Interboro Youth Lacrosse: Welcome

Welcome to the Interboro Youth Boys Lacrosse Website

Our mission is to introduce and teach the great game of Lacrosse to boys in grades 3 through 8 in the Interboro and Southeast Delco School Districts.  We are members of the Southern Division of the South East Pennsylvania Youth Lacrosse Association (SEPYLA) and participate competitively against other teams within this Association. 

Friday, March 19
Contact Information


  • Jack Evans (Main Contact, League Communications, Scheduling)
Phone: 202-384-7255
  •  Jenn Drohan (Registration/Snack Bar/Fundraising)
Home Phone:  610-532-5484  Cell:  610-209-4376
2012 Head Coaches
  • Dan Mea (7th/8th Grade- A1)

Cell Phone: 610-945-8482
  • Cory Daws (7th/8th Grade- A3)
Cell Phone: 610-306-6158
  • Bob McLaughlin (5th/6th Grade- B?)
Cell Phone:  610-742-6126
  •  ??????? (3rd/4th Grade- C)

Cell Phone: 

Tuesday, March 20
Practice at Hillcrest

Please be aware that on occasion the Interboro baseball team has home games that overlap our practice schedule. In the event that this happens you will not be permitted into the parking area near the fields. Please park either on South Ave or Hillcrest without blocking driveways. We are sorry for this inconvenience and hope that this does not happen to often.