trojans Participate in Sooner Classic

JTA players in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades will be competing in the 3rd Annual Sooner Classic November 16th and 17th at the Union football facilities. The Jenks 4th Grade Gold and 6th Grade Maroon Trojans teams will be competing against teams from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri. Individual players from various JTA teams are playing with the JTA teams and some Union and Owasso teams. The competition level will be high all weekend. Click on the Sooner Classic Logo to see the various grade tournament brackets. Good Luck to all JTA players and teams!

Memories of JTA Football from a Past Player's View

At this point in the season coaches, players and parents sometimes wonder if football is really worth the time and effort.

The following letter was received during the 2003 season from a former player on Head Coach, Bill Anderson's, 2003 Jenks Mighty Maroon, 7th INFC Championship team that had to move with his family to the east coast after last season.

Mighty Maroon Team,

Hey how's it going. I see the season is going great and you have got a couple of new players on the team. Hope they enjoy being a on the Mighty Maroon as much as I did. Out here in the east there's a big difference in the football style. The head coach out here does not believe in first or second string. But thanks to the coaches I had with the Mighty Maroon, I was able to come out here and start first defense and offense. The league that I play in here has only five teams (not very big). The team last year went 10-0 but this year we are 3-1 with a win over the Hidden Valley Titans 34-16 and a horriffic lose to the Cave Springs Renagades 14-40. With me missing three wide open sacks. The quarterback is Parker's size and Grant's speed. I have slimmed down alot I weigh about 150. This may sound weird but when I got here I was an instant defensive leader. Thanks again coachs for the displine, and respect you taught me for being a good football player. I'm the third BOB on the team with a 200 and 270 pounder on the line. Its great out here, my team is the Franklin County Steelers. We are gold and black with white helmets with FC on them. My school is doing great, I have plenty of great friends and a couple of very close (girl) friends. I have averaged a A/B in all of my classes. So tell coach Anderson I have kept up with my grades also. Good luck with this year guys. I know that I will always be a part of the Mighty Maroon Team. And ya'll will always be with me every time I am on or off the field.

It was great in Oklahoma. I wish I was there to give the line a bit more beef but I'm doing that here. I love all of you (not like that if your reaction is bad) but your know.

See you sometime in life.

Your Part Time Beef,
BOBO Brown #56

Sunday, November 2
2003 JTA Academic Challenge Team Winners

The winning teams for the 2003 JTA Acadmenic Challenge are as follows:

* 4th Grade Maroon 3.53 GPA
* 5th Grade Gold      3.53 GPA
* 6th Grade Maroon 3.25 GPA
* 7th Grade Maroon 3.21 GPA

Team GPA's were based on 100% team participation in all subjects. Note: An error was discovered in the calculation of the 5th Grade Gold GPA thus making them the winner of the 5th grade team award. My apologies to the 5th grade Silver team, however it was a mistake that had to be corrected.

2003 JTA Football - Straight "A" Players

The following JTA football players received "Straight A's" on their most recent school progress reports. Each player is to be congratulated for maintaining outstanding academic achievement while contributing to the excellence of the Jenks Trojan Athletics program.

4th Grade:
Connor Hall
Evan Lanoue
Jordy Stafford
Rob Loveless
Stefan Johanson
Taylor Egbert
Tylor Baker Burrell

5th Grade:
Andrew Farrand
Ben Risenhoover
Brad Roby
Brandon Kitchens
Chandler Ross
Cole Griffin
Colin Turner
Dilon Argo
Dylan Crowl
Erik Allison
Garrison Getchell
Grant Jolly
Jacob Chesnut
Jacob Pearce
Jay Mullen
Joe Farley
Jordan Dunn
Josh Meyer
Matt Bauer
Max Tackett
Nathan Gendreau
Paul Thetford
Sam Knecht
Skylar Robson
Tanner Phibbs
Thomas Galiger
Timmy Elias Jr.
Trevor Morse
Tyler Hudson
Will Mortensen
Will Thompson

6th Grade:
Alec Montgomery
Brandon Orr
Derek Branson
Hayden Ehrlich
Hunter Hogan
Hunter Lindsey
Kyle Kirkpatrick
Kyle Koscielniak
Lee Graves
Mason Evans
Parker Leach
Patrick McCann
Patrick Singletary
Ryan Patty
Stephen Brown
Tyler Combs
Tyler Ott
Zac Hansen

7th Grade:
Bo Gilroy
Burns Getchell
Chris Ray
Curtis Apathy
Drew Elliott
George Knapp
Ian Morris
Jason Bixler
Justin Anderson
Parker Dooly
Robbie Riedinger
Ryan Moos
Spencer Campbell
Sterling Basden
Theron Smith

Note: The players listed above are only the players who were submitted by their teams during the recent JTA Academic Team Challenge.   

