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International Soccer Professional Staff


ISC continues it's strive to provide the highest level training possible for it's members within the Club. With this we have assembled our Fall Season "Professional Staff" in hopes to continue our growth as a Club and enhance Player Development. Many of the coaches on ISC Pro Staff have coached at levels of ODP and College. We are excited to have all coaches on board and hope you will enjoy their teachings in the future.

Heather Johnson; Club Director Of Coaching, Head Coach ISC 911 U-18 Girls, U11 boys, U10 boys.  ISC VP and Co-Founder ISC Soccer Club, with 10 years coaching, Heather has helped with the ODP and Premier programs. Heather Johnson recived 2013 Northern Nevada Coach of the year award from Nevada Youth Soccer Association. In 2013 Heather and co-coach Tony took the ISC U15 Boys and won the Presidents Cup Regional championship and went on to the National Championship game where they took 2nd. In 2014 Heather lead her U17 girls team to a State Championship. Heather also trains several other teams within the club.   

Heather Johnson Coaches  u-18 girls, U15 boys, U11 boys, U10 boys USSF-National D, Youth Module 1,2.

Gary Ghiggeri Coaches U8 girls and is the Club keeper coach USSF- National D

Tony Ramirez  Coaches the u-17 Boys St. Thomas

Randi Davis Coaches the U14 Girls USSF - E

Carlos Diaz Coaches the U9,U10 and U12 Chelsea USSF- E

Carlos Carrillo Coaches the U14 Girls Ice Dragons USSF-D

Josh Backman Coaches the u-12 Boys Rattlers USSF-D

Shawn Grady Coaches the U11 Boys Wildfires USSF-E

Mel Dutra  Coaches the U4 Cobras USSF-D

Dustin Espindula- Coach Dustin holds his USSF C license and has coached at the ODP level. Dustin Coaches ISC U-14b Storm and ISC U13 Strom.   

Anthony Blackman Coaches U10, U11 Girls USSF-D

Paul Gonzalez - Coaches U13 Boys Strikers USSF-D

Gary Wagner - Coaches U9 Boys Real NV USSF - D 

Steve Russel - Coaches U13 Boys USSF - E

Brock Richter - Coaches U10 Boys Reno United - USSF - E

Gary Wagner - Coaches U9 boys - USSF - D, CoerverYouth Diploma, NSCAA Goalkeeping 1 and 2, USSF Youth Module 1 and 2, NSCAA Player Development Curriculum 1.