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Little League Baseball in Iowa's District 3.

Thursday, July 30
Central Iowa Softball advances to LL Softball World Series!

Congratulations to the Central Iowa Softball 11/12 year old team!  They advanced to the Softball Little League World Series and captured 3rd place!  Great job team!  We are all very proud of you!

There will be a Welcome Home celebration for the Central Iowa LL Softball team.  It will be held on Saturday, August 22, 5 pm at the Slater IA city park.  Please join us in celebrating their success! 

Thursday, July 30
Johnston Juniors Team advances to Junior League World Series!

Congratulations to the Junior League All-Star team from Johnston which has won the Iowa title, the Central Regional title, and is now playing in the Junior League World Series in Taylor Michigan.  Good luck team!


Sunday, June 7
2015 TOC Tournament Schedule and Results

The Tournament of Champions is over.  For all game results, click on the Handouts link below.   

Congratulations to the following TOC Champions!  

7/8 year olds - Central Iowa American (North Polk Comets)

9/10 year olds - Ankeny National

11/12 year olds - Urbandale Major American (Red Sox)

Junior League - Urbandale National

Handout: 2015 TOC schedule and results

Sunday, June 21
2015 All-Star Schedules and Results

The 2015 District 3 All-Star tournament is over.  Click on the Handouts link below to see all game results. 

Click here for 9/10 and 11/12 year old State Tournament Softball schedule and scores. 

Congratulations to the following District 3 Champions!


9/10 year olds - Central Iowa

11/12 year olds - Central Iowa


9 year old League - Central Iowa

9/10 year old League - South Dallas

10/11 year old League - Johnston American

11/12 year old League - Urbandale

50/70 Intermediate League - Johnston

13 year old League - Johnston

Junior League - Johnston

Senior League - Ankeny

Handout: 2015 All-Star Schedules and Results