"Where the Legend Begins" - QBC & TPAA & JTA

Many times the history of an organization can get lost as it grows and adapts to the changing needs of the community. The JTA organization has very colorful and rich history that has lead the JTA organization to where we are today. Let's not forget the many volunteers of the past Jenks Quarterback Club (QBC)and Trojan Parent Athletic Association (TPAA) that ultimately were the beginning of the great Jenks Trojans football history as we know it today and truly "Where the Legend Begins".

Jenks Trojan Preview

You had to be there to see the energy, excitement and fun the 2003 JTA Trojans had running out of the Trojan helmet at the 2003 Trojan Preview. Starting with the 1st graders and progressing through the 7th graders, each team and coach were announced as the Trojans ran from the helmet onto the field. The little guys were looking at the big guys wondering if they will get that big some day while the big guys looked at the little guys wondering if they were really that small when they played years ago. It was impressive show for the fans to see all the JTA Trojans on the field at the same time and a memorable activity well worth the time. The Jenks Trojan Booster Club was thrilled and appreciated the great support from JTA!!!

2003 Cheer and Pom Teams - Working Hard - Just Like Football

Not to go unnoticed, the JTA Cheer and Pom Teams have been preparing for the upcoming season in supporting their assigned teams. Last year the Cheer and Pom Teams competed "very" successfully in several competitions. Being a 7th grade Mighty Maroon Coach I am somewhat biased, the now 7th grade Pom Team were great last year and I look forward to seeing them again this year. As for a recent question about putting Cheer and Pom pictures on the website goes, if you have a picture, send it to me but remember that the website cannot handle the memory required for a zillion pictures. If you want more for your team, I encourage each JTA Football, Cheer and Pom Team to develop their own team websites and let me know their site address so I can link it to their JTA team spot. Eteamz offers a free basic site that will work great or for a small fee you can get the Eteamz Plus version that will do everything you want plus more. However, someone has to take the initiative to doing something, rather than waiting for someone to do it for them. So parents, the young women and men of the JTA Football, Cheer and Pom Teams have done their part, now you take the initiative to do yours. Keep that fan email coming. The JTA Webmaster.

2003 Pad Camp - 5th and 6th Grade - Complete

With great weather conditions, the 5th and 6th grade Trojans started the final camp for the 2003 season. The added experience and increased size of the 5th and 6th grade Trojans resulted in some "good hits" throughout the practice. Once again the JTA Coaches were scouting the new talent in hopes of finding their prize recruit. The camp concludes Thursday evening. Thanks again to the Jenks Coaching Staff for their assistance with the camps.

2003 Pad Camp - 3rd and 4th Grade - Complete

The 3rd and 4th grade JTA Pad Camp was completed with great success. After a "hot" first night the weatherman rewarded the players and staff with a beautiful, cool second night. Under the watchful eyes of Jenks Coaching Staff, the Trojans got a taste of the heat, contact and competition of the weeks to come. The side show of the two day event was watchiing the 3rd and 4th grade Coaches roam the field evaluating talent in hopes of selecting the next Rocky Calmus, Jason Lohr or Jerry Wisne for their team. However, when it was all done, the energy and excitement and fun the players showed during the camp it really what it is all about. Camp pictures are courtesy of Phyllis McCune.

Big Man - Lineman Camp - A "Huge" Success

WOW... What a camp...The 1st JTA Big Man Line Camp opened at the JTA Jenks Parkwest Field, June 30 with 89, 3rd through 7th graders from Jenks, BA, Claremore, Bixby, Glenpool, Union and beyond. The camp, organized and lead by former NFL lineman, David Alexander and an untold cast of excellent high school and youth football coaches made the camp enjoyable to be a BIG MAN. So much fun in fact that a few of the little guys also came to the camp. THANKS to everyone who assisted in making this event such a success. To bad Jerry "O" was a "no show" as he does not know what he missed.

JTA Archives 2002

2002 JTA Season Results

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The image to the left contains the 2002 JTA regular season results listed by grade, team and for the JTA organization. The results were taken from the INFC Standings website. Also noted are any JTA team that won their division or grade championship. Congratulations to all the teams for a great 2002 INFC/JTA Football Season.

