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2006/2007 Invasion Coaching Staff
Coaching Assignments for the 2006/2007 season final. For a short bio on each of our coaches refer to the "Invasion Coaches Background Info" item.

Boys will be coached by Don Harris and Mark Stanke


11-Black: Debbie Katzfey

12-Black: Mark Ethridge
12-Blue: Ashley Epping

13-Black: Diana Blackburn
13-Blue: Ryan Gill and Marissa Bartolotta

14-Black: Sheri and Jeff Gregory
14-Blue: Rita Taula

15-Black: Keri Cochran and Kenny Bragaw
15-Blue: Phil "Flip" Freeze

16-Black: Don Harris and Chuck Harris
16-Blue: Mark Ethridge

17-SWAT: Marvin Forbes and John Zwiesler
17-Blue: Cliff Robinson and Sean Barrett
17-White: Jerry MacLean

18-Black: Shaun Schneikart and James Guess