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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Tuesday, May 29
The Peake boys preforming in the class room and making us proud!!!!!

Congrats!!!  For some more hard work in the classroom!!!!!

ZACH PEAKE has had multiple award in the classroom this year:

All A's, MCES school wide creativity award, Stampede Award 5th grade, School wide Steer Pride Points Winner, IXL Math award 5th grade, and.....A Perfect score of "6" on his TCAP Writing assessment.  WAY to go ZACH we are proud of you!!!!!


MATTHEW PEAKE has also had multiple awards this year in the classroom:

All A's, Steer Pride Points Award 2nd grade, Stampede Award 2nd grade, and....IXL Math Award 2nd grade.  WAY to go Matty we are proud of you!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 29
Board Meeting

There will be a board meeting tomorrow, at 5:00. 5/30/12.  The meeting will take place at Cunningham Park.

Tuesday, May 29
Colt Moody

Colt Moody has had great academic success:

A&B Honor, IXL Math Award 4th grade, Stampede Award 4th grade.  Way to go Colt!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19
Johnson County on the field and off

A big Congratulations on a special academic achievement:

  Nicholas Lawson   was a participant in the Duke University 2012 Talent Identification Program for academically talented students. Nicholas received certificate of Merit along with invitation special recognition ceremony at Vanderbilt University, in which he was awarded special medal of "academic achievement".  Nicholas was awarded this honor by qualifing scores on ACT taken in February of 2012 as a seventh grader!!!!! Way to get it done on the field and in the classroom, we are proud of you!