Little League of the Islips: Frequently Asked Questions





Q. What is the Little League of the Islips?

The Little League of the Islips is a volunteer organization whose goal is provide instruction in Little League Baseball and Softball. Our goal is to encourage sportsmanship, fair play and a respect for oneself and others. All our managers, coaches, concession stand workers, field staff and board members have volunteered their time in support of the community’s children. We ask visitors to our complex to respect that effort and treat our volunteers with courtesy.


Q. What’s included in the $75 registration fee?

The registration fee includes instructional practice and game play (team managers will supply exact practice and game schedules). In addition we provide uniforms as follows:

Instructional 5,6, 7, and 8-Year Old:

Pants, shirt, socks and hat provided. (pants returned at season’s).

Baseball & Softball: 9-12 and Senior League 13-16:

Pants, shirt, socks and hat provided. (pants & shirt returned at season’s end).


Q. Where are games played?

All games (with the exception of Senior Boys Baseball: ages 13-16) are played at the Little League of the Islip fields located in East Islip/Great River. The Clubhouse Entrance, (for Fields 1-4) is located off Rt. 27A at Wheeler Road (by the Westbrook soccer fields). An additional entrance, (for Fields 5-18) is located off Connetquot Avenue; one light north of Union Blvd.


If you would like to volunteer please contact:


We also ask ALL parents to participate in the following TWO activities:

         Clean Up Day: Sunday April 7, 12 noon at the Little League Complex

       Concession Stand Duty: Each team is asked to supply volunteers

       for 1-2 nights during the season. Team manager will provide specifics.

Without volunteers like you we cannot keep costs low,

keep the stands open and the fields clean.


Q. Where do we park for games?

Parking spaces are provided along the fence by the clubhouse for Fields 1-4. Parking for Fields 5-18 is located adjacent to the fields and in a large grassy area near the Connetquot Avenue entrance. It is very important NOT to block entrance gates as these provide ambulance access in the event of an accident or other emergency medical situation. There is no parking on the hill leading down to the Clubhouse (Fields 1-4 entrance). State Troopers and Suffolk County Police regular ticket or tow cars parked on the hill.


Q. What happens in the event of rain?

In the event of a rainout notification will most often be posted on the website: A phone message on the Clubhouse phone may also be used to indicate a rainout. When in doubt, come down to the fields. We make every effort to get games played. All league members are encouraged to regularly check the site for news and updates. The League also utilizes a traffic light system (located on top of the Main Clubhouse). A GREEN LIGHT or no light at all indicates all games are on; when the YELLOW LIGHT is lit parents and players should wait in their cars pending a short-term change in the weather. The RED LIGHT indicates all games are suspended immediately and will not be resumed that day. Players are to leave the fields immediately when the RED LIGHT comes on. Make-up dates for rained out games will be posted on the website. All make-ups posted are to be played as scheduled.


Q. Are umpires provided?

The League attempts to provide umpires at all levels for which scores and standings are kept. (Boys Minors, Majors and Seniors; Girls Softball Minors, Majors and Seniors). If an umpire is not available at the scheduled start time, a coach or parent should be chosen to serve as umpire. Game starts should NOT be delayed due to umpire unavailability.


Q. Are uniforms mandatory?

Yes. All players are required to wear League-issued uniforms, in their entirety, including hats, gray pants, white socks and jersey. No alterations to the uniform are permitted (hence the term “uniform”). Use of socks, hats or other apparel from school or travel teams is strictly prohibited.


Q. Who supplies equipment?

In addition to uniforms, the League provides all teams with helmets, bats, catcher’s equipment and baseballs. In the event that equipment becomes damaged it should be returned to the league for immediate replacement. This is particularly important with safety equipment such as helmets. For equipment replacement contact Lou Fontinha (


Q. Are snacks permitted?

Many parents choose to bring healthy snacks for the children to eat after the game. In addition, the League operates two concessions stands (which always welcome volunteers). For player safety reasons NO FOOD IS PERMITTED IN THE DUGOUTS. If you wish to provide snacks please give them to the children outside the field and dugout areas. We also ask all parents, coaches and players to clean up after they have finished. At least one 55-gallon drum is provided to each field to hold garbage. We are able to keep our costs low by relying on our parents and children to help us keep the complex clean. Please pitch in—literally, garbage that is!


Q. What happens if my child is injured during play?

If your child is injured during a Little League game or practice the manager of the team should immediately fill out an Injury Report and submit it to the league. Children playing in Little League are covered by the league’s insurance, which is an excess coverage, accident only plan to be used as a supplement to other insurance carried under a family policy or insurance provided by the parent’s employer. If there is no primary coverage, Little League insurance will provide benefits for eligible charges, up to Usual and Customary allowances for the area, after a $50 deductible per claim. Parents must fill out and Accident Notification form and submit to the League within 20 days after the accident. Initial medical/dental treatment must be rendered within 30 days of the Little League accident.

Any questions related to accidental injuries and insurance coverage should be directed to:


If you have questions regarding Little League of the Islips Baseball or Softball programs please e-mail: