Jacksonville Force: Referee

Friday, January 23
Calling all those who would like to be a referee!!!

New Procedure for Signing Up for Entry Level Referee Courses

Effective immediately, anyone signing up for an Entry Level Referee Class must do so through Game OfficialsWhile a list of upcoming courses will still be displayed on our Instruction Sign-up page, actual signup for the class must be done using Game Officials.  If you sign up for the class using the sign-up available on that page, you will be asked to do so again using Game Officials.  The URL/address for a list of course types is:


This is a list of the different types of courses available to the general public.  Follow the instructions to see specific courses being offered.  If you see a course you want to sign up for, click on the “New User?” link on the left.  Once you create an account, you will be able to sign up.

Referee Registration
All referees that would like to ref for the Jacksonville Soccer Club must be registered.  Please email mail a referee request to jhuber4713@yahoo.com.