2002 JTA Board of Directors

The 2002 JTA Board of Directors is as follows:

Executive Board
President: David Alexander
Vice-President Football: Danny Jones
Vice-President Cheer/Pom: Tonya Litterell
Secretary: Kim Williams
Treasurer: Teresa Scott

Elected Positions
1st-4th Grade Football Representative: Kevin Sabin
1st-4th Grade Cheer Representative: Shelly Burnham
5th-7th Grade Football Representative: Curtis Smith
5th-7th Grade Cheer Representative: Kathy Conner

Appointed Positions
Field Maintenance: Tovy Tovar
Fundraising: Kelly Roberts
Legal Advisor: Max Myers
Membership: Cristy Bledsoe
Publicity/Website: Tom Graham
Security: Steve Neely

The Board of Directors are all volunteers. Additional support from the JTA membership is critical in running the organization. If you wish to volunteer your services throughout the year, please contact the appropriate board member. Contact information for the Board of Directors can be found in the Handout Section.

4th Grade White Win 2002 INFC Title 6-0

The JTA 4th Grade White Trojans completed an undefeated, unscored on season against the Broken Arrow Black Tigers to win the 2002 INFC Season Title. Holding off a late game challenge by the Tigers the Trojans held on to secure a 6-0 shutout. The Mighty Mite Maroon and 7th Grade Maroon teams came up short in their quest for season titles during Saturday's, televised, INFC finals. Congratulations to the MM Maroon, 4th Grade White, 7th Grade Maroonall finalist, along with the MM Black, 4th Grade Silver, 4th Grade Gold, 5th Grade Black, 6th Grade White, 6th Grade Maroon and 7th Grade Gold for making the INFC 2002 playoffs.

6th Grade Mighty Maroon Win Sooner Classic Championship

The JTA 6th grade Mighty Maroon Trojans won the overall 6th grade championship at the recently completed 3rd Annual Union Sooner Classic Tournament. The Mighty Maroon earned their way to the finals on Saturday by defeating the Wichita Gators 50-0 and the Broken Arrow Silver Tigers 16-6. On Sunday, the Mighty Maroon faced off with the high powered Wichita Cowboys. The Cowboys entered the game on a three year, 26 game winning streak, but were forced to return to Kansas following a sound 22-8 defeat by the Mighty Maroon. Grant Goodwin lead the Mighty Maroon team effort throughout the game and was rewarded by being named as the Mighty Maroon MVP for the championship game. The Mighty Maroon Sooner Classic player roster number, name and school/team is as follows:                        
0 - Dalton Howeth, Glenpool Warriors
1 - Brian Johnston, Jenks Maroon
2 - Austin Laskey, Jenks Maroon
5 - Justin Cupp, Jenks Maroon
7 - Justin Anderson, Jenks Maroon
13 - Brandon Land, Jenks Maroon
18 - Parker Dooly, Jenks Maroon
23 - Josh Chesnut, Jenks Maroon
32 - Grant Goodwin, Jenks Maroon
33 - Chris Ray, Jenks Maroon
34 - Brian Moos, Jenks White
35 - Trent Tyndall, Jenks Maroon
39 - Ian Morris, Jenks Maroon
55 - "Z" Nick Farrell, Sand Springs
56 - Bo Brown, Jenks Maroon
67 - Robbie Williams, Jenks White
68 - Derek McCrory, Jenks Maroon
73 - Ka-lel Miller, Jenks Gold
82 - Aaron Hawkins, Jenks Maroon
83 - Brian Mincher, Jenks White
88 - Jason Turner, Jenks White
90 - Eric Graham, Jenks Maroon
99 - Alex Hard, Jenks Maroon

Sooner Classic Tournament Coaches:
Head Coach - Bill Anderson, Jenks Maroon
Asst. Coach - Kyle Litterell, Jenks White
Asst. Coach - Greg Howeth, Glenpool Warriors
Asst. Coach - John Siebler, Jenks Maroon
Asst. Coach - Mark McCrory, Jenks Maroon
Asst. Coach - Mark Chesnut, Jenks Maroon
Asst. Coach - Tom Graham, Jenks Maroon

2002 JTA Academic Awards

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The 2002 JTA Academic Awards process has been distributed to all JTA team coaches. Joe Dial, ORU Track Coach and former JTA member, will once again coordinate the recognition efforts with Coach Trimble. The grades are to be submitted to me “no later than” Wednesday, October 30th. The grades will be verified and team totals calculated to determine each grade winner. Winning teams will either be acknowledged at an upcoming Jenks football game or via the Jenks Journal, depending on the Jenks football schedule. Each winning team member will receive an Academic Award Certificate.
The following JTA Teams won the 2001 JTA Academic Team Awards.
* 3rd Grade Gold
* 4th Grade Maroon
* 5th Grade Maroon
* 6th Grade Gold
* 7th Grade Silver

2002 Jenks Homecoming Parade

The 2002 Jenks Homecoming parade was loaded with both JTA football and cheerleading floats. Lead by the Trojan High School Colorguard and Band, the parade featured Homecoming Queens in convertables to Hummer pulled floats. Spectators were treated to thousands of pieces of candy throughout the parade route. The 45 minute parade was an event seen by thousands of Jenks fans. The evening was completed by a street party and a get well game game for the Trojans over the Tulsa Rogers Ropers.

