Inland Northwest Pop Warner League: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What does it cost to play football or cheer?

Registration Fees:  2012 Fees Coming Soon!


 2) What does the registration fee include? For football, the registration fee includes use of padded football pants, shoulder pads, and helmet with facemask. This equipment is returned at the end of each season. The fee also includes a game jersey that the player gets to keep. For cheerleading, the registration fee includes pom-poms, socks, hair bow, uniform top, uniform skirt, and briefs. Each cheerleader gets to keep all their equipment. (We are in the process of designing a package for male participants as well.)

3) What is the practice schedule and location? The practice schedule is up to the individual Head Coach and staff for each team or squad. Under National Pop Warner rules, before school starts teams or squads may practice for no more than 10 hours per week. After school starts, teams or squads may practice for no more than 6 hours per week. The average practice schedule for football is 3-5 weeknights per week for 1.5-2.5 hours and for cheer 2-3 weeknights per week for 1-2 hours. Locations include local schools and parks.

 4) When does the season start?Practices are allowed to begin no sooner than August 1st. The season typically ends late-October to mid-November.

5) When and where are games played? Game days are typically on Saturdays beginning late-August to earlier-September. Locations include local schools and parks.

6) Is the football full contact? Yes, the football is full contact tackle football for each division. 

7) Is experience necessary? No, INPWL is a developmental league. This means we teach each child beginning with the basics. This holds true for football and cheer.

8) Are there try-outs? No, try-outs are not allowed. Every child is assigned to a team or squad.

9) How will my child be assigned to a team or squad? For football, INPWL uses the National Pop Warner age/weight matrix to first determine which division a child will play in. From there we look at special requests, location, and schools. For cheer, INPWL looks at special requests, location, and schools.

10) What ages are allowed to participate? Ages 5-14 years as of July 31st for the current season year are allowed to participate.

11) Are you looking for coaches? Yes, INPWL is always interested in new coaches to form new teams and squads or assist with the current ones.  Check under the Coach’s Information section of the website.

12) Are scholarships available? INPWL offers a limited number of need-based scholarships. Please contact the Scholarship Director at