JSC: Welcome

Field Conditions: Closed (9/22-9/28)

Soccer fields are closed at Dupree Park due to FESTVILLE for the entire week (09/22 - 09/28)

Excel Park has been made available for practice durring this time.

This Satureday's game will be at Jacksonville Boys and Girls Club.

Online registraton

Gamese will be at Dupree Park

Game Times 

U4 check-in 9:45 kick-off 10:00

U6 check-in 10:15 kick-off 10:30

U8 check-in 10:30 kick-off 11:00

Alternated field for PRACTICE ONLY #1 Boys Club Dr. Jacksonville 72076

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For questions regarding registration to any JSC event please contact 501-366-6997.

 JSC Board Meeting Information:

Our board meetings are OPEN to any member of JSC (parent, player, coach, or referee). We meet at the Jacksonville Community Center on the second Monday of each month. We begin @ 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM. If you are new and would like to attend please call 501-241-1152.