L.Z. Williams - The "Real" Mr. Goal Post

And now the rest of the story... Mr. L.Z. Williams, Father of Kim Williams, JTA Board Secretary, and Grandfather of #67, Robbie Williams, 6th Grade White is the real story behind the new JTA practice field goal post. Mr. Williams is a very humble and honorable man who was not seeking recognition, however the fact is, he is "Mr. Goal Post." It is true that Mike Camino, Camino, Inc., 640-8921, constructed the goal post, but in conjunction with Mr. William's generosity. Sign the guestbook and say "Thanks" to Mr. Williams.

Jenks High School Trojan Preview - August 29th

The Jenks High School Football Booster Club has extended a special invitation to the JTA players and parents to attend the upcoming Jenks Trojan Preview on Thursday, August 29th. There will be plenty of food, water and sodas available, along with a festive football environment. Beginning at 5:00 the Jenks Junior Varsity will be scrimmaging, followed by scrimmages and mini games between Broken Arrow and Ada and then Jenks and Midwest City. Make plans to support the Trojans as they begin their quest for a seventh straight 6A football title.

Pad Camp/JTA Combine - Very Very Busy Week

What a busy week. Pad Camps are complete, JTA Combine finished, 615 players were drafted in the JTA Draft, teams were formed and now practices have started for all teams. For now, begin planning for the upcoming INFC round robin games beginning the 10th of August, locations and times will be announced as soon as they are determined.

3rd & 4th Grade Pad Camp Complete

Benefiting from a rare July cold front, the 3rd and 4th grade Trojans completed the 2002 Jenks Pad Camp. The Pad Camp, directed by the Jenks High School Coaching Staff, was a great opportunity for the boys to prepare for the season with both conditioning and contact drills. The camp was also a great opportunity for both the parents and the boys to get all their equipment ready for opening practices on July 29th. The 5th and 6th graders take the field for their Pad Camp on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

5th & 6th Grade Pad Camp - Two Hot Days of Fun

Under the hot July sun, the 5th and 6th grade Trojans hit the field during the 2002 Jenks Pad Camp. Missing the cold front effects of the previous two nights, the bigger more experienced Trojans took the field. The evening was filled with excitement and pad popping activity. Once again the Jenks High School Coaching Staff put on an excellent learning experience for both the boys and the coaches.

JTA Archives 2001

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Thursday, November 8
2001 JTA Football Final Season Statistics

Click on the spreadsheet to see the 2001 JTA season statistics.

2001 JTA Board Members

Executive Board

President: David Alexander
Vice-President Football: Steve Burnham
Vice-President Cheer/Pom: Tonya Litterell
Vice-President Flag: Vacant
Secretary: Kim Williams
Treasurer: Teresa Scott

Appointed Positions

Field Supervisor: Danny Jones
Legal: Max Myers
Wesbsite/Internet: Tom Graham

-Tackle Football Committee

Fundraising Football: Kelly Roberts
Spirit Wear Football: Eric Keys
Mighty Might: Kevin Sabin
Uniforms: Mike Orr
Mighty Might Coordinator: Vacant
3rd Grade Coordinator: Gary Ketchum
4th Grade Coordinator: Mike Orr
5th Grade Coordinator: Joni Anderson
6th Grade Coordinator: Al Smith
7th Grade Coordinator: Vacant

JTA - INFC Playoff Results

The INFC Playoffs and Super Bowl results involving JTA teams are as follows:

3rd Grade Gold - 2nd Place INFC Playoffs
3rd Grade White - 2nd Place INFC Super Bowl
4th Grade Black - 1st Place INFC Super Bowl
5th Grade White - 2nd Place INFC Playoffs
6th Grade Black - 2nd Place INFC Super Bowl
7th Grade Gold - 1st Place INFC Super Bowl
7th Grade Silve - 2nd Place INFC Super Bowl

Look for more information on each team's successful season on their team websites. Congratulations to all the teams!

