Players/International : Why International SC


    As a club that has been in existence since 2006 we have experienced much success competing in tournament and league play. Our players have grown through this experience and through this success have had opportunity to move forward in the game.

  • International SC holds competitive teams at the competitive level on both boys and girls side.
  • Our players compete in and play for the Premier and ODP programs.
  • Our Teams travel in Region IV seeking quality competition.
  • We push to promote our players at all times.


     Through the club and our coaching staff we strive to attract the players and parents with these common goals: 

  • Promote a positive environment in the game of soccer
  • Create an atmosphere where players can reach their full potential
  • Develop individual and team skills to compete at the highest level
  • Assist in our College Bound Program for those seeking more

     International Soccer Club has been formed purely for the development of young soccer players whose goals are enjoyment and possible play beyond the club level. Realization of these goals must be accomplished through hard work and dedication combined with the proper framework by instilling character, confidence and good sportsmanship within our players.   

     To achieve these goals and objectives our environment created must be appropriate throughout the club. With mature behavior and conduct of coaches parents and all club staff members we can establish players of high ethical and moral standards. 

     With an aggressive desire for proper club structure and quality instruction of skills we feel this will provide the avenue that our players will continue to seek and reach to attain. Our hope is that these players will soon focus and establish their own personal goals in soccer.  


     Excellence is something that is ever lasting, dependable and is well within someone’s control. Success is perishable and well outside of a persons control. Within Club International we ask that all our players strive for excellence at first. In doing so you will find that the success comes along if we are patient enough to wait. Success and winning can often be confused with quality as we tend to look at the final result rather that the process from start to finish. 

     Winning does not solve problems but rather hides them. Again this is a measure of success. The concern is that once you have won where do you go from there? International SC will always place the importance of excellence and improvement over the amount of winning if the winning does not come through proper development and structure. Our measure of success and winning will be by the players we keep and the quality of soccer they can play.