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Did You Know???
**J.T. Curtis' updated record is **443-46-6 (Updated 12/9/06). (**Note: After looking at the record book, we have determined that J.T.'s W/L record had been recorded incorrectly. The record that is updated now is correct and official.)

**The Patriots have had 32 straight playoff appearances under Coach J.T. (Updated 11/6/06)

**The Patriots have had 34 playoff appearances under Coach J.T. (Updated 11/6/06)

**The Patriots have 27 State Championship appearances. (Updated 12/4/06)

**The Patriots have been State Champions twenty-one times (21) and runners-up six (6) times. (Updated 12/9/06)

**The Patriots have not lost at home since 2001 against the O.P. Walker Chargers 20-0. Consequently that was the last time the Patriots were shutout as well. Before that the Patriots held the national streak for points scored in a game at 303. Also, that was the first district loss since 1977, ammassing 136 straight district victories.

**With the Patriots win against the Pine Raiders (11/10/06), that marks the 32nd consecutive season the Patriots have won 10 or more games in a season.

**The Patriots have finished undefeated for the year eleven (11) times. (Updated 12/9/06)

**The Patriots played the last game ever played in old Tulane Stadium in 1978 when the Patriots beat Jonesboro-Hodge 40-0 in the State Championship.

**The Patriots have had three 3-peat state championships (1979, 80, & 81; 1983, 84, & 85 and 2004, 05 & 06) and one 4 in a row streak (1996, 97, 98 & 99).

**Since 1970 the Patriot defense has only allowed an opponent to score 30+ points in a game 8 times!! (1971 Port Sulpher-40; 1974 St.Martin's-33; 1976 Mandeville-31; 1981 Ferriday-30; 1986 Ehret-30; 1992 Terrebonne-32; 1999 Carver-31; 2000 Salmen-31 and 2001 Cohen-32) Only one team since 1970 has scored 40 points! (1971 Port Sulpher-40)

**On the flip side,the Patriots have scored 30+ points in a game 332 times!! They have scored 40+ points 163 times, 50+ points 51 times and 60+ points 7 times! (Updated 12/9/06)

**The Patriots have the most ever appearances by one team in state championships with 27. (Updated 12/4/06)

**The Patriots now have a 1-1 record against the national #1 team in the nation. The Patriots lost to Evangel in 1999 28-20 and defeated the 2006 Hoover Bucs 28-14.

**The Patriots scored the first points in the Superdome Classic games when the Patriots played the E.D. White Cardinals in the 1981 Superdome Classic Championship Series. Quarterback Bobby Nelson scored on a touchdown run in the first game of the first Classic series. Last season would have marked the 25th anniversary of the Superdome Classic Championships, but was forced to move to Shreveport for one season because of Hurricane Katrina.(Updated 10/9/06)

J.T. Curtis is the 2nd winningest coach of all-time in the nation


All Time Scores and Records
Click the link at the bottom and it will send you to an area where you can click and open an attachment to see J.T. Curtis' all-time games played, complete with scores and teams, from 1969-2004! This attachment is through the 2004 season so far. For J.T.'s updated record, scroll up to the top or add games from this season's scheduled games.
Handout: All-Time Games and Scores