JTA Players Participate in Union's Sooner Football Classic

JTA 4th, 5th and 6th grade players participated in the 2nd Annual Union Youth Football Association's Sooner Football Classic at Union High School, November 17th & 18th. The 4th grade "Jets" team, developed with Jenks, Bixby and Broken Arrow players, defeated teams from Glenpool, Kansas City Bulldogs and the Union All Stars to win the UYFA 4th Grade 1st place title. The 5th grade "Jenks Maroon" team, developed with Jenks Maroon, Jenks Silver, Glenpool and Sand Springs players, defeated the Carolton, Texas Chiefs and the Union Red/Silver All Stars before losing against the Kansas City Bulldogs to take the UYFA 5th Grade 2nd place runner-up title. The 6th grade "Jenks Trojans" team, developed with players from all JTA 6th grade teams participated in the 6th grade divsion, however their results are unknown at this time. To paraphrase the movie Remember the Titans, those teams from Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas went home remembering the weekend they met the Trojans. Congratulations to all the players for representing the JTA organization so well.

Tuesday, November 6
Six JTA Teams Complete Great INFC Seasons

The 3rd Grade Black, 3rd Grade Maroon, 5th Grade Maroon, 6th Grade Maroon, 6th Grade White and 7th Grade White were eliminated from the playoffs following losses last weekend. Visit each teams websites to learn more about their games.Congratulations to each team for an excellent INFC season.

2001 JTA Academic All Stars

The following JTA Teams won the 2001 JTA Academic Team Awards.

* 3rd Grade Gold
* 4th Grade Maroon
* 5th Grade Maroon
* 6th Grade Gold
* 7th Grade Silver

Each team and those players who earned straight A's were recognized prior to the Saturday, November 17th, Jenks High School football game. Congratulations to all Academic Teams and Players.

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Monday, October 1
Tulsa World Article Spotlights JTA Organization
Tulsa World's Sports Writer, Lynn Jacobson, prepared a great article on youth football focusing on the JTA organization, ...

"MeanMaroon" Trojans Set Records Against Union Silver

The Jenks Trojans 6th Grade "MeanMaroon" football team completed a sweep of it's opponents over the last two weekends to win the INFC 6th Grade Preseason Tournament. The "MeanMaroon" Trojans defeated the previously unbeaten in three years, Union Silver Redskins, enroute to the tournament championship. Click on the trophy to visit the "MeanMaroon" website for additional details on the records set during the Union Silver game and the finals. Congratulations "MeanMaroon"

Thanks to the Volunteers

The start of practice by the football and cheer teams signal the beginning of the 2004 JTA season. While the emphasis of the JTA program is on the efforts of the young women and men participating in the JTA program, there is much more involved in making the season successful. Untold hours of effort have been given by JTA volunteers including: Curtis Smith, Paul Ross, Kathy Conner, Kelly Roberts, Mike Griffin, Mike Hays, Lorri Weaver, Scott Brown, Jamie Jackson, Danny Jones, Terry Kollmorgen, Brett Williams, Steve Neely, Tom Graham and many more that have not been named. Thanks to everyone for their assistance in making the 2004 JTA season successful.

Money, Time, Sweat and Effort - Nobody Will Ever Know

The start of practice by the football and cheer teams signal the beginning of the 2001 JTA season. While the emphasis of the JTA program is on the efforts of the young women and men participating in the JTA program, there is mcuh more involved in making the season successful. Untold hours of effort have been given by the following JTA staff: David Alexander, Steve Burnham, Tonya Litterell, Kim Williams, Teresa Scott, Danny Jones, Max Myers, Kelly Roberts, Eric Keys, Kevin Sabin, Mike Orr, Gary Ketchum, Mike Orr, Joni Anderson, Al Smith and many many more that have not been named.

An example of the efforts were demonstrated during the 1st JTA Preseason Scrimmages held Saturday, August 4th at the JTA fields. Gate admissions help support the continued improvements and operation of the JTA field. Noticable improvements this year include the freshly painted home bleachers and press box. The Danny Jones maintained sprinkling system and field looked great. The ice, water and sports drinks provide by JTA for the participants was a welcome relief for the participants.

An editorial note: As the season progresses please remember, if it is happening, someone involved in the JTA organization made it happen. If you feel you can make a difference, get involved. JTA is a volunteer organization and nobody's help is refused. If you want to know where the club funds are being spent, ask a board member as they can tell you. Even though the hundreds of voluteer hours are free, supplies are not, as it takes funds to operate the organization. Thank everyone involved in making the 2001 season a success.

Jenks Trojan Fight Song

On Wisconsin by W.T. Purdy (1909)

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